Can Black People Be Racist?: Rodney, Reginald, and Reverse Racism

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of’s month-long series , “Rap, Race and Riots: Hip-Hop 20 Years after the L.A. Rebellion.”

“White America/ assassinate my character” – “Gotta Have It” – Kanye West and Jay-Z

After being caught on You Tube with a white sheet, a box of matches, and a gasoline can braggin’ about burning down the home of African American activist, Emmett Evers, Byron De la Bryant was finally being charged with a hate crime. The prosecution used hundreds of historical documents of cross burnings, brutal beatings, and lynchings to prove that Bryant’s actions were part of a long legacy of racist crimes against African Americans. However, after the defense showed the jury a video of the 1992 beating of Reginald Denny, they found Bryant not guilty….

April 29, 1992, millions of Africans Americans sat by their televisions outraged that the acquittal of the four white officers accused of beating Rodney King was evidence of white America’s racism. Later that same day, millions of White Americans sat by their televisions convinced that the beating of white truck driver Reginald Denny by Black men was proof of Black racism.

These two events have sparked hundreds of conversations about race over the 20 years since the L.A. Rebellions, with most of them ending in the compromise that there are Black racists as well as White racists.

This conclusion is patently false. There ain’t no such thing as a “Black racist.”

African Americans can be many things: thugs, gangstas, Republicans, etc. But the one thing that we cannot be is racist. Although most people define racism as hatred for people of a different race, a more functional definition would be having the power to enforce that hatred socially, politically, and economically. And last time I checked, Black people did not posses that kind of juice.

In his work, “The United Independent Compensatory Code,” Neely Fuller argued that “the only form of functional racism that exists among the people of the known universe is white supremacy.” But that minor detail has not stopped folks from engaging in the never ending hunt for the nonexistent Black supremacist.

In his book, The Ice Man Inheritance, Michael Bradley traced the foundation of the myth of Black racism back centuries ago when the Bantu-speaking people “enslaved” the “Hottentots” (Khoikhoi) and the “Bushmen” (San). Because anthropologist CS Coon divided the Africans into two separate races, some have used this as evidence of “Black supremacy.”

Just as many people used the beating of Denny as the quintessential example of Black racism , even today, any time Black folks start marching and yellin’ “No Justice No Peace”, you can bet that Fox News and others won’t rest until they finally capture a Black supremacist.

This is how it has always been.

In 1915, during the height of outrage over the lynching of African Americans, the movie Birth of a Nation was used to justify the activities of the Ku Klux Klan by portraying Black men as rapists.

During the mid-’50s when Black people were being attacked by police dogs for fighting for their rights, journalist Mike Wallace produced an expose on the Nation of Islam called, “The Hate that Hate Produced.”

More recently, in November 2006 after Michael Richards a.k.a. “Kramer” from “Seinfield”, dropped multiple N-bombs, the argument quickly became, “Well, Black comedians use the word all the time.”

Who can forget when, in April 2007, after Don Imus called the Rutgers University Women’s B-Ball Team “nappy headed hoes,” Civil Rights leaders and right wing talking heads found a slick way to blame it all on Hip-Hop.

Recently, after the Trayvon Martin murder, Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera blamed the incident on kids wearing hoodies. And Bill O’Reilly sent his top notch producer to gang-infested Chicago to promote the idea that we should be focused on Black-on-Black violence instead of the Martin murder. Now, with the shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, of five African Americans, allegedly by two White men, look for Fox to do a series of stories on the history of drivebys in the ‘hood.

The purpose here is not to suggest that all White people are racists. However, without a doubt , the small group of ultra-rich people who control the resources of the planet don’t live in Compton. The ones behind the curtains pulling the strings are wealthy White men.

In Dr. W.E.B. DuBois’s classic work, Black Reconstruction, it is reported that, during slavery, only seven percent of the southern population owned slaves. According to DuBois, “The masses of poor whites were economic outcasts.” All they had going for them was a false sense of racial superiority. In reality, Blacks and poor Whites were being manipulated by greedy Northern industrialists and the Southern planter class.

Not much has changed. Perhaps there is some truth in the line from Goodie Mob’s Cell Therapy that warned that one day trained assassins would be coming for ” n*ggas like me/poor white trash like they…”

Ironically, conversations have taken place between those who advocated Black Pride and proponents of White Power.

According to Dr. Tony Martin in his book, Race First, in 1922, Marcus Garvey had an Atlanta meeting with “Edward Young Clarke, acting imperial wizard of the Klan.” In A Life of Reinvention Malcolm X, Manning Marable said that Malcolm X was involved in a 1961 meeting with the KKK also in the ATL. Also, the man credited with popularizing the term “Black Power” – Kwame Ture (then Stokely Carmichael) – once had a cordial debate with George Lincoln Rockwell, a major advocate of White Power.

Like EPMD would say, racism is “Business Never Personal.”

