Common Drops New Diss Record Directed Towards Drake

(AllHipHop News) Despite the fact that the Rick Ross’ Rich Forever was undoubtably the most downloaded mixtape last week, many hip-hop fans have paid closer attention to the Drake verse that was seemingly directed at Chicago rapper Common on the French Montana assisted, “Stay Schemin'” track.

Although Drake didn’t say Common’s name, Common has already replied with a diss record over the same beat and has specifically called out Drake for his use of singing during his raps and the sensitive nature of some of his songs.

“My motto is Chicago b**ch, everybody know you’re sweet, what the problem is? / Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it, son of a b**ch I imagine what you father is/She said how you make your oppponent?/The rapper of the moment, the style he don’t own it…

And later Common raps:

Can’t say a ni**a name but you rap about a ni**as wife, you sho’ black and white tryna live a ni**a’s life/I’m taking too long with this amateur guy, you aint wet nobody ni**a, you Canada Dry. ”

While the nature of the beef is unclear, some speculate that it could be centered around professional tennis star Serena Williams, who is rumored to have been involved with both artists.

“Soft ni**a, make no mistake, I’m taking to Drake,” Common concluded.

To make matters worse for Drake, Common concluded the song with Destiny Child’s song, “Say My Name” repeating in the background of the track.

Drake has not yet replied on Twitter or in any interviews as of press time.

Common “Stay Schemin (RMX)” [Drake Diss]

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  • Respect those whose been doing it longer than you have DRAKE….. You’re a talented dude, but you’re letting that get to your head… These dudes paved the way 4 you bruh and are more talented then you….. Chi-City all day…. Shout out 2 Common, a true legend in the game…. 

    • Soulgasm

      In my opinion, I feel that Drake is showing respect, just by the line “I hate when the Gods get to acting like the broads”….he’s still payin homage to Com, by referring him to a God MC.  I agree, Drake can’t win this battle…but it’s just like a cat coming up to you and slapping you in your face.  As a real dude, you would jump back right?.  I see this as Drake just jumping back….win or lose.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Why no response to Luda tho? 

      • Cause they didn’t fkkk the same chic!

      • BBE

        Um that’s where you’re wrong. Drake’s ex was Luda’s ex before him. lol Drake stays getting sloppy seconds.

      • Dude its GUARDS not Gods. Thats y he goes on and says: Guess every team doesn’t come complete with niggas like ours

      • BBE

        No, it’s gods. Guards doesn’t even make sense.

  • H. U. S.

    If this is a legitimate beef, then I stand behind my Chicagoan! But if this shit is over Serena’s ass, then I can’t be with Comm on that one!!!

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  • Papi Peligro

    Drake been popping off at the mouth for a minute. He’ll never respond cause he ain’t got no man in him. When you drop a song talking about your dog gone kill for you.  That’s the epitome of lame. You the little dog next to spike popping off at the mouth and getting him hit.  Real men won’t ever put they dudes in a situation that they gone go to jail or get killed cause how you gone look they moms, wife, or kids in they eyes if you supposed to be riding for them.  

  • SamuelLJacckson

    Sarcastic Black Guy Says: AWWW SHIITTT!!

  • supremeghost24

    ha! i bet drake’s phone blowing up like a mf!

  • this a good beef…nobodys gonna get shot or beat up…hip hop

  • Doris Thomas-Ariyibi

    he responds to common but ignores luda…smdh…still a wrong choice


    Common better watch out.

    Drake gonna pull out a bunch of false flagging,
    Jegger wearing, blood goon squad……
    On you…..

    I can see it now,…
    Drake yelling su-wooo and
    Bunch flag wearing niggahs, rockings van
    Rushing common.

  • TruthSerum

    Drake needs to shut up with all that “See you when I see you” non sense, dude is a child actor who grew up on TV sets and he aint gonna do nothing to anybody, at best he’ll have someone else do it

  • i respect my nigga common and drake as weel, but common coming at this dude like a female tryna act like he was dissing drake on”sweet” when everyone know damn it was a subliminal shot but ayye common jus need to move on like people sayin that drake is bein disrespectful bekuz he tawkin bout common,jus bekuz common came before drake and is a pioneer in the industry doesn’t mean he can make emotion fueled diss tracks about drake and then call drake a bitch for singing on his records??jus doesn’t make any sense drake is a real dude he never claimed to be a thug or a gangsta,he jus making music and living life,and ludacris/? thats a whole different story..smh!

