Hip-Hop Rumors: Will T.I. Be Starring As A Superhero In A New Marvel Comics Film Franchise?!

We’ve already seen Sticky Fingaz of ONYX rock the black leather and swords as the vampire-slaying “Blade” character made famous by Wesley Snipes for the short-lived Spike show several years ago, but now it appears another rapper is in talks to get his “hero” on.

With B.o.B by his side, T.I. spoke to Forbes down at SXSW about his upcoming business ventures. In the interview, Tip revealed that he could very well be donning a superhero uniform for Marvel in the near future.

After he briefly mentioned projects he’s working on with Kevin Hart, Omar Epps, and even Tom Cruise, T.I. dropped the real bombshell, “There is a Marvel Comics franchise that has been inquiring about my availability for quite some time…I will not let any cats out of any bags prematurely, however there is a Marvel Comics franchise that has been requesting my availability.”

Black Panther? Luke Cage? Falcon? Blade 2.0? Nothing is confirmed, and chances are the “talks” will stay under wraps for awhile, but if you could see T.I. starring as a Marvel superhero, who would it be?!

More importantly, do you think Tip’s got the acting chops to pull off a role like this for an entire movie or, better yet, a franchise?

Check out his interview with Forbes below. The Marvel and other film talk starts around the 3:00 mark:

  • johnblacksad

    unless he tries to buy military grade weapons or gets caught doing illegal u-turns with dope in the car, yes he might!

    • GoogleGilpinCourt

      The illegal u turn thing was fuckin awful

  • David Gonz

    what character was a known snitch hmmmm?? nope cant think of it

    • Bruh…Where da paperwork?? Nowhere..Dat man ain’t snitch. He just went broke on some DAMN GOOD lawyers. If ANYBODY SNITCHES..It’ll be public and on PAPER. His name ain’t on nada my G.

      • EL_BARK

        CI dont get paper work.

        You dont know what your talking about.

        My G.

      • Pharaoh Corner

        Maybe you need to take a criminal justice refresher course at community college or something, everything is documented and everything has a paper trail. We al know white people are good with creating a file for a black man……..and T.I did not snitch bro………..let the man be unless you have proof otherwise

      •  A CI is a confidential informant. The key word is Confidential. If it was that easy to confirm he was a snitch, he would be worthless in the future. I don’t know if he did or he didn’t, but it is possible he did and the records are just sealed. Not everything is made available to the media or the public.

      • EL_BARK


        I dont need an criminal justice refresher court.
        I know the law & system very well.

        Its lames like you, who never step foot in a courtroom. Or ever been arrested.

        That suppory this theroy. That TI didnt snitch cause its no paper work.

        Which furthers let me know,

        U DONT KNOW SHET……….. Stop being an TI STAN.

        And do some research on what an CI is.
        And the rules that are set in place to protect their identity.

        Dumb smart niggah

      • rep87

        You are 100% correct some snitching went on /records are seal every day but if these TI fans want to give this dude a pass thats fine its people like them they love

      • EL_BARK

        My proof. Is him getting a year, not once but 2 times.

        When the second strike should had been 20 year sentences,

        The only time the fed dont follow fed advisory sentenced guidelines,
        Are when you rat.

      • Kanye West

        Thats funny because that is exactly what 50 Cent was saying about his jail sentence. I found that odd aswell but didnt think to much about it cuz hes got money right? But I guess the truth has to come out sooner or later…

  • baseforyourfase

    he’s too tiny for luke cage, no pun intended, could do black panther prolly but i don’t want to see him as any superhero. PASS!


      Nah t.i. Too light skinneded to be black panther. Mabey a super hero we don’t know about yet.

  • Numbuh Four

    Damn, I thought they were gonna say Rubberband Man or some shit…but then I remembered Static Shock did that..eh

    • HoodieMan Shadez

      im thinkin its the Static Shock movie…and he wud play the villian Rubberband man…i cud see that one goin down.

      • Kanye West

        Ya considering rubberband man was a rapper as well

  • an extra. if that. 

  • “Its a bird! Its a plane! No! It’s suuuuuuper sniiiiiiitch!”

  • Jester Edward

    Blade & Luke Cage no fuckin way

  • brotha_man

    boy betta get his weight up……and stop telling on folks. 