Hip-Hop has attempted to address racism over the years from relatively lighthearted songs like Kool G Rap’s “Erase Racism” to the more militant works of the West Coast’s Paris and early Ice Cube (before he became a movie star.) However, I think that The Lox summed it up best: it’s all about “Money, Power, Respect.”

The major crime of White supremacy is the hoarding of the planet’s wealth, leaving the masses to fight over crumbs.

The solution to this country’s “race problem” may have been best articulated by the late Black Panther, Fred Hampton, when he said “Power to the People.” That means Black Power to Black people, White Power to White People, Brown Power to Brown people, etc.

When this is achieved maybe we can finally answer the question that Rodney King asked the world 20 years ago:

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Not yet Rodney, not yet.

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s weekly column is “This Ain’t Hip Hop,” a column for intelligent Hip Hop headz. He can be reached at, on his website,, or on Twitter (@truthminista).

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71 Responses to “Can Black People Be Racist?: Rodney, Reginald, and Reverse Racism”

  1. God's Favorite

    I disagree. I don’t believe that racism is strictly tied to political or economic power. That is institutional racism but to disregard the other subtle forms of racism is an equal injustice. Where I grew up everyone called the people in the Chinese food restaurant Ching or Chang. Would you consider the Asians racist if you lived in a primarily Asian community and they called you Williams, or Jenkins, regardless of your last name? Racism has ties to perceived power and in some areas of the country, Black people have perceived power.

  2. MrJayK

    You’re making two very different points here. One is that other races cannot be “racist” because they do not have the ability to impose that racism on the masses. That is not what racist means, however. Being racist is the belief that one race is superior to another, or that one race is unable to be considered equal in the eyes of another race. The FUNCTION of that belief is something different all together. 
    The Reginald Denney beating was no doubt fueled by anger, hatred, and racism; all tenets of being racist. In contrast, the Rodney King beating was also fueled by all of these things. However, those feelings were imposed by folks considered to be “in power”. 
    There is no doubt that wealthy, white males continue to “pull the strings”, but to say that Black racists cannot exist is just not being genuine.

  3. immackulate

    racism is racism … whether you are at the top of the power structure or NOT
    slavery didnt start 400 years ago – people forget that the ORIGINAL man was the 1st
    to conquer 3/4 of today’s known world – research the Spanish Moors and the mass amounts
    of anglo-saxon slaves they conquered before the PAN AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE

    yeah it ANGERS a niggah to see modern day tragedies behind black stereotypes or just fear of BLACK but it HURTS WORSE when we put money, cars, and materialism over OUR OWN PEOPLE.

  4. Negro Peligro

    Man its black racist. Racist against Black people and well as whites. American Muslim movement was founded on reverse Eugenics.  So yes blacks can be racist. Arguing whether your in a position of power to do something about it has nothing to do with being racist.  Example if you believe that whites came from Genetic experiment by some scientist umten thousand years ago. You are a racist. If you believe that blacks in America are descendants of the original Jews you are a racist. I hear black people say racist dumb shit all the time.  

  5. RichFromBX

    When you hate someone based only on their race…you’re a racist doesn’t matter who’s doing the hating…you’re a racist…the second you start with this bullsh!t you enable idiots to be idiots…you’re not enlightening anyone…so those two black kids who set the white kid on fire and said “thats what you get white boy” weren’t racist???

    in 2012 a black male 16 to 24 is more likely to be killed by another black male than he is an act of racism…since the 70s Bloods and Crips have killed more black men in America than the KKK and neo-Nazis but somehow the KKK and neo-Nazis are still perceived as the bigger threat…anyone think for a minute that perhaps all that’s happening is that you’re playing their game…


    • MalcolmLittle

      Man I tell cats this shit all the time fam but I might as well be speakin Chinese to their slow asses…only reason it seems like them White supremacist groups done fell off is cuz they don’t NEED to flex anymore like they used to, not when WE’RE doin their job for em better than they ever could.  Shit them groups are even bigger now than they were before thanks to the internets, and they’re just sittin back laughin at us as we slaughter ourselves and each other not only physically, but mentally, socially AND economically as well.  But you try and break this shit down to mufukkas, and you’re “just preachin” and they tell you to “get your ol hatin ass on somewhere”.  I really do hope my Black people wake up one day cuz I still remember a time when we were nowhere NEAR as blind…but sometimes I take a look around and can’t help but wonder if it’s too late for us by this point cuz it’s really startin to look like we’re too far gone… -_-

  6. EDOGZ818

    Good comments!

    I understand both points.

    What the author is saying , is that there is a difference between racism & prejudice.

    We all have a right to hate , I mean , I demand the right to hate on wearing your sister’s size XXSmedium , yellow pants that fit like long johns , when you should be wearing your brother’s size L regular blue jeans , to hate on Cam’Ron’s album, etc.

    The issue becomes when one is in a position of power , whether in a corporate setting , or street intersection , and uses that power in co-ordination with their prejudices , to deny some one their GOD given & U.S. constitutional rights.

