Rick Ross , Diddy

Rick Ross Ft. Diddy “Holy Ghost’

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  • rep87

    ROSS wit the devil for show now and playing wit GOD words/ DIDDY QUEEN sold out a long time ago and making the  DEVIL and money their idol

    • brittanyfloyd

      really bitch its aye fuckin song your soo fuckkinn dum nd hes not make the song for yhu dumm hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • falconzeye

    true dat @rep87:disqus 

  • HERswag

    “Get money my nigga, do good with your people”
    Words to live by.

  • The devil be rebuked right now in The Might Name of Jesus! I am praying for you ROSS and DITTY! Mercy, There is only one thing the Bible says for sure you will be in hell for…an that is…playing with the Holy Ghost. God is Holy my people…not to be mixed in with your foul idea’s and untruth of what life with The One True God is really about. I am praying for you both. My Lord.

  • Pure ignorance!!  SMH at someone’s interpretation of God’s Word….The Bible says that God hates “lukewarm” people; either you’re gonna be hot or cold!!  Praying to the “Holy Ghost” and then cursing folks and mocking God is definitely lukewarm.  But of course “ignorant” people who don’t fully understand God will be bobbing their heads to it because of the hook and beat to it!!  Not saying that I’m the perfect Christian myself (there is no such thing anyway…) but at least I’m wise and fearful enough to never mock God like Diddy and Ross just did with this song….

  • ReVeLaTioN1982

    Sounds like War!  You listen closely and the comment concerning overdosed, sounds like its directed at Lecrae.  Wow, Know ye not that Blaspheming the Holy Ghost is the ONLY unforgiveable sin?!?! Man!! Go on and get your Money, I’d rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold!!! The real true experience of receiving the Holy Ghost is better than any Drug, its better than any dollar dollar bill, don’t get it twisted, they is real folkz that done had all the money in the world, that God has stripped it to show them that it ain’t worth they soul, but don’t get it twisted again, God do bless his people that walk according to his stature, being a Christian don’t mean being Broke, Christians that are broke aren’t walking a straight and narrow with Gods word in order to receive the blessing, you get Money because you walk the WIDE AND BROAD, and serve your Father the DEVIL, who has power to give you your money while you are here on this earth for this short time, but when eternity comes, and that time is over and spent, DO TRUST, when you SCREAM, in the pits of hell for ETERNITY, and CRY, for another chance, BEGGING to be able to try again, won’t none of this be worth it.  ~~ReVeLaTioN~~

    • The Brain

      Man shut up and enjoy hiphop! If u dont like it then go listen to gay a$$ Drake or go listen to Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin.

      • ReVeLaTioN1982

        (YaWns) Brotha, that ain’t hit hop and that ain’t skill, you just hear’n tha hype, rap fell off when Tupac Died, these rappers nowadays ain’t even got the skill that rap once had, so please, just because i’m a Christian doesn’t mean that i don’t know that these rappers done fell off, they had to sell they soul to illuminati to sell a record, because when talent is considered, taking content out of the convo, they suck!! …. n e wayz, go on and throw some un-intelligent comment back at me…. i know its coming…

      • ReVeLaTioN1982

        LoL, Donnie McClurkin & Mary Mary… sounds like u r riding the fence, knowing those names in the world only means that you have had connections with the church at one time, when i was ful fledged in the world of sin, i didn’t even know the names of Christian artists….

        Nah, go look up these names, real talk! i bet they trample over Diddy and Ross in “Skill”… “Sevin” alone can out do any worldly rapper ryhme for ryhme…. then there is Lecrae and K-Nine…. (still laughing at the Donnie and Mary Mary Comment)

      • brittanyfloyd


  • The Brain

    Did you think it was gonna be a Gospel record cuz its called Holy Ghost?? You ppl are retards!

    • I mean really Brain?? I know that everyone is guaranteed freedom of speech and opinion but that clearly don’t make yours the smartest.  Nothing against you personally concerning your beliefs, taste in music or religion but those who are speaking out against this song are speaking based on KNOWLEDGE and REVERENCE of God’s Word.  Not trying to beat you over the head with the Bible brother but Hosea 4:6 says that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”  I’ll break it down further in street terms and say that once you come to knowledge you can never go back to ignorance. This song clearly displays Ross and Diddy’s ignorance and lack of knowledge to God, His Word, and the Holy Ghost. I’m in no way judging either rapper because I have no Heaven or Hell to put them in…but I agree with DJ Noble that they have a huge influence on a large number of people who listen to this genre of music and that they should be more responsible on the messages they convey about the Holy Ghost. People bob their heads, buy certain cars, clothing, shoes, and jewelry, and use certain phrases all based on what hip hop and rap artists put in their videos and songs. All I’m saying is instead of being “brainwashed” into how you should think about things, obtain knowledge and understanding on your own so you could form your own educated opinion about something!! Then maybe you would use your “brain” and not criticize us for standing up for what we believe in!!

  • Noel DjNoble Schneeberger

    The Brain…I don’t think anybody here thinks it’s a gospel record from the jump. Based on Rozay and Diddy’s lyrics, there ain’t NOTHIN’ “holy” about what they’re talking about! These catz are skating on thin ice with blades on. If they think that the Holy Ghost is really like this or they are just mocking Him, they are in for a big suprise…plus they are misleading and deceiving. Music has a HUGE influence on people, whether they know it, believe it or not.

  • SugarG

    Straight up disrespectful! Puff Daddy & Rick Ross should be ashame of themselves for even thinking of such lyrics. Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction,a haughty spirit before the fall.

  • I read a lot of these comments and to some degree I agree with those Holier than thou. But truth is what you read in the BIBLE isn’t all truth and if you read the BIBLE you would know that. First few pages tells you that it is a HISTORY book with information gathered by many people not all at the same time. As we know of HIS STROY written by the white man isn’t always the truth. Plus someone decided to use four gospels(GOOD NEWS) out of the 36 first discovered. Now we don’t know what the other 32 might have said when the first started writing the good book and a lot of what is said could have been lost in translation. Meaning the pages were worn and torn so anyone could add what ever he/she wanted like “be a good slave”. 

    Anyway off my high horse.

    “Get money my nigga, do good with your people”

    • ReVeLaTioN1982

      Although some may be on a high horse, this 1 came from the streets, although this is the intranet, spelled that wrong on purpose by the way, i experienced the deepness of drugs before i experienced the deepness of the Lord, so fa real, do trust, that if God is powerful enough to be able to create and maintain the things you see before your eyes, is powerful enough to die for your sins, defeat satan and rise again, do understand he is powerful enough to keeps his words throughout the word of God, New Translations i would back off from, but best bet, get you an Old King James, and seek for the truth.  The bible is more than just a book, if you read the first 3 verses in St. John, you will find out that the Word is God and God is the Word.  It is the Words where we will be judged by.  God is Real, and the very things that are occurring in the world today are straight out the book of ReVeLaTioN, the fallen birds and fish occurences is almost word for word.  Much Love and Respect Bro, Keep it ReaL!

  • Everyone that speaks against this track is ignorant of the Word of God. The Holy Ghost was promised us by Jesus Christ on the day of His glorious ascension. Hence, the Holy Ghost is here with us since the day of Pentecost and He is the secret of our success. Its high time we broke free from the shackles of religion and recognise that christainity transcends beyond that. Real christianity is a relationship, which is why the Bibile says that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with us. That fellowship is what these two young men touched upon. Get librerated and reject the ignorant life.

  • brittanyfloyd

    i love this song