Rick Ross

Rick Ross Wins Court Battle Against “Freeway Rick Ross”

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rick Ross has emerged victorious in his battle with former drug baron “Freeway” Ricky Ross, over the usage of his name.

According to TMZ.com, an L.A. County Superior Court judge dismissed the lawsuit, making it the second time Freeway Rick has lost in court against the rapper.

In November 2010, a $10 million federal trademark infringement lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross was also dismissed.

The earlier ruling stated that Freeway Ricky Ross could not legally trademark his name, because he became popular due to “illegal activity,” which the judge said could not be used to establish a “secondary meaning.”

Freeway Ricky Ross re-filed the lawsuit in California Superior Court, because his attorneys California law would afford him more protection for his name.

The latest ruling marks the end of almost 5 years of bickering over the name.

Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts, admittedly derived his name from Freeway Ricky Ross’s exploits.
In a detailed interview with AllHipHop.com in 2008, Freeway Ricky Ross said that Rick Ross visited him in prison and asked for permission to use his name, which he refused to grant.

“I never told him it was okay to use my name,” Freeway Ricky Ross told AllHipHop.com. “I told him I wasn’t tripping, but we needed to sit down and talk. Because I would never be involved with a Milli Vanilli. I built this name to what it is today to where I can go to any prison in this country and get saluted.”

  • lol @”Where I can go to any prison in this country and get saluted”.  I guess if that’s you circle of peers then that’s what’s really important to you.  Damn dude, you have low standards.  Who cares what folks in prison think about you.   They are the scum of the earth anyway.  

    • Baby_Bluez

      I agree w/ the first part of your comments…it were my thoughts exactly…But dude, you have no right to label people as such…If you dont know why or how they got there, you have no right to make such a hasty generalization…You’re advocating for all the wrong reasons…Just saying..

      • darkman11

        Basically it is what it is when Rick Ross stepped to him he should of named his price got paid and then let it go, street cred is good but how much money is that putting in your pocket and he evidently wants money so regardless to the job Rick Ross had look where he is at now money speaks for itself enough said more power to Rozay

    • BladeBrown87

      As a man who sat in jail while fighting a chase that I was wrongfully arrested for. As a man who was arrested with every bit of evidence proving I didn’t commit said crime and had multiple witnesses to account for my whereabouts during the time. As a man who sat in jail for a month and a half before the judge threw the case out. I have to say sir that you are and idiot. Some opinions should be kept private.

    • 99999999999999999999111

      yo johnny juss cuz u was spoon fed by ya moma doesnt give u know rite to say what u said….its peeps like u that need to be slapped……..u prolly a c.o or a snitch or juss a strate up biatchhh

    • 99999999999999999999111

      i wish i knew where u was at yo……i would strate come at u..ignorant fuckin fool man u a discrace to a ,man

    • 99999999999999999999111

      and fuk tha peeps that like that comment u juss sum sukaz to

  • CanYouAllHearMe

     William stole the mans identity

    Same name

    Same shaved head

    Same beard

    And both used to be massive cocaine dealers

    His fans can’t be that stupid

    The real Ricky spend 20 years locked up and made over 600 mill

    William is just a rapper in the entertainment business who has taken his character way way over the top

    William was always gonna win cause before he started rapping he was a good respectable person

  • Black Exodus

    Hey Johnny Edwards…not all Inmates are the scum of the earth. Some made mistakes…some wrongfully convicted….but to the brothers that’s about that life…(Death and Destruction)…about tearing down communities…selfish…about they GOD (that almighty dollar)….they are the scum of the earth!…that’s why the Black Mans Image in Amerikkka is tarnished. Just a thought, if Ricky Ross is truly about change…as he says…give the “Milli Vanilli” the name. All he raps about is Cocaine anyway…and Ricky Ross can continue the charitable work and good things he is doing now, helping rebuild communities he once tore down. Do I agree with the courts decision…I do Legally…but Rick Ross has a moral/ethical decision to give that man some money to help his charities…just my opinion. 

    Peace and Respect is Key

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” Everywhere….