    Then again , as a 14th amendment citizen , created by the government , not GOD , the government is the one that ascribes what rights it’s “Citizen” has , not GOD. …and as the one who ascribes , the government can take those rights away….& are , little by little.

    Free country? Try to eat without PAYING!
    I don’t care if you gotta dip ya face in a lake & catch a fish with your teeth , you need a fishing license / permit / permission…if you get caught …..& catching you…pays the salary of the catcher & then some.

    Only difference , is that it is “EQUAL” , as Plessey vs Ferguson / Brown vs Board of ED , ruled “Separate But Equal ”  ( Translates into South African as ** Apart Hate** , spelled “APARTHEID”.

    AKA: Jim Crow Laws , back of the bus, Rosa Parks, on down to the passbook of the 1940’s that Blacks had to carry.

    Palestine is basically those dudes getting treated like the native Americans , in modern day times.

    Based on the American system , but lacking the key ingredient that make America’s black Holocaust continue , which was the raping & beating the culture out of them , via selling their kids, as infants , etc. 

    There can never be justice on stolen land…..especially for a stolen people …it is what it is on that note.

  7. AndyShep

    This article is extremely racist.  To say that black people do not have social, political, and economic power is insulting and absurd.  The world is a melting pot of individuals with varying levels of power Barack Obama has more power than John McCain and Mitt Romney has more power than Herman Cain.
    Racism is making decisions based on race, rather than on other factors.  Your article has no impact on that definition.  You just don’t have that much power 😉

  8. abe17004

    Dope article from the standpoint of generating progressive debate. If a person comments or actions mirrors the mindset of a person they would call a racist, then they he or she should have a problem with their own way of life. You can’t fight racism with racism. If a black person kills a white person and states they did so based of the hatred of that white person’s skin, based on your functional definition of racism the black individual has enforced an influence from a social aspect because you’ll have people in his community such as white officials with his mindset of race, now exercising their power in a retributive manner against blacks within that particular community. Sad to say, but hate has no color barrier.

  9. Vic

    No , non white people can not be racist. Non white people can be discriminatory and prejudice , but can not be or function as racists. 

  10. Mike Sgroi

    the argument isn’t so much about who is capable of the dictionary definition of racsism but who is capable of letting predjudice, ignorance, and/or hate effect their opinions. Someone always has  reason why they don’t like a particular group of people. No matter how they try to exlain themsleves, it can’t be justified. As humans, we evolved into social beings with culture. Culture can teach good and bad behaviors. Every single culture has this confilct. It is caused by people not knowing a world outside of their own culture. That can be an innocent mistake with serious consequences. If one can live outside the box, they they can improve as people or simply add on to their great qualities. Coming from a New York, Italian, Catholic culture, I learned good and bad traits. It wasn’t until I grew older, went to through school, entered the work world, and matured, I learned of more ideas. This made me improve as a person and abandone inadeuqate thinking from my upbringing. Some of these inadequacies were minor, while others were worse. The thing to realize is we have more in common than different. Once we see that, we can overcome our fears of what we don’t know that divide us and cause hate.

  11. rep87

    This is something that will never go away and why is it rearing its ugly head now this country can not let go of it and its these old racist who hate we have a Black President they cant let go of there old ways acts violance is ignorance of anyone who hate another for the color of skin

  12. Raheem Classick

    (Can Black People Be Racist?: Rodney, Reginald, and Reverse Racism) I will just comment on the Articles title, Blacks can be Bigoted and can be Prejudice. These two terms are about how someone feels about A individual or Race, Racism is A combination of both Bigotry and Prejudice but the Person who harnesses these feelings would also have some type of control over another Person’s or People’s life in some way IE; GOVERNMENT 75% Non Black Officials – Municipal all the way up to Federal, REL-ESTATE 85% Non Black Rental Groups & Company’s, BUSINESS/ JOBS 70% Run by Non Blacks from Minimum Wage all the way to Wall Street, EDUCATION 83% Run by Non Blacks From Pre K all the way up to Collage/ Business Schools. As you can see all the words in CAPS are very necessary in our everyday lives, The things we need the most we don’t control, Now can someone tell me how is it that Blacks can be Racist. ? 

    • Objectively Blunt

       Blacks don’t own businesses? us Blacks don’t own Record Labels and have all black schools and colleges? All black Fraternities? It doesn’t matter if we own the biggest piece of the pie, what matters is what we do with our piece and SOMETIMES we feel we don’t wanna share with anyone but our own kind and we would use whats ours to “take back what was taken from us” but thats still racism. The very idea that somehow we can’t be racist and that makes us somehow superior is an aweful like the thinkings of White Supremecy. They are the true race, why?, cause their white! Blacks can’t be racist, why, cause their black! Its all ignorance man

      • Raheem Classick

        You said > The very idea that somehow we can’t be racist and that makes us somehow superior Blacks don’t own businesses? us Blacks don’t own Record Labels and have all black schools and colleges? we feel we don’t wanna share with anyone but our own kind and we would
        use whats ours to “take back what was taken from us” but that’s still
        racism / Here’s the reason why we have all Black or predominantly Black Organizations, Businesses, Schools, Ect” is because we wasn’t allowed to attend, work or join many or all of the White institutions, < All this is fact, I said my peace, (Peace To All)   

      • Drew Bute

        So when a person kills another person… that person doesn’t inact controll over the others life. Follishness.

