Chris Brown

Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown vs. CM Punk Going Down At Wrestlemania!?

Let’s be real. This whole Internet/Twitter beef between these two didn’t just come out of nowhere for entertainment’s sake, or did it? It’s more than a safe bet to say that this “war or Twitter words” is all happening to build up to this year’s Wrestlemania which is just a little over a month away.

In the past, personas from all entertainment fields like acting, music, fashion, etc. have all made appearances in some highly-publicized fashion doing WWE events. Why should now be any different??

John Cena is already set to take on The Rock at Wrestlemania in one of the most highly anticipated matches in WWE history, so why would thinking that Chris Brown could be “fighting” CM Punk be unrealistic? It’s not, at all!

Last year, actor Mickey Rourke and wrestler Chris Jericho got into a very similar war of words. Low and behold, Mr. Rourke popped up at Wrestlemania in a not so surprising turn of events!

Now the match that Punk is involved in is currently scheduled for Wrestlemania on April 1, 2012 and has CM Punk going up against Chris Jericho.

You’re hearing it here first, DO NOT BE SURPRISED if Chris Breezy slides into the ring at an opportune moment during the match and fights alongside Chris “Y2J” Jericho.

Any wrestling fans out there with some insight? Do you think this is a reality, and if so, who’s going to “win”???


    this is a ff?cunkin joke its not real and its for entertainment purposes to keep both these clowns in everybody mouth , lets be real Micheal Jackson never had to do stupid ss?hit like chris brown has to do to keep peoples minds on him Michaels body of work spoke for itself  for the exception of him getting to high where their was no more higher to go so in the last years of his carrer we seen him go through stuff cause people wanted to get paid of him but Chris bb?ullss?hit stinks
    this dude beat down his bb?itch and then kick her out of a Lamborghini in Hollywood bld
    he start these twitter wars he doesint give people time to forget about him like beyonce and people getting tired of seeing certain people everyday all day long, and lets face it he will never be
    as big as Micheal, he will always be the poster boy for battered women ????????

    pow bang

     ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  • ladidadi

    There is no way that this is going to happen. Punk gave some low blows (no pun intended) and Chris doesnt take that lightly. His past mistakes arent something he wants to publicize even more. Chances are, you wont be seeing Chris Brown at wrestlemania

    •  WWE won’t have him there. Of course CB wants the world to forget it. But he hit a woman and every-time he accomplishes something he will be reminded that he is nothing but a woman beater. I wish he would appear at Wrestlemania and Punk would have a fight on his hand to get to CB. I am sure there are a few Divas that would want to take a swing at him. A certain woman empowered comes to mind.

      • ladidadi

        I find it pretty funny that Chris is the only celebrity that is still be scrutinized for his mistake of hitting a woman. I’m pretty sure before Don Cornelius died he wasnt getting bashed for beating his wife.. People just wanna hold onto something and live in the past. Move on 

  • ladidadi

    You do realize that Punk was the one that started the twitter war right? I dont blame Chris for reacting the way he did, If Rihanna forgave him then other people should get over it. It didnt happen to them

    • its sad that alot of people don’t understand why people wont forgive him. the problem is, he does not feel guilty for what he did. any and everyone deserves a second chance but only when they truly feel bad about there actions. if people would stop being so  biased about chris brown they would notice that he does not feel guilty. and honestly statistics say that 85% of the people who have forgiven him are girls. so what does that say???  think about it ladies, all the times you been in a shity relationship with a guy and he hurt you but he said that he was sorry but only went on to hurt you again. you tell yourself that he is being honest. but deep down inside you know he’s only saying that just to keep you as his fan.

  • Ravishing Quinc Rude

    This is stupid. He’s not going to be at Wrestlemania… Chris Brown is doing what Chris Brown does, which is tweeting when he all emotional. Plus I doubt a publicly traded company like WWE wants the publicity that Chris Brown brings. It will piss their sponsor’s off

  • woohah623

    all i know is that WCW’s WORLD WAR 3 was the greatest ppv event in wrestling history. f*ck a chris brown.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    this site is so retarded….its not a rumor at all

    cm punk is facing jericho

    seiously who is running this site ????

  • xXBXWXx

    Good news! CB is accused of phone robbery and faces 4 years in prison! Check TMZ.COM! I hope they put him behind bars where he belongs! F**K Breezy!

    • rep87

      HE reportly took some female fan phone down in Miami when she took a picture of him sitting in his Bentley   him   and  Tyga was out together Miami police havent file charges yet? that tyga dude looking suspect ? Chris said you want be posting this picture on no web site , what was these dudes doing that made him take her phone ? xXBWXX XXX Rated you are correct he took a phone and he will get 4 maybe because he on probation if they find him guilty

      • xXBXWXx

        CB is outta control! He can’t handle fame! It will be his downfall! 

  • rep87

    Come on AHH Fake Azz wwe wrestling ,Chris Brown vs CM punk and sounds like the staff is really excited bout this bullshit what bull shit is next

  • Chris Brown will get his ass beat if he gets in the middle of CM Punks match at this years wrestlemaina