  • Carlos

    you can’t sue over a name, my name is Carlos, so Im gonna sue everyone with my name? gtfoh. it is not copyright infringement because no one is confusing Rick Ross with Freeway Rick Ross, they do not look alike, one fat, other skinny, difference in age, freeway is not a rapper, if he was a rapper then he might have a case.

    • Yeah they do. They both have smiliar beards and bald heads with one being a bigger version of the original and we know that the originator of that original look is “Freeway Ricky Ross”. At the end of the day theirs really no harm intended; But then again not many people have research the real “Free Rick Ross” to know the history involved by the name  and thats were the problem is plus the originator of the name is still alive. Now some people who are still alive don’t really care if you use their name because its just a sign of respect for their heroes.
      We know the original AZ a Drug king pin and so was the rapper AZ PROBABLY WAS INVOLVED in the narcotics trade at one time; but see their is know problem between those two because theirs mutual respect their. And they both walked in the king pins shoes at one time.

      Also I could be wrong about the rappper AZ using that as his name so don’t quote me on that .  The initials in the rappers name may mean something totally diffrent than the narcotics dealer AZ

      By the like female rap youtube
      Rita J
      Tiye Phoenix and Boog Brown

      All three are somewhat nice

      • Cory Evans

        Actually the real AZ talked shit about rapper AZ…or as Jay-Z and ROC called him Brooklyn AZ. Thats  my man..but he went about his in a different way than Rosay

  • hahaha this bitch made nigga, Rozay all day

    • Celz

      If he’s so bitch made why did Officer Ricky steal his name? Why does Officer Ricky shout out Big Meech and Larry Hoover when he doesn’t even know them cats and is this close to getting his life taken for it.. You’re an ignorant consumer..

      •  Big meech knows that nigga dumbass, both meech n larry hoover’s son cosigned the song, Rick Ross shouldn’t of name himself after a snitch who poisoned his people fro the cia anyways, bitchazs

      • Celz

         Ross is an entertainer he got punked behind the scenes and they cosigned after the fact because it was a big single.. Ross is as real as Macho Man Randy Savage. The GD’s in Chicago was finna go in on him at the first show he did after the song dropped and Jeezy aired him out and he never replied.

        And don’t diss the real Rick Ross when you look up to his pretend clone. He did alotta foul stuff back in the day but he’s legit now and in the streets heavy pushing positive shyt in LA. Rick Ross perpetuates ignorant stereotypes. Like I said you’re an ignorant consumer. I bet you believe Noriega owes him a “hundred” favors lmao

      •  F*ck the real rick ross
         Most rappers are fake
         Music is entertainment
         How can jeezy air out somebody when bleu da vinci was just
         airing jeezy ass out, when big meech was just on gucci’s tape     throwing shots at lil j?  
         Freeway rick ross ain ‘t never seeing a dime


    correct me if im wrong but his name is freeway rick ross… not just rick ross. so how did he take anything… and thats why his azz keeps losing….. now if he took the whole name then maybe…..

    • Celz

      Shut up fam

    • Yeah Freeway Rick Ross.   The  Rick Ross is what adds to the confusion this where trouble starts. Also theirs lot of history behind the name even though it involves the sales of illegal drugs. Believe me the rappper Rick Ross new what he was doing as far a marketing gimmick which involes the part of  “Rick Ross” name. He new how to use the Association of Rick Ross as a marketing tool for more record sales And thats where the problem comes in.

      Its a fairly common trend for famous rappers to use ex- criminal kingpins names.
      1. Free Way Rick Ross is the originator and Rick Ross is the rappper

      2. Original “50 cent” was mad stick-up kid out of Queens. But he is long dead

      3.ScarFace and rapper ScarFace ( their no problem because its based on a fictional characters life style which Scar Face the movie  was base on a real characters name but instead using his name the movie used Scar Face.

      4.Foxy Brown ( Pam Grier) gave Foxy Brown the ok so theirs not problem

      Their are many more examples. At the end of the day its up to  originator of the name to give  the OK to use their name. ; But Freeway Rick Ross gave him the no durning first visit in jail because their was no compensation  or very little involved.

