Accused NFL Drug Dealer Sam Hurd Taps Former Death Row Attorney David Kenner

(AllHipHop News) Accused Chicago Bears drug dealer Sam Hurd has hired high-powered defense attorney David Kenner to represent him in his federal drug dealing case.

The former wide receiver was arrested on Wednesday (December 14), after he met with an undercover agent in a Chicago restaurant and attempted to purchase multiple kilos of cocaine.

Federal prosecutors began investigating Hurd in July, when an informant tipped them off, claiming that Hurd was running a drug dealing network.

According to prosecutors, Sam Hurd admitted to an undercover agent that his drug dealing network was selling about 4 kilos of cocaine per week.

He was at the restaurant meeting with a confidential informant, to set up a deal, because he could not keep up with the demand.

The NFL star was attempting to purchase 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine per week at a cost of $25,000 per kilo, along with 1,000 pounds of marijuana to distribute, per week. He also left the meeting with a package he believed contained a kilo of cocaine.

Sam Hurd’s attorney David Kenner is already well-known in Hip-Hop circles.

Kenner represented incarcerated drug baron Michael “Harry-O” Harris, who was allegedly an early investor in Death Row Records.

According to the documentary “Welcome to Death Row,” Kenner helped Harry-O form Godfather Entertainment, which was supposed to be the parent company for Death Row Records, which was co-owned by Marion “Suge” Knight and Dr. Dre.
Harry-O’s alleged ownership of Death Row Records set off a bitter battle for the label, which resulted in Suge Knight bankrupting the legendary imprint.

The company was eventually sold to Canadian based company Wide Awake Entertainment for $18 million in January of 2008.

David Kenner, along with Johnnie Cochran, was among the lawyers who represented Snoop Dogg in his 1996 murder trial, which ended in an acquittal for the rapper.

David Kenner is hopeful that he can successfully defend Sam Hurd against the federal drug dealing charges.

“Sam intends to fight these charges, and we intend to defend him fully,” David Kenner told the Associated Press. “We have complete confidence in him…they start off looking terrible, and then we end up with not guiltys.”

Sam Hurd’s coach Lovie Smith and other members of the Chicago Bears were shocked at his arrest.

Earlier in the summer, Hurd had signed a $5.15 million deal with The Bears.

He also earned a $1.35 million signing bonus and took home a base pay of $685,000.

But things could get worse for the disgraced NFL star, as reports are surfacing that he was providing drugs to other NFL players.

According to CBS Radio’s 670 The Score, federal prosecutors have a double-digit list of NFL players that are connected to the drug dealing network, in some manner.

Hurd is charged multiple offenses, including conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine, or half a kilogram.

He faces up to 40 years in prison and a $2 million fine if convicted.

Sam Hurd is currently free on $100,000 bail.

  • therealest1

    Some people just don’t have the common sense to stay out of trouble when they are afforded the opportunities like this guy.

  • rep87

    sam hurd will have his day in court but the evidence the feds have reveal apprars strong lets pray hurd doesnt flip its going to get ugly if he does i hate he went down this road he was dealing with a rat right from start sam u need to expose that rat that got you jammed up

    • therealest1

      I totally agree rats have to be dealt with accordingly. But this guy still had no business slanging big like that when he was in the league. He pretty much had stability with a legitimate professional contract. He was already a millionaire although he wasn’t a household name or star. He was making money we wouldn’t ever hold as a grand total in our accounts.

  • $700K base salary & you start dealing drugs?

    Feds pay $1 a day in prison if your lucky

    From $700K a yr to $365 a yr = Fail Blog!

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    Damn i posted what i thought happened,
    On the first thread, of this story and i was damn near 100% accurate.

    Well, i was 90% right. Lol
    Posted this the other day.

    Somebody that he knows, or trusted.

    They then Rat to the feds, & was like yo if i call sam hurd,
    From the chicago bears. And make him a offer he cant refuse….
    he be down to make a score. Feds prolly hit him with that,
    Who can u set up or flip on.

    Sam prolly was minded his business, leaving practice.
    Get a phone call from the fed rat. ( his mans or homie)

    The rat was like, yonmy man in town and he came up on this crazy work.
    But he gotta move it quick. The rat prolly talk sam into it,
    Like it a sure thing. The rat prolly gave some crazy ass prices, (cheap)
    And SAM was like damn. I could buy all that shet,
    And be set for life. Lol dont got worry about injuries,
    Or getting cut, nothing. Lol

    Sam was like bet, let me holla @ dude first.
    The rat give a place. Sam goes to meet him.
    The undercover fed talks to SAM.
    They make agreement to puchase, which is on a wire.

  • H. U. S.

    Don’t start snitchin to lessen your convicted sentence, be a man & do your bid!

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  • TruthSerum

    He gonna sink alot of people if things start going south for him at trial, I wonder how many players are wrapped up in this

  • That’s going to be an easy ten years in federal pen.  

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  • This stupid mother f’er. Couldn’t leave the streets alone. Soon he’s gonna be snitching!!!

    • exactly. and all those other players are about to get fucked too

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  • Plug

    Dumbass nigga, how you financin’ the joog and settin’ up the plays…

  • If you’re going to get caught like this, they should include ass whoopins in the sentence. Because this boy need his ass whooped behind this shit. How in the hell would this man feel comfortable meeting with a random party behind that much work? “Come on son”. I can’t feel it. And agreeing on 5 kilos may have bought his ass a mandatory 10-20 years. But it looks a little fishy because he didn’t attempt to recover the threshold of 5 kilos, so he has SLIGHT action but it’s lookin’ bleak.

  • god i hate stupid coons like this! had no reason to be out there doing this ish. as hard as is out here you making 100% legal money and you trying to be a damn kingpin?! i dont feel sorry for you one bit! i hope they give yo dumb ass the chair! and if i am lucky maybe i ll get to pull the switch! one less stupid ass worthless no good n1gga to worry about. ish like this is why the world looks down on black ppl. 



  • bigboy269

    5.15mil dollar deal, 1.35mil dollar signing bonus, with a base income of 685,000…..WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!![

  • Bloody
    cool comment. I loved reading this. I found that you update the blog daily. I’ve
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