  13. MrJayK

    @ Raheem

    You, and others on this post (namely this Truth Minista character), are creating their own definition of racism, as well as the act of being racist. Again, it is true that rich, wealthy males control all or most, but that doesn’t mean that black kids lighting a white kid on fire because he was white isn’t racist. What you WANT the definition of “racist” to mean, and what it IS are two very different things. You’re making an OPRESSION argument, which is something different all together. 
    If you want to claim like you’re spittin the truth, you’ve got to come with an understanding of the claims you’re making, and a wider view. Progress and understanding, homie……….

  14. Johny Jacques

    I hate when especially bloggers or anyone writing for attention go back to the original meaning of words to make their points. Words change through time that’s a fact, that’s why we speak a different English then Americans did in the 1700s. Words evolve just as humans. The dictionary might say a word means left when the word has evolved to mean right. Racism is no longer what it’s defined as, that’s a fact. Just like the word ghetto has changed from it’s original meaning. If you are black and you harbor hateful feelings towards the white race or any other race, you are a racist point blank period. The same goes for any person that hates someone of another race.

    • Nick Leach

      Im sorry but hating is not a viable definition of racism even though I agree with the fact that words evolve, hating or hatred has its own definition it doesn’t cross define racism

      • BladeBrown87

        Racist and bigot. Look up the definitions then tell me if black people can be “Racists”. He was right blacks do not have the amount of power to enact racist agendas. They can be bigots like George Jefferson or Archie Bunker. But can not be racists like say, John Wayne or Jesse Helms

      • Objectively Blunt

         So because they had more pull that makes them more Racist? Ridiculous, you hold ANYONE one down for ANY reason that concerns their race your just as racist as any KKK member.

  15. TheGhostOf DokFreeez

    This is the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever read on this website. You can’t just re-define racism. It is a hate of one race toward another race, and there are just as many anti-white incidents as there are anti-black. Being black doesn’t make you immune to hating another race. This just took “equality” and unraveled it. Good job.

  16. Alex Lecis

    ignorant anybody can be racist, peaple from afica think they are better then black americans.  Thats the problem with black ppl in american focus on the wrong stuff in closed doors everyone is a racist. so stop worring about and come up and better ones self.

  17. Pierre Elliott

    this is a waste of time, but it does exist. and if you wanna be real. just call it what it was and is: colonialism. Ask any haitian or dominican if they know what that means?

  18. dentabill

    Paul Scott is full of sh-t.  Black people are most certainly capable of racism and most of them are.  They don’t consider it racism, and they think it is justified. The Tulsa shooter is an American Indian, but this idiot Scott didn’t feel like doing any actual “investigation” to determine any actual “truth” and instead took the lazy way out of getting his paycheck for his 1500 words.  Paul, you are a fraud.  You are an intellectual midget.  Did you report on the “White-Hispanic” Trayvon shooter too, you liar?  

    Did you run all the cute pictures of 12-year old trayvon, or did you run the pictures of current Trayvon, at 6’3″ with his gold grill, suspension for violent behavior, and his gangsta lifestyle?  

    It sickens me to think that any black people might read this, let alone pay you any actual attention or consideration…but then when I think about how the Democrat party has been runnning their collective education for the past 70 years, I realize that reading probably isn’t their strongest skill these days.

    You folks had better start paying closer attention to your handlers.

    Your chains are invisible in 2012, and you wear them willingly every day.  You don’t have to worry about being better off than four years ago.  You’re worse off than you were forty years ago.  At least then your families meant more to you, and personal responsibility counted for something.wake up.

  19. LetsBeRealpeople

    Please never sign on to the phrase “reverse racism.” Being racist is being racist. You only keep the ruling demographic right in the wrong. If you want to keep into that, go alone. If you need clarification, then read or youtube till your eyes go dry the interviews of Malcom X or El Hajj Malik Shabazz. Not putting him as a Jesus, but he was pointing out the internal problems and what we as a nation need to be honest about. I hope this site never signs on to generalize the Black Plight. We are moved as a people from our souls, but we each have a road to redifine how we all should be treated. Let’s not keep the hamster wheel turning by making such terms a thing. If we are racist individual or as a group that what’s happening it will have to be addressed accordingly.

