AllHipHop.com’s “Top 5 Dead or Alive” with Flavor Flav

Legendary Public Enemy co-founder turned reality show star Flavor Flav has a great ear for music. And, you may not realize this, but the rap pillar can play several instruments, including the piano, drums, and guitar.

During an interview, the “Flavor of Love” star presented AllHipHop.com with his list of his “Top 5 Rappers Dead or Alive.”  Check out the video below:

  • The_Focused_One

    Another Eminem fan from within the hip hop community… Stop hating IC…

    • Ravi Singh

       anybody hating on em needs to stand one on one in the battle zone with him.  then put up their best tracks with his.  he has good studio tracks and he can freestyle his a** off.  what people hate is his marketability which for any rapper means hitting the trifecta.

  • Jay-Z. Eminem. 2Pac. Biggie. Chuck D. This Top 5 is on point.

  • Paris Devante’ Noble

    chuck D is verrrry underrated 

  • If you gonna put chuck-d in there, you gotta get rid of Jay-z and B.I.G. and put Pun and my man Brotha-J from the X-clan.