Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Livid with Ludacris Over New Restaurant?!

We hear Jay-Z is absolutely livid with Ludacris over his new restaurant, Chicken N Beer. Word is, both Jay-Z and Ludacris were BOTH gunning for a prime piece of real estate inside Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, but the airport only had room for one new venture – and Ludacris won!

Ludacris with Mayor Kasim Reed

Luda allegedly pulled some strings and got Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta to speak to the Atlanta City Council on his behalf. And poof, vamoose to Jay as Luda was granted the license to open his restaurant.

Sorry, Jigga, you can’t win them all!

  • I don’t get why he’s mad. Here I am looking for a fking job. This bitch ass nigga Jay z is whinning over a restaurant. He has hundreds of millions of dollars, businesses and still makes millions easily. Ungrateful motherfker! Count your blessings nigga! I am worrying about being able to eat, take care of my seed and not be homeless. Fk Jay Z!

  • H. U. S.

    Jay Z is too damn old to be acting like that! You can’t have everything dude, give someone else a chance to make money…

    I foresee a diss in the making, with Jay claiming to be the God of Restaurants…and then he’ll retire from that too, HEY JAY….God doesn’t retire dude!

  • Romia Blue

    dude wanted to open his 40/40 club. come on now. ATL Hartfsfield Maynard is busy enough. What they look like opening up a SportsClub/Bar in the joint? A quick 2 pc and an ice cold sounds a bit more feasible. If you get stuck in a layover, I’d understand wanting to kick back on a plush couch with good food and dim lights with a 60″ LED in the corner…but Jigga…come on now? Not sayin that ATL ain’t on the come up, but we to down souf for the saddity ish when tryin to catch a flight…#IJS

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    Yeah !!!!!!!!!! (red voice) from friday.

    I love hearing any bad news, that happens to
    This snake in the grass….

    I going to make sure, i give luda a play, next time i am
    In the A.

    Rap greeedy bastard, stop acting like a hoe.
    Niggahs in the airport, not trying to ball out. They trying to get from
    A to B……

    Its atl fool, if niggas want to play a club/ lounge,
    I am pretty sure, they dont want to be in the airport.

  • J.Troup

    lol…how a nigga gon get mad?  It’s ATL…you ain’t gon beat out ATL’s home town hero…

    Just wait until Luda’s restaurant goes out of business. lol

  • How this clown gonna be mad about Luda gettin chose in his own damn city?!  That’s what happens though when you’re so used to niggas kissin your ass for no real reason…this the type of nigga to snatch the whole damn pie then get mad when someone asks to at least get a piece of the outer crust.  Let someone else eat Jay, can THEY live too??  That aight with you??

  • lol @ y’all actually believing this and getting mad at Jay-Z like this shit is true…

    • EL_BARK

      Yo this aint hard to believe,

      Jay been a spoil brat, since he was a lil niggah. He surrounds himself, with yes men.
      And he used to getting his way.

      And if you do something he dont like, he the type to take his ball and go
      Home, type of niggah.

      Just look at the roc,
      Prime example……. Dame wanted to sign cam, jay didnt.

      Dame wanted to make cam VP, jay said no.

      So when he realized he couldnt get his way, ful
      It i selling the company, and taking everything.

      But wait. If you give me the right to reasonable doubt. I let you have the company.???
      But just take everybody with me, anyway. Lol

      Yo i can go on for days, of examples of this niggah getting
      His brat-ness on.

      If these niggas preform, i am going home. (concerts)

      Even jaz, said that shet bout him.

      • You were there? Nope.

        You read an article or rumor page and just regurgitated that shit.  The fact still remains: niggas is on here getting their panties bunched up over an unverified RUMOR.

      • EL_BARK

        Was i there for what……

        Him being shiesty, and forcing dame out of a company…

        They both admitted that, it came down to the rights of reasonable doubt,
        For the company.