  20. Elena Marie Guidry

    The definition of racism: ”
    hatred or intolerance of another race  or other races.”; what in that definition entails that only “white” people can be racist…are you freaking serious!?!?!? This is one of the reasons that I’m so scared for my Mixed race (Black/White) son to grow up in the world we live in…of course there are racist black people and white people!!! I get harped on from both races for being in an interracial relationship. The only reason that racism still exists is because of idiot bigots like this blogger and every other closed minded thinker such as himself regardless of their race!!! This disgusts me..

  21. ~@Mary@~

    What kind of mess is this? Paused at black people can’t be racist due to lack of political standing or influence on their communities.. SMH… The blind leading the blind

    • TrueNLivingGod

      It’s the truth. Blacks can be prejudiced, but not racist. It’s not even in our nature to deny ppl their free will due to their race. However, I bet in your life, directly or indirectly, have been denied your just due because you are Black. This “We Are The World” shit will not happen, and I wish my BLACK people will stop trying to give them the benefit of the doubt due to a few ‘good’ white ppl. We need to stick together, and stop looking for white approval. They complain about reverse racism, because they don’t like getting their own fuckin’ medicine. PERIOD.

      • ~@Mary@~

        I’m sorry.. Please tell that to somebody who doesn’t own a dictionary…. several dictionary.. I know that we live in a time where people GOOGLE everything… but I refer to my many SHELVES LOL…Racism 1The belief that race accounts for difference in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. 2 Discrimination or prejudice based on race… And while I’ve got it down.. Prejudice. Prejudice 1a. an adverse judgement or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. b. Preconceived preference or idea 2. The act or state o9f holding unreasonable preconceived judgements or convictions 3. Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion. 4. Detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived, unfavorable conviction of others… Please.. I mean this in THE best way possible… DON’T ADDRESS ME AS IF IM SOME UNCLE TOM ASS FEMALE WHO IS UNEDUCATED AND NEEDS SOMEONE TO TELL ME HOW AND WHAT TO THINK. WHAT I SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT LIKE. AND WHY.. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.. YOUR NAME IS TRUENLIVINGGOD… AT FIRST I THOUGHT YOU WERE A BELIEVER IN THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD… BUT YOU CAN’T BE TO KNOW THAT RACISM WAS ONE OF THE MAIN ISSUES IN THE BIBLE!!!   And you come to me talking about I should stick to someone because their skin looks like mine??? You disgust me. Straight up.. I could see if you left this as a general opinion of YOURS.. but to address a statement I made with I need to believe this because x, y , z.. I refer to my Bible for instruction.. And if I don’t understand, my spiritual leaders… I’m talking about WHAT DO THEIR LIVES SAY ABOUT THEM? WHAT DO THEIR HEARTS CONVICT THEM TO DO??? PTTT.!!! Fall back

      • Michael Green

        Where would their own medicine come from?  Just Mexican racists, I see.  Your true n living god must be the god of destroyed brain cells and paranoia.  GTFO with its not in our nature to deny people their free will.  Look at every African dictator over there.  Blacks folks did sell other black folks into bondage. I guess there ain’t no black serial killers either.  Dumbass.

      • Drew Bute

        Sin is in everyones nature… /thread
        Otherwise you beleive you are better than other races (racism).
        Stop being foolish.. read the Bible.

        Since your wanting to get historic.. Egyptians (actual Africans and more Africa than any American born “African” Amercian could evre be) enslave the Israelites for 400 years. So it seems to reason that the Africans only got half the medicine to me. (Yess this is foolish speaking but serves a point).

        So get off your high horse. Your skin is dark.. your not special.. your not different.. get over it.

      • TrueNLivingGod

        I’ll take the victory on this one. Once you have to bring up the Bible you have no real arguement.

  22. John

    Im not racist against my own kind, but I am disappointed with the way our race has undone any message King, Malcolm, or countless other black pioneers ahead of us.  Look at the way we treat each other, wear our pants down to our knees and dont take any initiative to better ourselves.  We get all mad and militant when a person who isn’t black kills one of our people but we take the no snitching approach when we kill each other in the hood.  Get mad when we hear N word from non black people but want to throw the N word around freely in public at each other.  Black people now don’t have any pride because if we did, we wouldn’t expect the next man to clear a path for us to walk instead  of clearing it ourselves.  Sorry to tell ya’ll, but us as a black race been losin’. 

  23. livelifelouder

    I go to college and my apartment building of 200 people is predominantly black people and dominican people. I am always friendly, I buy bud from them, try to start conversations, even offer people rides to the store. So why, after I am as nice as I possibly can be, do I still get degraded, made fun of, and harrassed by black people every day? They are literally degrading to me in every sense. I still refuse to judge others based on the actions of this small population, but living here has without a doubt made me realize that ANYBODY CAN BE RACIST. And in fact, when it boils down to it, many many people do carry this ignorance. The only reason it is worse with black people today is that they feel it is justified by the past. Even though most of them have probably grown up in nicer homes than me, wear nicer clothes than me, and have nicer phones than me. I think people my age can be the most ignorant of all. Not appreciating what they are blessed with, and instead using scapegoats to act a certain way and mantain the idea that they are somehow underprivelidged and that it is in some way my fault. Somebody shed some god damn light on that one for me, much appreciated.

