Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay-Z Cheating on Beyonce???!!!

Now, I don’t believe this rumor for a second, but it IS a rumor,  so I’ll share. There’s a blind item circulating about an A-list rapper cheating on his R&B singer wife. The description of the rapper sounds eerily like Jay-Z, while the woman he is allegedly cheating with is unknown, but names like M.I.A. and Ashanti have been thrown into the mix. Take a look at the blind item below:

Which Rapper Is Cheating on His Wife with an R&B Singer?
This hip-hopper is going to revive the career of the singer he’s been sleeping with on the sly. This celebrity divorce will go very smoothly because the husband knows some scandalous secrets about his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s family. Now that’s better than a pre-nup.

1. “This former almost A list R&B singer who is still gorgeous, but has not had a hit in awhile and has been in this space before has been the go to person for when this married A+ rapper who has also been in this space before has needed to relax for the past few months because his celebrity wife does not want to help him relax. Is it any surprise that everyone thinks her next album will do really well. I guess she is taking very good care of him.”

2. “This celebrity split was definitely shocking, but the divorce will be smooth sailing. The reason: the husband knows a scandalous secret about his wife’s respectable family that she is desperately trying to keep it quiet. She will make sure the divorce is amicable because she would be very upset if people found out her father is not what he appears to be: he’s a deeply closeted gay and a bitter man.”

My two-cents….M.I.A. just had a child in 2009 with Benjamin Brewer, a very rich New York musician and son of Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman. Why would she jeopardize that big fat check? And Ashanti, well, she may be more plausible than M.I.A., being that she does have a history of being a homewrecker…remember she had a relationship with Irv Gotti while he was still married. Plus, the blogs were reporting that she was flirting with Jay-Z at the recent re-opening of 40/40. But wait,  isn’t she still with Nelly??

Either way, neither sound like the real deal to me. Jay seems super happy with Bey, and the arrival of Lil’ Blue Ivy could probably heal the sick, so I’m sure if they did have any problems, they are gone now. Both options sound sketchy…what do you think?


  • nastinupe

    Beyonce > Ashanti.  

    No way no how.  

    • johnblacksad

      d!ck don’t think this way tho

    • Ashanti ain’t no slouch in the beauty department, bruh.

    • kennedyclark


    • kennedyclark

      Ashanti>>>>>>>>>>>>>whoreyonce…Ashanti looks a million times better and can actually have a child.

    • kennedyclark


  • isnt this supposed to be about will smith and jada?

    • Don’t even think its them, and as usual All Hip Hop is way off the mark.  M.I.A. wouldn’t even touch Jay like that.  Doesn’t seem to be her type.

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  • Tril Beats

    I’d Smash Beyonce & Ashanti…. shit lol!

  • Realist4200

    Where the f#ck is Illseed?

  • armylove0221

    Former almost a list star throwing shade at a woman is some hoe shit my dude

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                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

    • real OG

      They in Paris doin there thing with each other. Can’t hate.

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  • rep87

    ASHANTI IS SEXY WOULDNT MINE HITTING THAT /we all know she would let jay z hit it / nelly full of steriods and broke laying over with dr gay dre trying to hope for a hit

  • sound like Tierra maries back on the R.o.c HAAA!!!!

  • David Sentongo

    If Jay is cheating on his wife, it’ll be a shocker to me. 
    it’s just not a move i think he would make at this point. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • Profylin

    I doubt Jay Z would cheat on beyonce…its a bad business move..besides who would cheat on a good looking  with major money and status

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Closeted Gay Dad: Seattle says Quincy Jones.

  • RealDillio

    Well is Beyonce’s family still respectable?  And don’t we already know that her Daddy isn’t what he appeared to be.  I’m just saying. Can’t be them. Can it be?