Max B

Max B. Continues To Plan For Release From Prison

(AllHipHop News) Max B. continues to wait on the decision of his appeal, after being sentenced to prison for his involvement in a botched stick up, that resulted in a murder in September of 2006.

The rapper has been incarcerated since June of 2009 on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy to murder, over an incident in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Max was sentenced to 75 years in jail for his role in the incident, which occurred as Max B.’s step brother Kelvin Leerdam and Max’s ex-girlfriend Gina Conway were to rob two men of over $40,000 in cash in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel room.

The robbery resulted in the death of David Taylor, who was shot at point-blank range in the face by Leerdam.

The Wave Gang’s front man spoke with about his plans for the future, when the decision is handed down, and his outlook continues to remain positive.

“I just want to get home, chill be with the kids and family , spend some good quality time , eat a good meal smoke a fat one and get a bottle of that (Grand) Cru [cognac],” Max B. told

The rapper is obviously anxious to get out prison and back on to the streets, so he can pursue his music career, since he continues to hone his skills behind bars.

“I gotta get back to what I do, I can’t even play with it, I got some real plans for the touch down,” Max B. said. “I want to do some nice work , I wanna drop a double album and give it to the people for real.”

When he was on the scene, Max B., born Charly Wingate, had generated interest from mixtapes and live shows.

He had signed two deals with Jim Jones: A recording contract with ByrdGang Records and another separate deal, to help with the production of Jim Jones’ albums.

Max B. has since been released from the services of Jim Jones and dropped his debut album Vigalante Season, which is avalable at

You can watch the Exclusive Interview below with Mikey T The Movie Star.

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  • hold ya head max 

  • D_hiloh

    kinda puttin the carriage before the horse ain’t cha? good luck with that 

    • seriously. as someone who has been in prison, i know that the appeal process is not easy or quick. he might as well just keep on practicing

  • cc221

    loll..i luv max b ,he had some reall hot shit b4 he went in,but come on,lets call it a night.this same headline has been the only one hes had since he’s been locked up.i think its wishful thinking.he not gonna get out.sad to say but time to face reality.

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  • rep87

    when this dude was out he brought some excitment to the game he was all over youtube nobody kicked it in NY harlem like him /he has a tough case and once they got you its going to take a real connected lawyer to get you out just look at the over turn rate stay strong max b

  • HERswag

    Free Bigaveli….!

  • 4-12

    Stick a fork in him. Hes done.


  • acb87

    free max b , French needs hi influence cause waka turning French into a garbage as wanna be southern rapper 

    • you right frencj montana trash now.

      • rep87

        if french is trash it just didnt happen because he working with who is hot in the game max b worked with down south artist, end this wack azz hate and get money this what these dudes are about you should do the same makes you feel better

    • rep87

      You do know Waka was born in New Jersey homie its just that its the SOUTH time to shine every coast has had there time THE SOUTH got some real talented RAP ARTIST and they got some wack ones to, just like the EAST COAST ,WEST COAST, MID WEST . lets get your facts stright he came down south to get on, allmost every east coast rapper has worked with down south artist just like the west coast mid west its love and respect to the top artist in the game , ITs big bizness

  • Blackboiboobie

    free max b!

  • bostonlex

    free max b

  • succeeding1

    free max b

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    I did like max’s style, but there is a family out there that is missing a father/son/brother/husband because of this dudes foolishness. he has mentioned little of apologizing publicly to the family, but yet talks of going home to his if he is set free?

    >>>>Byline date = Jan. 15, 2056

    He had it all, but wanted more , so he tried to take it.

    $40,000 / 3 people = $13,000
    $13,000 = 75 yrs

    Max B makes 75yrs working @ McDonald’s look like an epic win.

  • PH83

    so its Max b fault that his brother shot someone? i cant say that i would blame Max for that shit and it was the chick idea anyway. she was smart soon as it went wrong she ran to the police and told them EVERYTHING, got less years too.

    • rep87

      shows you how the system work this broad was drunk and high most of the time lied on the stand, but not all her fault max b lawyer was caught up in spot light and max b fame, this dude sitting in court twittering and blogging what kind of lawyer is that? max b has a new lawyer and hopefully will get a fair shake in court !

    • if you think 18 years is a deal she screwed herself she was better off saying nothing and this woulda never escalate to this 

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