    • ~@Mary@~

      I’ll help shine a LITTLE light on it for you… There are people that are SO self righteous in their own feelings, they wouldn’t DREAM of taking the time to consider another’s. There are people that feel they are OWED something… Anything.. Everything.. Instead of using their past and their legacies to build on and become stronger, they use them as crutches and excuses.  There are people that are so lazy, they would rather eat up what OTHERS have to say on an opinion instead of doing the foot work on their own, and formulating their OWN thoughts.. My BROTHER refuses to date black women! smh.. I had to ask him, how do you detest women that resemble your mother??? He said, because “him and his friends have agreed that black women are more ignorant”….WHELP! lol.   OKAYYY THEN! =0) As long as you live and breathe, WHOEVER you are, continue to live your life in a way that IS love… And of COURSE you don’t switch up when someone crosses you! That would be letting them influence you.. Naw.. You keep pushing, because at the end of the day, someone will realize they’ve been a complete ass to someone who was undeserving of it. Be easy

  24. Cheef Third

    If they showed a jury a video of reginald denny and it had nothing to do with that case wouldn’t any lawyer in his right mind object to it. Not only that…. but are you telling me that white people are that racist and ignorant that they would find this man not guilty because they wanted some kind of “get back” at all of black people for the acts of a few?

  25. Joe Rifenbark

    Nobody is really born racist they are taught racism and a lot of the teachings come from the mass media manipulating the situation. They’re are tragedy’s everyday just like Tryvon that doesn’t get noticed black, white, mexican, and jew. Doesn’t matter it is more about the poor class and the rich class. The media is being manipulated away from this issue.

  26. luke3317

    1.First off Great article.  I know many have commented without reading it. I am happy to see this article. Yes, there is a very strong urgency and desperation to find black racists (which by definition in America cannot really exist). We have seen this pushed through the news constantly to obviously say blacks are racist too or if blacks had the chance to be in power then they would practice racism too.
    I can say honestly it is hard as hell to ever hear a black speak of wanting to murder an entire race, or dehumanize another race’s existence, and intelligence. I speak as many probably do, coming from living half my life around an opposite race.
    This is what will be heard by black people: jokes about how certain races do things versus how blacks are used to doing it. You will hear the term “white boy,” or people referring to people’s color a lot.  You will also sadly hear many preaching very hateful thoughts about the black race as blacks themselves.

  27. luke3317

    2. I’m writing too much but maybe someone has time to read.Blacks as a race are not raised culturally to think of themselves as a superior race or manifest destiny or view other races as inferior; and therefore because this logic (which at one time did not exist in the world) has to be taught and emphasized through a system of media, textbooks, religion, country, etcetera this is just one thing Blacks don’t do. God knows we do other things that are negative, but this type of vanity and ignorance is one the race is pretty much void on.  There might be a few that foster intense prejudice and judgment on the entire race, but to find groups of people that initiate attacks against another race for no reason other than believing this race does not deserve the right to exist and it is the responsibility of this race’s preservation and God-given duty to kill or subjugate an entire race due to the color of that race’s skin and nothing else….No you won’t find it.  Even in the most extreme cases of some leaders talk that CAN be and sometimes is perceived rightfully so as offensive to other race’s, even this talk is acknowledging that there is a system designed to keep blacks from obtaining power and that blacks must learn to operate in a system that is not designed to benefit them by not contributing to help spread an ideology that is designed to hurt their own image and sense of worth.

  28. luke3317

    3. Unflattering referrals to instances of laws and actions by opposite races will be quoted and used to support their points, but it is not and never to incite the black race to pick up arms and attack another race because they feel this other race is a threat to them.  Defending oneself was the original black panthers (not the new BP) mantra.  They successfully defended their neighborhoods (for a short while) from drugs being brought into their community by their own race and from corrupt police officers giving drug dealers weapons.  Their teachings were never to attack the opposite race or initiate an attack.  The mere fact that they said they wouldn’t take someone of another race beating them in their own neighborhoods for sport and killing them with the law and a police force supporting that person in trials was enough to make others think this was black hatred. 

  29. luke3317

    4.Self-defense against an oncoming attacker is not hatred (unlike Zimmerman). But teaching blacks that they have the right to lift up their own leaders and remember their own history of Africa and America and the Caribbean and S. America’s the way they have recorded it has been seen as racist because it tells another version that isn’t so romantic of how a certain race remembers the past and present. We see tv, are taught books, must pass tests, have written laws, industries for music/clothing/, branches of military, embassies around the world, a specific language, religion, all set to promote one culture’s (not the entire culture) way of life that does simply help to perpetuate racism, and when one different culture tries to say “wait, that’s not how I remember it.”  The response is Reverse Racism???  Clever ignorance.  Truth is, reverse racism is what the world wants.  Why?  Because, reverse racism means no racism.  The dummies that coined the term didn’t know you can only be racist or not.  Reverse means the opposite of racism.  One love to blacks,reds, whites,yellows, mulattoes. On another note, no problem with white pride it’s just preaching whites to hate and others to hate based on race that clearly makes me write all this. Peace, till then fight

  30. ham89

    If you think only whites can be racist you are a moron.

