Hip-Hop Rumors: Has Common Recorded “The B***h In You” Part 2 For Drizzy Drake?


Some of you kiddies are too young to remember when Common and Ice Cube had beef. Basically, Common caught flack for his song “I Used To Love H.E.R.” and Ice Cube and them didn’t like it. Well, they did some response that I don’t remember but it prompted Common to do the now classic diss song “The B****h In Yoo.” Got it? This was 1996.

In 2012, Common is beefing with Drake. This is all fun and lyrics even though some people are trying to suggest it could turn into something more. Well, I am hearing rumors that Common has braced for a Drake reply and recorded (or will record) “The B***h In Yoo” Part 2 for Drake.  If this is true, I am assuming it is under the anticipation that Drake may return with a diss. Based on what Baby of Cash Money  recently proclaimed, I don’t see Drake having much more to say. Also, I think quiet as kept, people realize that this could be a brand problem for Drizzy, not a Hip-Hop one. IF “The B***h In Yoo” Part 2 comes out do you think it would measure up to the original? Based on “Sweet,” I think so. Maybe Drake should take the beat first and run with it!

Here is the original 1996 “The B***h In Yoo.” (This version is fast, because of the youtube bs rules. All the rest are blocked.):

And for Drake, here’s the original Pete Rock instrumental just in case.

  • I’m sick of drake already he is so over played..

  • rep87

    SAD part this is news not in my book / its bout as exciting as watching grass grow to see these two mouth wrestling back and forth bout nothing just kiss and get it over wit already

  • johnblacksad

    Why Drake pouchin?

    Hmm… actually, i think i know.

  • There won’t be a response from Drake.  It’s too easy for him to claim taking the high road.  He’ll take a little hit musically as real hiphop heads won’t buy his music, but there really weren’t too many buying his music anyway.  His true fans will still fawn over him and love him deeply.  Years from now, some lesser rapper will challenge him and he’ll say he’s tired of people thinking he’s soft and will respond.  He’ll say he didn’t respond to Common because it was either out of respect for hiphop and Common’s place in it or because it was a petty beef over a woman or some other BS reason.  He’ll make up some ground, but as they say, Real Recognize Real so he’ll still be too scared to say Common’s name.  This is like a boring soap opera.  It’s almost obvious.

    I’d respect Drake more if he responded.  Take your lumps.  It shows you’re not soft.  Take an L and keep moving.  At least TRY!!!  Not responding makes him look to calculating and scared.  He had a LOT to say when Nicki was going back and forth with Kim, and didn’t he tweet something when Luda went at Big Sean?  Something like why won’t they let us live.  How can you defend someone else and not defend yourself?  THAT makes you soft.  He disrespected your father and you in one line.  Then made it clear that he was talking to you.  Your rap friends don’t want any parts which is why they haven’t said anything.  Take your lumps.  Maybe you’ll better at battling.  You could even win, but you can’t win if you don’t try.

    • real OG

      I agree 100% or he will get other people to dis Common along with him

  • keep in mind now.. this is the same guy to diss lil kim and kobe’s wife while dudes like beanie segal, ludacris and now common been going at him.

    if he doesnt respond to a man but constantly insults women… then he must be a woman…. right???

    • He did threaten a man.  The tattoo artist that tattooed his name on the girl’s forehead and called him the softest rapper alive.  Drake said he was going to beat him up and the tattoo artist said he would love to fight Drake.  Again with that though, he didn’t respond.  He disses men, but when they come back at him, he hides behind Wayne’s jeggings.

      • Fareed72

        Ohhh shit!!! Haa!!!! Good comment.. @ Solomon Bourque

    • Fareed72

      I agree.. He wouldn’t want that with Beans tho. He’ll prolly say the same thing Kanye said when Beans went at him.. ” Hey man, he ( Beans ) is crazy.. He does this for real. He’s a REAL STREET DUDE”.., BitchAzzNess!!! Luda would play wit drake, n set him up for the KILL.. An Common.., if Com takes it back to the Common Sense days.., then prepare to say DAAAMN.. Momma always told me, ” Dont let anyone take your kindness for weekness.., cause they will try you. An when they do, you rip em apart”.

  • Wait….does Drake even write his own lyrics????  smh

  • I want to take a minute to talk to Drake. 

    Drake.  Drizzy.  Aubrey.  Wheelchair Jimmy.  Whatever you want to go by, say something and make it quick.  I’m about to turn the channel on this soap opera.  Be a man.  Grab your nuts and take your toughest lyrics and let it go before the commercial break!  You can even do an interview and talk about it, but do something!  JUST SAY HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!

    • MrTroyMercy


  • real OG

    A singing guy from Toronto thats never done any dirt. WHO CARES. He is for women. If your a man and u like him you got issues. Drake is a pop artist I dont think even his core fans would argue that. I bet Justin Timberlake has more street cred than Drake. Common is an old school vet this is like a college graduate battling a elementary student. Shame on Common for even having to stoop to this level he should just say yeah I dont listen to Drake no real hiphop heads do either no big deal. If you want to sell you got to sellout and Common has done that a time or two for a single so he should look in mirror.

    • yeah right drake be killin shit. and how much street cred you think common got i would say the same as drake they the same rapper fo real fo real 

      • speechthesis

        Whatever yo! You talking about Common, this kat been making music, planting lyrics in concrete corners, and playing off words since he started, like money said “He a legend”… Common just want a little “pub time” it’s all good…

        Drake’s on point.. he just trying to get some street credit, he ready to battle rap and cut back on singing… funny thing is some kats think you get street credit from just surrounding yourself with street kats, or ghostwriting for em… NOPE!!  Those the kats that get japped up by real streetwalkers….

      • That depends on your view of “street cred”.  Toronto is beautiful.  Drake came in as a kid with nice lyrics and a good work ethic.  Common is from the south side of the Chi.  Enough said.  Lyric for lyric, not many people are in the same league as Common.  If Drake is killing things, he needs to pick one of the people that got something to say about him and kill their career.  It doesn’t have to be Common.  He can pick anybody.  He won’t though.

  • i’m bangin on common sense, chicago is mine,nigga hit the fence “ice cube”



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