Rita Ora and Rib Kardashian

Hip-Hop Rumors: Roc Nation’s Rita Ora Dating Rob Kardashian? Rob Gets Arrested!

Roc Nation artist Rita Ora is reportedly dating reality TV star Rob Kardashian. The two were outed as a couple yesterday when a paparrazi caught them having a huge, blowout argument on a street in Hollywood, California. Once Rob realized the argument was being recorded, he ran after the photographer and cornered him in a local spoke shop. The pap yelled out, “He’s attacking me … he chased me … he tried to kill me.” The police came in shortly after Rob could even get to the guy and arrested him. Below is a photo of the two arguing and Rob getting arrested.

The cops released Rob Kardashian from custody shortly after his arrest.

Rumor has it that Rita and Rob have been dating for a year and were introduced to each other by Romeo Miller. They were also spotted out and about in Rita’s home base of London late last month.

  • Clinton Sinnett


  • Clinton Sinnett

    get a life.

  • SamuelLJacckson

    Who The Fukk Is This Assshole??

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Rumours are gone forever… Now this is AHHTMZ. Neither one of the people in this rumour are hip hop related.

  • churchboy2

    Anyone else know who the author was BEFORE they clicked the link…

    …and then only clicked the link to confirm their hunch? SMH

  • This guy is such an idiot all that money can’t buy him a brain i guess

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dnt knw nor care bout these two jackals….ain’t this a hip-hop site ?……rob be spitting bars are somehing ?

  • brotha_man

    tmz ‘ish… 

  • Bosshogg973

    Wait, illseed not here anymore??!

  • johnblacksad

    Even your Rihanna and Chris Brown “rumors” be better than this… 

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  • Tony G.

    u have got to be killing me with these rumors

  • immackulate

    DAYUM ya’ll giving SYDNEY the business lol

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