    Racism is “Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.” All races can be racist…

  31. daveofthematthews

    In my opinion the root of most evils including racism is MONEY And more precisely The Monetary system in general, out of all the messed up divisional social institutions in the world nothing divides people quite as much as money. Everybody commenting on this subject is obviously intelligent enough to consider themselves socially aware if this is true i advise everybody to check out a documentary called “Zeitgeist Addendum” you can find it on You Tube i found it recently after watching a slaughterhouse interview during which Crooked I recommends watching it,

  32. Therese Foley

    Anyone can be hateful.  No one group of people is anymore hateful than another.  Throughout history one group or another has enslaved, killed  and ruled over another because of skin color, skin tone, religion and physical features.  Money was and still is power and those with power overpower those without.  Slavery in the past was quite common all over the world including Africa.  We often forget it still continues today, in this case its more related to the young and female.  We need to learn from the past not live in the past but build for the future.

  33. luke3317

    groups,groups,groups of people was my key point in my entire dissertation and it was stated. Groups of people spreading an ideaology to other groups of people through many facets to hate other groups of people: i.e. radio, gun clubs, laws, police, history, present, schoolbooks, Hollywood, internationally spread darwinistic theories
    This response is to the one who couldn’t say who they were talking to? So, it is a response to “if” that response was for me.
    Keep looking for groups (and not one group or one or two people you ran into that were racist minorities) of black people united in hatred against white people that seek to do harm to white people simply for being white.  I’ve been black for most of my life (ha) and aint never seen it.  Examples of S.Africans Egyptians and the Haitians aren’t examples either b/c Haitians and S.Africans were fighting for their own freedom, and the Jews chose to inhabit Egypt and it wasn’t their color that Egyptians used to enslave them. When the president of the US was elected their was a record breaking increase in gun clubs in the US
    140antigov’t groups before obama
    1274antigov’t groups after obama

  34. luke3317

    Warning don’t read this one: i got bored at work. the comment under this is more important.
     some of the stuff written on here is exactly why american history books need to include more about american history. There are some things that sound good but are just wrong when it comes to understanding what is being said. True, blacks did enslave other blacks (as well as almost every race has done).  The untold part is the peculiarity of the institution of racism and slavery instated in Europe and the Americas that made it different from all other forms of slavery. A person can’t just say blacks as a race/group are racist too when there is no evidence to prove, but you just want to say it because you want to believe it. Villain (if you want to say this) playing victim. I hate doing studies to prove what is evident in the present and in history because people should do it themselves before they speak words that they are just repeating of others and accepting it as truth with nothing but a riot or school bus fight to back up a claim. Keeping on the point of groups and slavery. African slavery as well as most slavery around the world before Colonialism was a form of payment where the workers were able to make money and work their way out of debt they owed to the person who only enslaved them due to the person having no form of payment to pay the person they owed. The other type of slavery was due to the women and children conquered in war who were allowed back into the society but were kept a close eye on by the rest of the village due to the circumstance.Slavery with colonialism was different because there were not as many wars by Europeans as money spent and lies told about how slaves would be treated to get slaves on ships. The slaves were purchased in Africa and thought to be able to be freed (as some were before Bacon’s rebellion)  after working off their debts. The system went into play when false Christianity y religion y Darwinism incorporated haciendo Blacks seem cursed by Ham and thus inhuman and not worthy of life and worthy of being slaves for life and treated like animals. This became the institution of slavery taught around the world. Therefore the blacks could not go back to Africa, could not work off any debt, were slaughtered, brainwashed by being force at gunpoint to speak English, breed only certain types of blacks, and learn what was forced upon them to believe about themselves, and the whites were taught also many wrong ways and put into hundreds of systems to make money off blacks, punish blacks, torture blacks, believe in manifest destiny, join groups, picnics, establish economies worldwide (World War) largely based on racial genocide, and the list goes on for this type of racism and slavery. Truthfully blacks were not afforded all their rights under the constitution with the law backing them until 1980 when every black in the country by law could get a loan and establish credit.  Before that many institutions still had laws denying them the freedom of home ownership and protection by the law. So many states still had laws denying blacks freedom that took well beyond 1969 to write out.  As far as Africa’s history, many of those countries in the past 30 years are just now being freed from european domination. So, to speak on their current state or equate other forms of slavery with what this form of European slavery was is just wrong. Every where in the world their is racism against blacks that is documented, yet you cannot find documentation of blacks or Africans as a race or multiple groups uniting (without being attacked or colonizedfirst) for the simple fact of wanting to make it known to a hockey player, or person eating watermelon, or playing soccer, that they hate chinese people (not a chinese player but people), or hate all Indians or Whites and every time you visit these countries people all consider you less due to their educated ignorance.

