Still Trill Christians

Still Trill Christians Celebrate Easter With New Video

(AllHipHop News) Popular Christian hip-hop group Still Trill Christians have dropped their debut music video for the song “No Sex.”

Still Trill Christians, based out of Houston, Texas, has already performed the same mall on BGT’s hit countdown show 106 & Park, ask the spotlight artists.

“The video shoot was kind of rough at the beginning,” JT said. “Although this is not our only hit, it’s definitely a good song to come out the gates with.”

The group, which consist of JT, ACE, Prince AJ and Erupt, formed at their church In Christ Ministries in Humble,Texas.

President Obama recently awarded the Christian Hip-Hop artists with the “Call to Service” award and medal for their work promoting positive messages to youth around the country.

“This is not our only hit, [but] it’s definitely a good song to come out the gates with,” Still Trill Christians member Erupt added. “It inspires and sends a message that is much needed in today’s society. And oh yea you can’t forget, the song is hot.”

Still Trill Christians are currently booking a tour for the summer that will hit cities like Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, New York, Nashville, Houston.

STC is also working on a full album titled KINGS.

Check out the video for Still Trill Christians’ song “No Sex” with a cameo by Slim Thug, below:

  • s0rethumb

    Nice one Fellas.

  • dominicancoke

    i love how rap can be so diverse that you have christian rap music world wide to be exact.but i don’t support religion and blacks look like idiots when they practice a religion forced upon them by oppressors matter of fact Catholicism and Christianity  was forced upon hundreds’ of million of people by brutal forced and death and you believe in this so call made up god? wake up you’re being controlled by it.all religions divide and conquer for some ones benefit think about it how people obey muslim rules or die in the name of allah or how creftlo dollar and other slick conn man fill up stadiums preaching nonsense while you pay a ticket to make their pockets fatter or how at 4 am on bet they trynna heal you and pray for you but you gotta pay 50 dollars for the miracle cloth …….atheist against the machine 

    • Kenneth Wayne Hicks Jr


  • BBG

    jadiel ramos…u wrong…i know these guys and they support the real god above.. I know some churches may be filled with that satan purpose of just getting money but they are not. If you are a athesis, I just feel sorry that you have not wakened up. The lord Jesus is returning whether you believe or not. Im judging you for what you think you believe, but really do not criticize others because you are not a believer. They go hard and plus thhey know its not bout them but our lord Jesus christ. You will c soon