    • Nicer Day

      “drake is a real dude he never claimed to be a thug or a gangsta” nobody ever said he was trying to be that…as far as I’m concerned Drake never belong in this industry to begin with he brought his way into the industry and lasted because of a bunch of co-signs from lil wayne to Jay-Z…the dude is a lame in my opinion dude don’t love hip hop he just trying to get the most out of it while the getting is good…reminds me of a white kid who only fucks with black people when its to his benefit any other time he would be trying his best to distance himself from blacks. DRAKE IS A FRAUD NOT BECAUSE HE IS TRYING TO ACT GANGSTER WHEN HIS NOT HIS A FRAUD BECAUSE HIS TRYING TO BE APART AND INFLUENCE A CULTURE THAT I DON’T BELIEVE HE REALLY APPRECIATES OR LIKES…LIKE THE KIDS WHO ONLY LISTEN TO THE TOP 40 BUT THINKS THEY ARE AN EXPERT OF RAP  

      • How can someone who worked with phonte not be a fan of hiphop?

      • Phonte never actually met Drake… ANNNNNDD lately Phonte did ask drake to feature on his lates album… and drake straight dodged him… 

      • BBE

        Yep, sure did and had to apologize. But he sure made sure to get wack ass verse from Nicki & Wayne on there. Got him a straight pop record with Rihanna as well.

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  • j44west

    Why ain’t Common goin at the whole Young Money lineup?  It’s them dumb n****** killin Hip Hop, and brought Drake out anyhow.

  • D G

    Drake don’t want none of that.. ya’ll must have forgot what Common did to Cube on the “B!t@$ in you.”

  • Thursdaynite

    First let me say I’m a fan of all rap music whether it be the emo that Drake does, to crunk, hyphy, horrorcore or what have you. I good song is a good song period point blank. now with that being said, Common straight bodied Drake on this. Crushed him. Drake is definitely getting a little arrogant because of the people he’s with. I know the fans have forgotten, but he’s starting to act like HE forgot that he’s the same dude that got relieved of his jewels in his own hometown. Say what you will, but Drizzy definitely doesn’t want to get into a back and forth with Common. I respect Com actually saying Drakes name too. This might set off a new era of the non-subliminal diss when other rappers see you can say someones name with no repercussions to it 


    This is Crazy..Glad to See Common back on His Thing & Speaking up bout this Emo Rap is Getting outta Hand! I Also Glad to see the Majority of Hip hop Heads behind Him as Evident by this Post

  • The 2 softest rappers in the game talking about murkin each other.  What’s next, Kanye and Lupe starting an all out gang war? GTFO..

    Stick to what you know..

  • BoldSpice

    Ha Ha Common butt hurt over Serena and looking like a idiot. Get over it niccuh.

  • Hiphopnobs

    Chris Daw you must be 21 and younger or just ignorant. How is Common soft ? because he doesn’t gun clap in his songs ? It can’t be skills because Common has been murdering Mics since 92′ He’s a thinker with real shit to say about the world and what hip hop needs to hear but doesn’t want to because all the bullshit out is what has the fans thinking that’s what’s cool. Let’s not forget Common came from that era where you had to have skills to get signed. Drake is from the era of allinging yourself with whoever is hot , that makes you hot. Drake is desperately looking for some hip hop cred. Hanging around Rick Ross and Wayne doesn’t make you a hip hop head. He can’t even keep anybody’s intrest on a track by himself lol Look at the game today most rappers have to share a song with 2-3 others just to keep you entertaine. What happened to surviving on your own ?

    • If it weren’t for Common “aligning” with Kanye to revive his career, he wouldn’t even be relevant enough for mention on this page.  And don’t take this the wrong way cuz I’m not even trying to stick up for Drake’s Degrassi ass.  I’m just sayin, they’re both talking a little too much game for what they can produce. 

      And sidenote- how is Drake desperately looking for hip hop cred? He got a mixtape to do bigger numbers than some albums, and this was before it was “cool” to be a fan of Drake.

      • Hiphopnobs

        Common isn’t even aligned with Kanye anymore because he’s not even on G.O.O.D music on his latest album. And Drake is looking for Cred because When he’s with Wayne,Rick Ross etc….. He get’s gangsta and talks more reckless than before like he’s from the street also. But when he’s by himself it’s back to those corny lyrics that only 12-20 year old kids and highschool girls like. And WHY ? even mention how his mixtape did when it comes to sales. This is HIP HOP right ? history has shown The best doesn’t always sale the best. Look at Slaughterhouse. Those guys never sold big numbers as solo artist but real hip hop heads loved the idea of them getting together(before Em)Because you knew at the end of the day you would get quality music. Next are you going to say Drake is better than Nas because he sales more records than Nas ? or Talib Kweli,Mose Def, KRS-1,Ice Cube,Public enemy,Scarface ? And you can say Common is trying to revive his career but after 9 albums,20 years,lyrical acclaim and enough money to still make a living out of hip hop He must be doing ok. We’ll see if 20 years from now people are saying Drake is a legend and one of the best to ever do it. Oh yeah what’s up with your man Drizzy saying Jay-Z jacked his Idea for the whole joint album thing ? did he ever here of Best of both world’s ? or even before that Meth and Red ?

