Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay-Z Replacing Rihanna with Rita Ora?

Rumors have been swirling that Jay-Z is furious at Rihanna over her “Birthday Cake” collaboration with Chris Brown. So much so that he is allegedly trying to recreate the magic he made with Rihanna with newcomer, Roc Nation artist Rita Ora.

Yesterday, the man himself accompanied the 21-year old UK import to New York radio station Z100 to personally premiere her new single, “Party and Bullsh*it”. Rita has been signed with Roc Nation since 2009, so this new push from Jay-Z seems a little out of the blue.

Below is what he told Z100:

“I have, with me, Rita Ora. This is all very spontaneous for us. We just came to see some great friends over here and play some music. They liked what they heard so we said, ‘just throw it on the air.’ It’s about a feeling and emotion, it’s not about planning.”

Check out Rita’s new single, “Party and Bullsh*it”, below:

Rihanna, you better watch your back – Rita is coming for your spot! People have already been comparing her style and swagger to Ri Ri’s, and with Jay-Z’s blessing, she could become the new Roc Nation “it” girl.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    ok so whats the rumor ??????

    oh yeah….zero 

  • Apollo Showtime

    Rita Ora has been signed to RocNation and so has Rhianna. There’s a problem because he’s trying to help jumpstart one of his artists??? Isn’t he supposed to help where he can? IDK maybe  I’m wrong on this one. Rhianna already has big success in the game.

  • Weedras

    lol!! I’d think AllHipHop would do the research to know that Rita Ora is a Roc Nation artist while Rihanna is a DEF JAM artist… simply check the CD she put out then…. Rihanna has a management contract with Roc Nation not a Record deal… smh…. one of the foundations of Journalism is to do research right?!? i’d like to think so…

    • Baby_Bluez

      I didn’t even know this. I would have probably believed AHH.Thanks for clarfying!

      Side note – Business grows by expanding. I doubt Jay at this point in his career makes decisions solely based on misguided emotions.

  • -ΛalexisR-

    Lol Weedras knows what it is. Nice try though. I won’t be surprised if Jigga is mad but she’s not on his label roster.

  • Papi Peligro

    Nope you just filling up the rumors page. 

  • brooklyn2162

    The push isn’t out of the blue…look hoe long j. Cole was signed before he dropped

    Jay said anybody signed to roc nation has to develop before he puts them out

    Rihanna isn’t signed to Kay just managed by roc nation…Rita is actually an artist on the label…..stop taking bs rumors from mediatake out

  • Party & Bullshit = Biting off B.I.G.’s break out , under ground hit – Bull$hyt & Party

    Verdict = Wack

    Jay & Ri Ri?

    I doubt rumor is true, but don’t doubt that Jay Z is feeling a certain way……now that I think about it , it seems true. 

    Falls under doing the right thing ( promoting artist ) for the wrong reason. ( Breezy & RiRi )

  • Q.

    And these pop chicks keep getting lighter and blonder. SMH   #wackwhitegirlknockoffs

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    …no he is replacing Beyonfakes though. Trust.


    RiRI messed up! Plain & simple! J, B & Ye’ have been boycotting award shows & events for 3+ years because of C.B.! It should be NO surprise that J doesn’t want her working with him! Last time I checked it was Jay-Z & Steve Stoute’s ad-company that got Chris Brown his 1st ads with Wrigley’s & McDonald’s. They both dropped him when he assaulted Ri + Wrigley’s had only worked with “twins” up to that point in their commercials, so these were “MAJOR” ad! So J has every reason to not to mess with someone that messed-up his money! Now he’s going to mess with Chris & RiRi’s money! They don’t want to listen & learn, so they’ve got to feel it! End of story!

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