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Hip-Hop Rumors: Black Wall Street Airs Out “Basketball Wives'” Gloria Govan!

A few months ago, rumors had been flying that an affair between The Game and Gloria Govan is what initially broke her and fiance L.A. Lakers Matt Barnes up. Well, Black Wall Street’s Avante Rose wants the world to know that he has also hit that, too!

Avante Rose has put Gloria on twitter blast and posted a photo of her laying on a bed wearing a “Money Gang” T-shirt.  He has also engaged in a twitter war with Matt Barnes spilling intimate details of his and Gloria’s alleged romps in the sack.  Check out the tweets below:

These guys are way too grown to be having this discussion on Twitter! And Gloria needs to get it together! This alleged sleeping around that she’s doing is getting out of hand.

  • Immature

  • dareal504

    Damn and to think for a min I thought that chic was a bad bitch… Dats why it pays to know what type of bitch you calling wifie!!.. ho’s will be ho’s..

  • illymac

    Wow, sneaky broadz aint shit..

  • Matt should be ignoring these ignorant fools.  


    I cant seem why hitting another niggah bitsh, after your homie already hit,
    Is a trophy for some of these west coast dudes. Lol
    I remember monte, pointed that shet out, and he might have been right.

    Granted, a chick, in the hood, got just as many bodies,
    Its seems like west coast niggah take or show a lot of bravado,
    When bragging about it.

    We can share moneys, whips, & guns & regular shet,
    But hitting my bitsh after me, & you know me or of me.
    Its a little lame. Yall need some pimp lessons out that way, or something.

  • Baby_Bluez

    This is pathetic!

    Matt Barnes – Use social media for all the right reasons. Talking about how “real” you are or how much money you have is pure arrogance and easily adds to negative selective perceptions towards Black athletes and entertainers.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    twitter…worst thing ever happening 

    grown ass peoples acting dumb

  • RevrendIke3x

    This Avante Rose cat is an idiot. He just self snitched on himself. Now the Hip Hop Police Twitter Division has alerted the authorities on this High Functioning Retard.

    • Mos High

      I cant well I can believe that this guy would say that. I bet he was puffing his chest.. Yeah yeah I cope those thangs..But then he will get locked up and all his boys wear free Avante shirts… This guy truly should be put it a straight jack, something must be wrong with his head. Damn shame, dame fool. 

  • rep87

    5 of them thangs can get you 20yrs of FED Time, these internet and twitter thugs are going to learn the hard way

  • brotha_man

    both actin like lil broads…..why dudes be quick to marry and knock up these broads is beyond me….betta get on that AC Green plan (google him) when broads come round me they know I got it, but i aint trickin want a coach bag and red bottoms…i dont know betta hit up my neighbor or sumin, find a baller or sumin cuz i aint got it.

  • BoldSpice

    Matt Barnes need to ignore that shit. Not a knock on him because his wife a whore. She the one that should be upset for getting exposed as a slut. And i don’t get how dudes get off on smashing something theyhomie already smashed. Almost nasty when i think about it.

  • torreysn

    Why we always dog the women when she get hers,and why these grown ass men on tweeter acting like lil juve boys and girl grow up.

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  • lol thats fucked up, if it ws b4 her an matt they need to leave her alone. but if not, it is what it is. On the real tho Niggas an bi chicks better start doin a “Catfax” on these broads out here. Know how many miles that cat has on it, if its been damaged, how many owners its had, run a fuel check make sho aint no bad oil runnin thru the engine , give it a diagnostic test all that lmao. Know who you fuckin, an defintely who you cuffin lol #ijs

    • Benjidoggy

      I love that CatFax shit, hahahahahaha

  • The only person who looks bad in this is the girl. SImple as that

  • TimeWillTellu1


  • SoLaRSe7en

    This is some high school shit, str8 up. What’s ol boy gettin from exposin that on twitter? Was that his first piece of ass ever?

  • TorontoStateOfMind

    she’s an idiot for risking millions for this dude..take notes gold diggers

  • Darian McDuel

    Wow man. Once again. I’m not a big fan of Matt Barnes. But it’s gotta be fucked up when ur life is being broadcasted all over the internet. Cats gotta stop hatin tho. I can’t believe these BWS niggaz think they did something major cuz they smashed Gloria. C’mon bro, Barnes got NBA money. This nigga wipes his ass with Gloria Govans of the world and continues to surpass the kardashian limit on a daily basis probably. And when did it become cool to hit a fe cuz another nigga did. Niggaz should just stop this foolery. LOL. REAL TALK. Respect Barnes life and privacy.

  • churchboy2

    What good can come to your children by publically dissing their mothers the way Avante Rose did?

    Two words: Black. People.

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  • Tony G.

    REALLY….two grown ass men?  for real? as if yall are the only two thats smashed that…

  • Beast_Oakland_Panther

     It really seems like man and woman roles are starting to reverse, I remember when women fought over man. Now these so called man are fighting over woman. B.W.S, Matt Barnes! Get your money, Gloria is only getting her Eve on. Its only in a woman nature to wanna explore…………

  • IG: KillGill216

    straight bop 

  • AlbertoRipRon

    A real dude knows how to wife up a woman instead of a bimbo looking for airtime.  This kills me b, same formula on repeat.  Basketball player cops a dime, a dime sexes an industry dude, industry dude puts business on blast, beef ensues-while chick is on to the next project and next dummy.  Smh…a bad ***** is usually a free-for-all *****.  Forget weight, get your mental game up bruh.