      • “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”- Hov

        And honestly, if Common is as great and established as you believe him to be, then why the hell is he even provoking beef with a newcomer like Drake?  Again, I’m not taking sides cuz I think their both retarded for this beef but it is what it is..

      • JB

        hey chris , you made a valad point brother !  why is common in a rap beef with a new pop rap artist ? .  it’s personal ,  drake is laying the pipe to serena !   case closed

      • Brian Miller

        He already laid it out, this is hip-hop, when you say you the best, or try to pop off at the lip like you bout that, then you gotta be prepared to back it up, plain and simple.  It has nothing to do with numbers bro, Common got about as big a fanbase, if not bigger, than Drake and has been putting out music since 92, its just Drake is the n!gg@ of the moment.

      • $11625525

        That’s like asking why LL went at Can-I-Bus. 

        Know your history, Hip Hop is the closest musical art-form to Boxing and, like Boxing, when a young gun is coming up, people always compare them to legends or even ask how they would fare against a hard knock who is still in the game.

        I look at Drake like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.; with Lil’ Wayne being the equivalent of his Daddy…

        Now everyone know Chavez Jr. was gifted his title and so people want to see if he can hang with an old contender who still has enough fight in him to rip the title from him and thus names are always being thrown into the ring and challenges being made.

        In sport, this is seen as acceptable but not in Hip Hop?

        That, to me, makes Drake the Hip Hop equivalent of a protected fighter and we wanna see him in a real lyrical dog fight, just to see if he has the minerals.

        Due to his fan base, his defeat would do nothing to harm his standing in the pop charts, nor will it gain Common any new fans,  but it will inspire more up and coming rappers to stay true to the art and hone their skills honestly instead of auto-tuning their way to stardom.

        This is “All Hip Hop” dot com not “All R&B”, love it or leave it alone!

      • beatzunknown302

        sense…thank you

      • smartyfresh

        EXACTLY. these young dumb niggas know NOTHING. its fuckin SAD

      • YouKnowWhat…..

        What is he supposed to kick on a track with them? That is what they spit about. Niggas get mad because an entertainer can entertain you multiple ways….like he ain’t supposed to get that money. End of the day, they are all entertainers, all soft ass celebrities, all Sweet!

  • it’s crazy to me how people are looking at this and trying to judge who is soft and hard.  personally i don’t see that as relevant to us as fans because for any fan to make that judgement is purely speculation because we don’t know these people. also, what does it matter if common is old or relevant (in a person’s opinion)…the fact is common made a song called sweet, didn’t mention any names, even though most were able to pick up on the subliminal to drake, and drake acknowledged he was talking about him.  that is a loss in itself.  then drake sends a subliminal back…and now you got common calling you out directly.  if common was irrelevant, drake didn’t seem to notice by giving him all this attention.  this is hip hop/rap music and this is part of the game.  drake talking about he this and that with the mic, now show it.  if you going to claim to be this and that be ready for heads to try to come for your head.  personally i don’t think drake can handle common in a battle.  he got a proven mc, regardless of how old common is, going at him…bottom line in this biz drake you have to handle that or risk becoming a punchline.  within hip hop circles they know common can do damage with the lyrics.  i don’t see how any fan of drake is not sitting back and saying ok now let’s see what you do…because people who know their history know this is not common’s first rodeo battling.  i also agree with what another blogger posted about common going at the whole ymcmb…i said the same thing when the sweet track came out, if drake is the number two in the camp or 2a/2b because of nicki, might as well go at the whole crew…like nas said “i don’t kill soloists, i only kill squads.”  that being said, for drake he needs to go all in and understand if he gets the best of common, or at least if the general public thinks he gets the best of common in a battle that is one hell of a notch on his belt and i think then separates him from the rest of his camp and other peer rappers out now.  

  • rep87

    ITS BOUT TO BE A GIRL FIGHT LOL !!!!!!!!! COMMON LADY  VS   SISSY DRAKE ! who really cares weak azz article bout these two suckers

    • Tony G.

      u obviously dont know Com fam

    • make that 3 because you’re simpin right now. Pick a side good or evil. Bitch ass nigga can’t make up your mind.

