Jay-Z Sued Over Insurance Dispute For Maids, Servants


(AllHipHop News) Rap star/mogul Jay-Z has been hit with a lawsuit by the Workers Compensation Board of New York. reports that the Workers Compensation Board of New York has filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z, over an $18,000 fine over a dispute regarding workers compensation insurance.

The rapper was sued for the $18,000 for not having the proper insurance for his domestic help for three months in 2009.

The insurance was meant to cover domestic workers in Jay-Z’s house, including his cooks, maids and drivers.

A court ruled in favor of the Workers Compensation Board of New York and ordered Jay to fork over the cash, for not having the proper insurance.

But reps for Jay-Z claimed that he quickly acquired the proper insurance for his domestic servants and disputed the $18,000 fine.

According to TMZ, the $18,000 bill was the result of a “clerical error.”

In related news, Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club will reopen in New York City on January 18.

The club closed in June, to undergo $10 million dollars worth of renovations that includes a new bar, VIP section and menu.

During the reconstruction, Jay-Z was l criticized for his choice of labor to work on the 40/40 Club.

In September, the Carpenters Union in New York protested Jay-Z for hiring nonunion labor by erecting five large inflatable rats, in front of the 40/40 Club.

Reps for Jay-Z said they had no obligations to hire union workers and claimed members of the union used the “N” word during the protest.

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