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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Cee-Lo Heading to Vegas? Reunites with Goodie Mob?

According to rumors, Cee-Lo is eyeing a permanent residency in Las Vegas! A painful back injury has been plaguing him for a while, making touring very difficult. So why not bring the people to him!?

Cee-Lo has already set up a series of concerts in Sin City as sort of a test run. If all goes well, his fans will be able to see him performing, a la Cher, a few times a week at some snazzy hotel. Is this cheesy or a major come-up for the Goodie Mob member?

Speaking of Goodie Mob, TMZ is reporting that  Cee-Lo reunited with the Mob for a Super Bowl pre-party at an Indianapolis strip club and made it rain $10,000 on the strippers!

Sources say Cee-Lo requested lap dances from “the baddest b*tches in the club.” Glad to see the Goodie Mob back together again. Hopefully they will haul their tails to the studio and crank out another group album soon!

Source: TMZ

  • Sounds like a good move! Cee Lo did his thing at the SuperBowl!

  • rep87

    Goodie Mob had it going on a few years back it would be nice to see them drop some knowledge  again cee lo has blown up in r and b shows he got mad skills

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  • illymac

    thats whats up I guess..
    I honestly think they let too much time go by,
    and cee lo is in a different place career wise right now..

  • Papi Peligro

    I’d go see dude in Vegas that would be dope. Good job on improving them hook up and selling me something rumors. When got a illseed rumor you never though sell out. 

  • just lose weight and the back will get better… he was looking fatter then ever at that halftime show in that band costume lol

    • wow…the spine is nothin to play w/, has nothin 2 do w/ fat cells

  • SDS_Overfiend

    You only get 2 chances in this Music industry… He is on his second chance..  Who ever is funding this Niggas current run will not allow him near the Goodie Mob. He Cooning right now.

  • Hope he gets better!!!!! I gotta back injury, too, Cee-Lo gotta come to CA, I cant do Vegas!

    Adopefemalemc on SoundcloudDOTCOM

  • MrTroyMercy

    Goodie mob was like triple c’s back the …the fat nikka blew up and the rest fell off besides that SYDY LACE YOU SUCK LMAO…

  • MrTroyMercy

    He did save that wack azz halftime show . .. too bad for them goodie mob cats aka the old triple c’s ( only difference cee lo keep his shirt on and aint got a beard – oh yeh , and they tell the truth) … they gonna like all them groups who had one star blow like the outlawz, junior mafia , st lunatics , d-12 … and the list goes but one thing for sure he aint playing at no sleezy hotel – he saved Madonna … it was smart of her to put him on the show cause the rest of that shet was trash!

    • Tony G.

      I wouldnt compare Goodie to Triple Cs..thats an least Goodie could rap and put out some decent songs…TC is just flat garbage

      • MrTroyMercy

        You right as far as TALENT But the image is similar . I actually thought SOULFOOD was a classic but back then I thought Ceelow was as hell !!! Lol … but irealized after he bounced how trash them other cats were especially that lightskinned gunplay looking dude .. Didn’t like ceelow during them Closet Freak days cause I thought he was mad fruity but now Ceelow is picking the right song and his voice be making some songs dope can’t front – guess aquiring taste..

      • Casor_Greener

        LMAO, yeah them boys was garbage. Go back and try to jam that mess.  Cee-Lo had the talent

      • PrimoJ

        yall some lame ass corny uneducated fags… If u dont know who the niggas is dont even comment. His name is Big Gipp not gunplay lookalike…. and them niggas were trail blazers and had lyrics to boot… back when the rest of the rap game was hating on the South they stood strong and wasnt on no gimmicky bullshit.

      • MrTroyMercy

        I kno his name you faggot ass nigga but he still wwack and on par ith with Gunplay … man shut yo ass up you sucka ass nigga …. All these niggas are wack overall to me … I fucks with CEELO AND SOMETIMES ROSS but the rest uhh… so you prolly a country born sucka nikka who waiting on GOODIE MOB To sign to YOUNG Money or my bad YMCMB AND DO A COLLABE WITH Lil Twist or NICKI .. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN ALL THEM BEHIND THE STAR NIKKAS WACK!!!AYE SO STFU!!!!! I know the cat name but he ass but yo favorite rapper is prolly Lil B .. STFU… DRINK A SNAPPLE AND CHOKE ON PICKLE PIG’S FEET … chump!!
        On Feb 7, 2012 10:03 AM, “Disqus”

      • PrimoJ

         Mane you just wrote 2 extra paragraphs of bullshit to go along with your first corny ass comment.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Whatever …corney ass nigga

      • MrTroyMercy

        Plus ain’t hating on the south cause some of my FAVORITE rappers from the SOUTH … LIKE. Andre 3000 , Phonte , BUN b , T.I , scareface , MEDIAN , IMMA SAY SCARFACE AGAIN BYTCH!!! AND I even listen to SLIMTHUG , THE OLD MASTER P AND EVEN SOME WAYNE AND THEM SHIIT … SO STFU!!! Ain’t nobody hating the SOUTH .. wack nikkas from the SOUTH get hated on .. I LOVE ALL GOOD MUSIC …. LAME AZZ NIKKA.

        richard p sickert… now tell me i aint paid!


    Still,I see the comparison , but there isn’t a comparison, IE: Cee-Lo >>> Officer Roberts
    Talent Wise

    Cee-Lo definitely saved the show, not that it was a bad show , cuz it wasn’t , but when I saw Cee-Lo start , I was impressed with the show over all.

    Madonna older that Tina Turner , but she still has a nice show , the other features, M.I.A. & Nicki were good too.

    M.I.A. FAIL BLOGGED with the middle finger!

    ( P.S. = Sydney Lace is getting better after the normal new hate wears off ))

  • Adrian Barron

    some of you niggahs got too much HATE in yo heart … niggahs always gotta find the NEGATIVE in a positive … who really give 2 shyts if the rest of GOODIE MOB wasnt up to you niggas standards (bet niggahs would say the same about your music too- PROMISE) the POSTIVE out of this is that CEE-LO (who was originally supposed to be apart of OUTKAST) came back to take care of his BRUVAHS instead of leaving these niggahs to fend for themselves – or be just another UNSUNG story.  Vegas is where these old retired crackers go to keep they bank accounts afloat – and to see CEE-LO put own for his city and bring the entire GOODIE MO.B is the shyt to ME.  and i still knock SOUL FOOD to this day ….




    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

    • rep87

      SHUT YO FAGGOT AZZ up what man look at other men like you do, real men dont

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    Smh…some people never studied the catalog b.  Goodie Mob was on that mind elevation.  Hidden truths b.  You can hate but it was that southern hip hop…straight knowledge kicking.  When the dungeon family was destroying it down there.  It will never b like that again