Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Former Bad Boy Rapper Craig Mack Join a Cult?!

Is Diddy really that bad? Rumors are running wild that former Bad Boy rapper Craig Mack, of  “Flava In Ya Ear” fame, has joined a religious cult! The cult is based in South Carolina and is reportedly run by Brother R.G. Stair, an 82-year old preacher who is also allegedly a rapist and convicted sex offender. has released audio of a man they claim to be Craig Mack speaking with the cult leader about changing his life. Check out the audio below:

Craig Mack’s family is “very upset” by his decision to join the cult.

If this is true, Craig Mack would be the fourth former Bad Boy artist that has turned to religion following their rap career alongside Diddy. That’s all very weird! What is Diddy doing to these guys to make them delve so deep into religion?

As we saw earlier this week, Shyne has become an Orthodox Hasidic Jew. Loon is a devout Muslim, and Mase is a Christian pastor.

Do you think Diddy has anything to do with his artists taking the religious route post rap?


    if this is not prof i dont no what else to say told yall once again follow the dirty money its right their in yall faces??????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


  • Myambitioniswicked


  • Diddy aint the cause any of this…. Look at the Lox… They’ll still shoot a niigga in the face..

    most famous Lox line of all time “You can’t stop a refridgorater flying from the top of a skyscraper! the steel double-door joints…”


    • DesignatedH8R


  • DjLarryLuv

    this correlation should be examined. It looks like Diddy is leavin a bad taste in everyone’s mouth

    • tahpics


      • I know right! LOL , was thinking the same thing.

  • David Gonz


    • cool story, hansel. tell it again.

    • paul jackson

      You’re not completely offbase with that remark. I saw pictures of Biggie and hiss crew with 6_6 logos on their jackets. 

  • $20956822

    That nigga done lost it!!!

  • Roberto Ciamora


    This dude on some branch davidians/Heavens Gate type craziness

    Dont Drink The Kool Aid Craig!!!

  • Tril Beats

    Diddy must have some Demons we dont know about… theyres something Dark/Confusing about that dude! #illuminati

  • The sad part is that there are at least 10,000 fledgling artists out there that would still sign to Bad Boy if given the opportunity. SMH.

  • rep87

    Diddy is Illuminati member and do all his artist in he was brought in by Clive Davis and his hands are not clean in the Biggie murder  

  • ill

    Niggas was callin him Craig Mack bcuz he looked like him …Oh Shit this nigga was  really Craig Mack. This nigga not the first in Rap to lay low in this town…Shawty Lo’s DJ…Superb..Young Skoota.  These niggas might actually be related in a crazy way..@ JANUARY…thats because Diddy’s a undercover brotha.  They all do from fear of exposure…ASK RAY J

  • dayleedumped

    diddy look like a devil in disguise in that pic




  • alphonse1

    Diddy is on the DL!And so we some of his artist.Diddy fucks everybody mentally and physically.Come Out Diddy.Come Out.His chickens will come home to roost sooner or later.

    • Murk707

      A lot of your favorite tough guy rappers are on the DL also, into that satanic quasi euro free mason gay boy shit too.  That gay ish is part of the way you climb the ladder……. 

      • Murk707

        Look it up, remember Quincy Jones propositioned 2Pac, 2Pac flipped and told about it, and now he’s off of this planet, he broke the code….., think about it hmmmmmm

  • Murk707

    All these artists turn to religion…in reality “GOD, i.e. Allah, Yahweh etc, because the music industry is a Satanic Ritualistic industry that makes people take blood oaths if not literally sell their soul in a ritual to become very famous, i.e. 2Pac, DMX, Wiz Khalifa……(check the very beginning of the hip hop classic BELLY to check what I’m saying)…This shit is no joke.  The only way out like a Gang jumpout is to turn heavily to God’s protection….Now You Know!!!

    • Murk707

      You think some corny ass Blood or Crip or Latin King will whoop your ass, Demons and Entities from the Astral Plane will destroy your whole shit up, your mind, your life, your health….

      • paul jackson

        Preach bro, preach. I heard the Beatles did the same. Check Alistair Crowley, Process Church, Rolling Stones, Rosemarys Baby, The Dakota(building), Anton Lavey, Church of S_t_n, Age of Aquarius, 1968, Charles Manson, Invocation of my demon brother(movie), Roman Polanski, etc, etc, etc. 

      • Murk707


      • Murk707

        Not trying to preach though, all of this can be verified, I know people in the industry.  And Professor Griff has done a lot of research in this field, they already tried to burn his house down and I’m sure kill him, it’s not a conspiracy theory its reality.

  • Irespect any man who is in search of the path to God. Props to all of them.

  • nastinupe

    Of course.  You see, they had to sell their soul to the illumnati to become famous and be on Badboy, but then saw the error in their ways and felt like the only way they could repent was to go all Super-Man-Religious on dem hoes. 

    Diddy is part of the illumnati.  That’s all there is to it.  How else could a black man do anything worth while in life?  No black man could ever become successful on his own, let alone become president of the United States of America.  This was all set up by the illumanati. 

    • Mason

      What?! Give me whatever you on because  that must be some good sh!t

      • Murk707

        Illumaniti is just a symbolic code word though.  It really means nothing but people who are shitting on origional people by stealing their lands, enslaving them and miseducating them.  All the while prospering from those same origional peoples ancestors knowledge and resources.  Illuminati = Euro Gangsters with knowledge, spiritual and mundane, and guns shitting on oridinary people with and without their knowing.  And the European Families alongside of astral entities and other life forms are basically running shit.  Its just Gangsta shit.  Diidy is a pawn, just like JayZ, they both deal with spiritual entity posession on different levels.  Its the Huge Music Companies and the people who work behind the scenes that finance the music industry who deal with all of that, push it, witches and warlock satanic shit though, mostly Europeans, so called white people.  smh 

    if anything, Diddy is probably a Freemason, but its weird how old skool bad boy artist turn to religion……

    • Murk707

      Yes correct!  Illuminati is just a code word though, an umbrella symbolic word…European Free Masonry is a major organization, ONE of the clubs, there are different ones also, many underground, meaning out of the public sight and literature.  The USA mainly deals with freemasonry and Satanic organizations.  Diddy has most definitely sold his soul.

  • immackulate

    “summa my people dont recognize game until it break they face”

    Puffy would phuck over his own mama then buy her a wardrobe just to make her stfu …
    and you feable minded azz niggahs fall for it everytime – all the sideline sucker shyt this niggah does and FANZ keep giving this niggah a repreive – now he bout to get his own TV channel – wonder who at ABC, NBC, CBS got to bend PUFF over for that one. 

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  • There’s no such thing as the Illuminati it’s just a cover. mason are like jews there black masons and masons even though the groups are the same (society of builders). the term selling your soul mean compromising your values for whatever reward. Maybe these rappers feel like they’ve sin sound bad that they want to get back right with god.

  • Whaaaaat?

    Craig Mack, you must be smokin that crack! Flava in ya earrrrr!

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  • bubbylana

    This Nigga diddy is the devils advocate. His character is softened for him not to even give that vibe off. Yall think he’s a clown he got killers that rep bad boy. I still think he a flaming uncle tom

  • Mack II

    Well the old saying in the hood is “If your scared go to church” If not lace ya boots up… And I think death row made them change religion… They were talking tough on record talking about bad boy ride or die! Soon as their B.I.G homey was killed they ran!!!