L.A. TICKET GIVEAWAY: Win Two Spots at Tomorrow’s Private “We The Party” Screening with YG

(AllHipHop News) AllHipHop.com is helping to launch a special West Coast ticket giveaway. Fans can enter their chance to win a pair of tickets to a private screening of the coming-of-age film “WE THE PARTY” hosted by rapper YG. The new Mario Van Peebles-directed film includes appearances from Snoop Dogg and more.

To enter the contest, sponsors want participants to comment below on the one dance move that never goes out of style. Some examples are “The Dougie,” “The Cat Daddy,” “The Wop,” “The Moonwalk,” etc. The most creative answer will be chosen by midnight tonight (April 2).

The winner will win two tickets to view “We The Party” tomorrow night (April 3) at a private screening in Los Angeles.

  • The “Two-Step-With-A-Drink-In-Your-Hand” has saved me countless of times. I can’t dance. After “America’s Best Dance Crew” aired, everyone assumed that all Asian guys can breakdance, much to my chagrin. Frankly, I only dance when I want to approach a girl on the dance floor. The “Two-Step-With-A-Drink-In-Your-Hand” is the only dance that allows for continually hydration as you boogie down. My responsibility is not to outshine the girl I’m dancing with; I’m not a Jabbawockee. My sole role is to let my woman shine in the spotlight, while I’m in the background, supporting her. Guys who go to clubs with all these dance routines try too hard, anyways. Real men take it easy with a simple two-step pattern…Snoop does it all the time, like a effin’ champ.

  • mcash617

    the grind never gets old ..just get up close to that booty and grind back and forth haha

  • Mean And Nasty

    The Earth Worm will never die. It doesn’t matter what year it is, what the event is…if you want to turn the party out, bust into the earthworm and see if you are not the life of the party 🙂

  • You can go to a party anywhere in the world, wether it be upscale or the hood and I can guarantee you that once Thriller drops everybody will be busting a move. Thriller is a timeless song, EVERYBODY knows the dance to it.

  • The 2 step Never go out of style. How about the gangsta Lean!!! The Crip Walk!!!