AllHipHop.com To Host Town Hall Meeting During This Weekend’s Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day

(AllHipHop News) The Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan are currently in the midst of hosting their annual Saviours’ Day 2012 Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

As part of tonight’s (February 24) convention activities, AllHipHop.com will co-host “Our Generation Accepting Responsibility”, a youth Hip-Hop town hall meeting and live webcast. The full lineup of panelists include Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, Masta Killa, and Divine, along with rappers Cormega, Lah Tere, Jasiri X, G.O.O.D. Music’s Malik Yusef, Lady of Rage, and Min. Farrakhan’s special assistant, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad.

The “Our Generation Accepting Responsibility” webcast will air live on www.AllHipHop.com at 8:00PM EST TONIGHT.

Grouchy Greg Watkins, AllHipHop.com’s co-founder and CEO, will serve as discussion moderator with Ashahed Muhammad of the national Final Call newspaper, with hosting from radio personality Trey “The Choklit Jock” and Urban Grind TV’s  Arminda “Princess” Foster. AllHipHop.com’s town hall meeting will also include musical performances from Avian Knowledge, Nehanda, and Malika. Sponsors include Much Better for the People.

The weekend-long Saviours’ Day gathering of the 82-year-old Nation of Islam sect draws approximately 5,000 attendees each year to participate in plenary sessions, panel discussions, religious ceremonies, a concert and fashion show, and more. The convention’s most significant draw will likely come on this Sunday, as Min. Farrakhan delivers a special address on “What 2012 Will Bring to America, The World, and Black and Oppressed People.”

The “Our Generation Accepting Responsibility” webcast will air live on www.AllHipHop.com at 8:00PM EST TONIGHT. Click HERE for more information on Saviours’ Day 2012.

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  • dominicancoke

    preach the hate on my brother lol its 2012 we have a biracial president this dude’s racist and ya’ll know he had something to do with the assassination of Malcom x this is the same guy who in the late 60s said traders like malcom should have their heads cut off do your history don’t support this racist cause if it was the other way around and on some mtv site some one posted something bout some skin head leader people will cry racism

    • rep87

      Read COINTEL PRO before you blame someone , And Blacks cant be RACIST and heres why in order to be a racist a true racist YOU MUST BE ABLE TO OPPRESS A ENTIRE RACE IM TALKING CONTROLING EVERYTHING FROM ECONOMICS TO WHAT YOU HERE AND SEE and blacks do not hold that power, THE CIA wanted Malcom X dead they infiltrated The Nation of Islam and cause confusion under FBI Director J Edgar Hoover who allso had a hand in demolishing The Black Panther Party , Martin Luther King assaination , Its a tactic that is used today get in cause confusion and any organzation will fall divide and thats what they have continue to do , Min Farrakhan is human who loved his leader The Hon. Eligah MUHAMMED and saw MALCOM X as a trader when Malcom spoke out against  the nation because they gave Malcom X his start its like biting the hand thet fed you ,but little did they know The Nation was on the FBI AND CIA radar they sent in brothers to cause confusion it worked and Farrakhan learn later he and the Nation had been duped MIN .Farrakhan did not kill Malcom X and he is not a racist He LOVE BLACK PEOPLE and only want the best for Black people we must stop falling for the tricks of others who want to secretly discreadit and Lie and divide a people whom they have hated since they were brought here on slave ships

      • dominicancoke

        ha blacks cant be racist were you breast fed by a crack addict? any one can be racist alota blacks are racist as f%ck iv’e experienced racism coming from whites  and blacks and even Asians just cause blacks have no power over some body doesn’t exempt them from being racist just because the people who held power in government  are white since this country is damn near 65 percent white does not mean anything racist is some one who hates you purely because of your race. i understand that black racism was born as a result from white racism  but neither one is right i  have great white friend and black friends and latinos deep down inside i like em all so cutt the bull sh!T bruh cause when whites say something like i love my white race they are labelled skin heads or kkk members