      You should Youtube search “Freeway Rick Ross” also another source to ask is IceT he knows alot about the history of  the name.

      Sometimes the real owners of a name allow it to slide; because they know most of the time that rappers that use the name is just showing respect.

      • The real 50cent was from Brooklyn… not Queens yo!

      • Glad you checked him on that Lestoritela…. the real 50 was definitely from BK

      • and both Freeway and Rick Ross took on Freeway Ricky Ross’ persona. Freeway not so much in lyrics but in appearance….

      • Cory Evans

        Noone knows what happened to the real 50 cent

    • CanYouAllHearMe

      His government name is Ricky Ross Freeway was just a nickname and other rappers have not taken someones government name just nicknames which is different and as you can see he also made himself look like him and took the mans past as a cocaine trafficker which is just sad unlike other rappers he has taken his character over the top him and the young confused kids who support him should be ashamed and william is keeping quiet like he always does cause he knows his in the wrong     

  • damn son.. this whole situation is so fuucked on so many levels…

    first, the fact he cant make any money off his own name because he lived a life a crime, but a complete stranger can build an entire carreer off of dudes name by rapping about the same damn crimes….. thats foul.

    second, dude went asked for permission to use his name, got denied, and still did it anyway….. smack dat niigga…..

    third, being proud to be able to go to any jail and get saluted…… smack dat niigga too!!

  • 99999999999999999999111

    gooooooooooooooffff thats what we call bitches in canada strate GOOF dats what u is ya fukin gupy

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  • rep87

    These lawyers who keep taking this case is just ripping Freeway Rick Ross off they were just rolling the dice and taking a chance with greed on their mind knowing full well he got his nickname thru peddling drugs and know self respecting judge would rule in freeway favor !

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Forget that, Mr Roberts should pay Freeway for borrowing his image, while further poisoning the minds of our already confused youth on these streets. They trying to live off these tall tails while killing each other………..

  • dominicancoke

    this is dumb how you gonna sue some one over a damn street alias? that you earned by destroying the black community with large sums of rock cocaine are you serious? you probably destroyed thousands and thousands of families  and had people murdered behind it and you want some kind of ovation and compensation for this? what the fruck is wrong with you? you’re no better than officer Ricky he promotes the lifestyle and you actually were a big key in providing it for many years sit your old ass down


    Damn we robbing nigg@s for their names now smfh ……..This fake fraud …….

  • Cory Evans

    Man yall are posting and speaking based on morals. This is about respect in the street. i can tell how many of you8 are young because yall youngins dont have respect for the game. You cant just take someones shit like that. If he asked and got denied and still did it. Bases his ryhmes off what dude did with the same name…thats wack. Yall youngins dont know the rules we layed down in the streets and hip hop. Number one rule in hip hop is NO BITING. Number one rule in the streets is TRUST NO ONE..esp a rapper

  • KingG15

    This is the best definition of “Identity Theft” !

  • Mr.Rude

    Did this nigga say ” SO I CAN GO TO ANY PRISON IN THE COUNTRY AND BE SALUTED”.. nigga …….LMAO…Priorities nigga 

  • Only advice I could give to Freeway Rick Ross now is to let this one ride out.  At this time in the game its going to be hard to reclaim this name unless your doing something major in the Entertainment Business.  Rapper Rick Ross is moving major units and has tons of fans so the major record companies are not going to just give that name up especially if their is a marketing machine behind that name even if it was stolen. 

    The only way to reclaim that name is you probably would have to make major movie that was a Block Buster Hit or sign a unique artists that Sold tons of records and in this day in age that’s hard to do if almost impossible with today’s music environment and independent movie flicks.

    I guess all I’m saying is maybe its time refocus the efforts.  We as the Fans at least half no who the Real Rick Ross is.

  • Joe

    Yo Officer Ricky.  KEEP YOUR DAMN SHIRT ON!!!!!!!! No one wants to see that s***

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