        As for him, threatening to not preform at a concert, if another crew preformed.

        Was actually i was there. Powerhouse of 2000, in philly.

        Dude is so shiesty, that his fans are the only ones, who chose to denied it.

        Why everybody, he knows or who was cool with him
        At one point. All come out and say what a snake he is….

        From childhood friends, rappers.

        I can def see him, getting a attitude over this…. It didnt say jigga was going to fight luda,
        It said the niggah wasnt happy. He didnt get the vendor space inside the airport.

        Furthermore, if i buy a house, and a niggah i
        Know of, come out bid, me for a house. Is it not plausible,
        I or you might be upset, cause you didnt get the house you wanted.????
        And a niggah you know came and got it….

        Okay then…. Who likes losing in anything, when it comes to
        Business moves. But i def believe jay, feel
        Some type about it. Its not because he a brat, but He used to getting his way, so that another reason why, he prolly walk around feeling some type.

        I just happy, this time he didnt,


      These clowns got the intellect of an ant getting stepped on by a giant. Let them tell it, they was right there in the room with these guys when it all went down. They was right beside them when every word was ever uttered or when every decision was made. The truth is, they get they information from people that they don’t know about people that they don’t know.

  • jay-z, you can’t win it all

  • khaosol.com

    Livid? highly doubt jay-z is livid about this… 

  • So he said Jay Z was livid ? another anonymous source…

  • Sdot Jones

    i dont understand how some of yall really gettin made at jay-z like he did somethin to yall personally when yall dont even kno if this is true.

  • Apollo Showtime

    It doesn’t matter either way, Luda’s restaurant won’t do to well any way and Jay-Z can set up shop afterwards.

    • A

      I would venture to say that Luda would do better with a business venture in Atlanta than Jay would…it’s not like Luda is a dumb rapper attempting to “one up” jay…He’s also a business man and from the area and does other philanthropic ventures in the area…So if his restaraunt isn’t successful…I’m sure Jay can’t just move his restaraunt in afterwards and be any more successful…In my kanye voice…”i’m just saying…”

  • DonDub808

    Dudes over here just miserable. LMAO

    Getting all pissed off, acting like they got shares in either of their companies.
    Man, you need to make sure you got your own money straight.
    Don’t worry about them, bcuz they definitely ain’t worried about you and your bad credit ratings.

  • Weedras

    Its so funny that the people at this website call themselves Journalists but they hardly are… though this is a RUMOURS section the title of the piece is deceiving… Jay-z is a businessman and he has to do bidding on a daily basis when expanding any entity of his business and to be outbid by another person has him livid smh… thats hard to believe AHH is merely sensationalizing the story to get hits being that many claim Jay-z is shiesty… anyone with much sense wouldn’t take this shit seriously…..



    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • armylove0221

    Hmm apparently some people here don’t realize how shiesty jay-z is businessman or not he doesn’t mind leaving niggas stuck to put more paper in his pocket ask yo boy damon


    LOL and look at the pictures they used a pic of luda shaking hands with some dude like they just closed a deal. Then they have Jay dressed all nice with his hands in his pocket like he is pissed off and pouting. LOL cmon brah

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  • ROFL @ that fake pic. C’mo bro…y’all coulda did better. Gone throw a caption at the bottom like they really there together, on that sunny street with no shadows. SMH. Make me believe you makin up stories just to type somethin.

  • The truck in the background is really there though lol

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  • Jay is worth $450Million……I’m willing to say he wont die over 1 restaurant 

  • rep87

    let me see Luda got a chicken joint and jay z up in forbes making bout 60million a year and you at ahh want the public to believe this lie / i got a piece of london bridge for sale you can contact me at 1 800 you stupied !

  • Tony G.

    wow..a stupid article with a photoshopped pic….in the words of the great Ed Lover..C’mon Son

  • NorthDollasTX

    GOOD … that b’klyn niggah aint paying his employees anyway

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