      • rep87

        they just like you that makes three stooges you all can be a girl group BITCHES WITH PROBLEMS suck on that dorzell cook

  • P80

    I was gonna say Razay hold that nigga down but this nigga got a click, 

  • Jay-Z said it best on Drake’s last album…”here’s how they gonna come at you, silly raps to distract you”…Common is the one who started the beef…listen to his last interview- he clearly says, that if Drake considers himself the best he has to deal with people trying to take the crown…this is a stupid beef…Plus where was Common back in the day when him and Ice-Cub was going at it…Common low key tries to make a living off of dissin’ people…he’s a great artist and doesn’t need to do that…Plus anyone can call someone a bitch or hoe…Drake’s flow was much better too…Common slapped that together too quick…i’ve heard freestyles 10 times better than that verse…

    • Tony G.

      but its only ONE verse bro…trust and believe if Drake replies..and Im sure he will…Com will Body this dude….




    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

    • Tony G.

      another dumb YOU are gangsta…stfu

      • $11625525

        You actually read his comments? I see his stupid as tag and keep it moving…

      • you’re saying it’s dumb because you read at a first grade level.

    • he was raised over east in Chicago   many Vice Lords and Stones. 87th street y’all niggas sweet come over on the east side of the chi.

  • David Sentongo

    common dissin, fans talkin ish but drake still going home with that LARGE ass paycheck. end of story.

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo

    • bs_hater1

      Maybe he can take that paycheck & buy some good battle rhymes cause he gone need some! Put respect on the shopping list too since you countin’ his money for him!

    • Tony G.

      I can tell ur not a real hip hop head..becuz if u were ud know that its the essence of the BATTLE which has NOTHING to do with money..and Com ain’t hardly broke bro…regardless of how many albums he sells…

    • You men lil wayne and birdman. You’re an real idiot.

  • This is good for the game!!!! It’s also a good opportunity for Drake. Niggas been sayin he soft…….its time to go hard nigga

  • King Cold

    Damn!!!! Common dissed the shit outta drake. Comeback from drake? Maybe maybe not

  • Tony G.

    OK..first off …yall ethugs on here need to stop worrying about who’s soft and who’s not..u dont know either of these dudes personally and cant judge them by the music they keep it strictly about this song and the lyrics…if u cant see that Com bodied this guy then ur just a Drake Stan..and yes its just one verse..but Com is built for this…most of the cats that post on this site are too young to pull up Youtube and search for Common’s song The Bytch in You..where he went at Ice Cube and Mack 10…check his verse from Hit’em High on Ye’s first album…dont get the game twisted…Com is real hip hop…something most of yall know nothing about..and yes he does the “nice songs” and so on and so forth..but Com can murder nuccas on this lyric shit…I hope Drake comes back just for the sport of it…and it was genuius to 1…do it on a Ross/Drake song…2..hit him with the Canada Dry line..and the Say My Name Say My Name joint at the end..afterall..thats what Drake asked what.

    • i’m not gonna tell you what kind of connections common got. but Baby drake y’all in trouble if think for one second lyrically or physically they have to smoking something.

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  • lmfaoooo!!!!  its funny AF how Drake neva said his name… n My Nigga str8 kill’d his ass… hahaha   @Common:twitter  like yo sumbody “Take Care” of dat

  • Common needs to sit his ole hating azz down somewhere. He just mad because Drake has more money, can sing and is having sex with his ex at the moment lol.

    • David Daniel

      Your dumb to make comments like that. Drake just came out not to long ago, Common has been in the game for a long time. I would think Common has made more money over the years. That being said you should worry more about your boy getting bitch slapped by Common, Luda, and Beans. Damn that kid has sooooo many L’s

      • illmatic23

        don’t forget common got movie money.

  • Niggas  scared now. Some real real niggas step up to let y’all internet faggots have it that like tight pants and jeggins. Drake sings for bitch not y’all drag queens talking all that shit from the sidelines. Say my name. If there a problem do something. Stop talking do something.

  • Listen, is this not Hip-hop.  Last i checked it was.  I’m tired of all you YMCM fans getting butt hurt when one their artists gets dissed.  And what I hate more is that they think they can just blow it off by saying that people are just “hating” on them.  No, it’s just that YM is full of bitch-made, hoe artists and its ABOUT TIME SOMEONE CALLS THEM OUT.  And to all the people that say common just wants attention, you all are just idiots.  This has nothing to do with that, it;s one man (Common) against another “man” (Drake), and the better rapper (Common) will ruin the bitch-ass (Drake)