  • dayleedumped

    nigga ti aint snitch trust me, a more realistic scenerio would be ti giving the gov like 30 million to get off how he got off, plus he had to join the illuminati or some shit and give most of his bread that he earns to the gov. Think about it, we were in a recession, what is more profitable to the gov, keeping ti in jail, or making money off his ass. that seems more realistic then ‘snitching’

    • The thing is…..niggas gotta explain who had MORE than what this nigga got caught with that he could possibly snitch on. Niggas just be running they mouths. Just like it comes out about every other nigga snitching, there’s paperwork to prove it. Where’s the paperwork??? Until a nigga shows some proof, niggas can’t kill that noise. You can’t compare Tip situation with yo homeboy or cousin cuz they aint got Tip money and them white folks was in court risking they whole companies behind getting Tip off

  • rep87

    Ti staring as Snitch Man !  its just a joke do your thang Tip get money

    • illymac

      That was funny as hell..


  • therealest1

    Would he be the black ass Punisher since he tried to buy all those military type weapons in real life?

    • DesignatedH8R


  • Juan Spin Serrano


    •  He said they were requesting his AVAILABILITY, not his abilities.

  • Who What Why When

    probably for an x-men film as one of the students…im willing to bet. i dont know any other marvel character he resmbles…

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    The great adventures of skinny man aka i stays doing dumb ish i stays in jail

  • illymac

    Tip bout to switch his whole demeanor up,
    and start getting that movie money money..

    A while ago he said he’d rather be Will Smith than Jay Z…

    • DesignatedH8R

      I didn’t see ATL, but I’d imagine his acting skills are closer to Jay-Z’s.

      • illymac

        Tip can actually act..

        He did good in every movie he been in so far…

      • Kanye West

        Ya Takers was pretty cool to me

  • He might be an x-men character like Spike or something, but not a main role. He looks like none of them lol

  • HoodieMan Shadez

    I almost bet that its a static shock movie…(and ACE HOOD as static shock lol jk)…but they been talkin about doin the Static Shock movie for a min. And TIP as the Rubberband man wud fit in the fanchise. The character turns from ememy to ally…I cud see that 1

    • Kanye West

      Ace Hood LMFAO!!!!

  • DesignatedH8R

    rofl most hilarious comments I’ve seen in a while

  • DesignatedH8R

    rofl Static Shock ain’t Marvel but this is still funny

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    ((((distraction point)))) What the hell is he wearing? A smash-up: Orange-T//1/4 sleeved, denim lined plaid button-up//?dogtags?//Cokehead Sunglasses//..topped off by a military green ballcap. He has an interview with  “FORBES”…(knock knock) T.I.? Dead and gone. Grown man; hat off, glasses off, stick to the v-neck-T and do an interview. I know, don’t change his bills any, but I hope this ain’t a trending look. 

  • SDS_Overfiend

    That Nigga sprecial power is to alert the Po-po in -0.5 secs when his guns run out of bullets

  • cazzie

    A lot of ya’ll niggas dont know the difference between marvel and DC lol

    • Kanye West

      I know thats whats sooooo funny about this thread!!! lol

  • Itzo

    He’d have to be an obscure character like Brother Voodoo or Cloak. No way is he physically big like Luke Cage or have the martial arts skill to play as Blade or Black Panther.

    • SDS_Overfiend

      Cloak is a good as choice..

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    static is not marvel….i dnt knw any marvel characters dat fit t.i…….maybe bishop if he adds weight….maybe black spiderman but i heard dats gonna be donald glover aka childish gambino

  • Guillaume Pilon

    he gonna be ANT MAN 

  • RoyalFlyness

    War Machine? He already has the guns.

    • Kanye West

      Why do that when war machine was already introduced in iron man 2?

      • RoyalFlyness

         He was technically introduced in Iron Man 1 (Terrance Howard) The Hulk, Spiderman and Punisher have all been played by different actors in the last few years.

  • THEguyWHObonedURmoms

    He should be angel hair that boy skinny af

    • shieky24

      thats funny as hell

  • His super power will be getting busted every time he tries to do some dirt

    • Raheem Classick

       They will call him “On Parole Man”

      • Kanye West

        Better call Officer Ricky!!!

  • KidNothing704

    please don’t ruin a black marvel character T.I. I unfortunately saw Takers…I’ve seen what you’re capable of….DON’T DO IT!

  • This man aint acting material in my opinion 

  • D_Ably

    Rappers are shit actors man, when they gonna relise this? And T.I. to small and gimpy lookin to play any superhero

  • Tril Beats

    Hes gonna play the Matchstick Man… with his boney ass lmao…

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