  35. LetsBeRealpeople

    I’m late on that photo you all have posted, it’s from Seattle…If you are from Seattle or live there presently: It’s Madison and Broadway; Silvercloud hotel…IHOP…and so forth presently..Seattle U is south of their postion. I was just given this photo, by a Research member of the Black Heritage Society.

  36. LetsBeRealpeople

    “African Americans can be many things: thugs, gangstas,
    Republicans, etc”
    (I prefer being called black, because: I don’t know what part/country of the Continent of Africa that my family is from, I’m sure it would be correct to find that out and associate in that regard. Also African-American takes too long; Black is sufficient. When your opener is saying that we the people can be Thugs, Gangstas, and Republican you have souped yourself for failure. Ending your thought with “etc.” furthers your failed points to get your article the fire you are marking for.

    “But the one thing that we cannot be is racist.”
    (Fail, you fail. You left a wide open door and are stomping on a flaming bag of ish)

    “ Although most people define racism as hatred for people of
    a different race”
    (You further the insult on Black intellect with “Although most people define racism…” Really? That’s what racism is. hatred for other people of a different race, i.e sexism is hatred/discrimination/prejudice of someone of another gender)

    “ a more functional definition would be having the power to
    enforce that hatred socially, politically, and economically.”
    (This is really what you want to focus on, and because you failed in the opening, you took away from the id of the awakening you were having in your heart. Instead of being in genera lon your subject, focus on operative conclusions. Point out the assault and the killing jokes of where we as Black People keep a nodding heads. Try on for size the word demographic, try on the phrase,”‘the ruling demographic” it leaves the door open to reveal the limited factions that make one set of people the majority in any given argument.)

    “ And last time I checked, Black people did not possess that
    kind of juice”
    (Ok, this is a crab barrel statement. Don’t get comfortable, and don’t ask us the reader to subscribe to the ongoing “we ain’t never gonna make it, ’cause we ain’t never made it” We got all kinds of power, resources, or juice as it were. The more we try at a system that doesn’t want us, but instead to use only our resources, and we still not get it together…and see that’s what the hell is going on… Then, yes we all fail and have no power. If any one person how ever they identify, would allow themself to be put in a general context of powerless, then they fail. There are things in place, words in place to keep “Us” out…so quit trying to keep up with the System that you will never be apart of. As writer, find topics that encourage the well being, trigger us to motivation and to research the social patterns. So that the last time you check, it should reflect a rich history of a determined people who take what they have and make what they want. As they, we, always do.

  37. LetsBeRealpeople

    AHH, here’s the information on your photo credit that you are using for this article.

    Civil rights march, Seattle, 1965

    Staff PhotographerSeattle Post-Intelligencer


    Protestors’ signs: [Equality] Now! We Protest Injustice NAACP. Discrimination Hurts Seattle. We Shall Overcome. Let My People Vote NAACP.Handwritten on sleeve: NEGROES, Seattle, Freedom marchers at Federal Courthouse.Date photograph was filed at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (date of photograph and file date may differ by a month or more): April 21, 1965.

    Civil rights demonstrations–Washington (State)–Seattle; African Americans–Washington (State)–Seattle; Commercial streets–Washington (State)–Seattle

    United States–Washington (State)–Seattle

    Museum of History & Industry Photograph Collection

    Image Number

    To order a reproduction or to inquire
    about permissions contact or phone us at 206-324-1126.
    Please refer to the Image Number and provide a brief description of the

    Credit Line
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection,
    Museum of History & Industry, Seattle; All Rights Reserved

    Museum of History & Industry, Seattle

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection


    1 acetate negative: b&w; 35 mm

    Digital Reproduction
    Scanned from print made from original
    negative as a 3000 pixel TIFF image in 8-bit grayscale, resized to 640 pixels in
    the longest dimension and compressed into JPEG format using Photoshop 6.0 and
    its JPEG quality measurement 3.


    I’m glad somebody finally said what’s needed to be said: it’s IMPOSSIBLE for black people to be racist when the entire world calls us “minorities”!! Doesn’t make any sense!

  39. John Tildon

    Awfully convenient that you create a definition of intolerance that excuses your own hatred while demonizing the identical behavior of others. The ignorance of this article is staggering. By your definition could impoverished white people be racist? They don’t have the “juice” to enforce their beliefs politically or economically. As a student I couldn’t be racist either. At the same time a black CEO or attorney (last I checked those are real things) could be racist. Again your definition turns on the use of economic or political power to stifle the social progress of another group. This article is idiocy. It exposes how racist you really are. You want to be able to hate white people while at the same time being sure they don’t enjoy the same luxury…. Your thought process has been blinded by your bias.

  40. disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

    Are you kidding me ? Of course blacks are racist this site has gone full retard and embraced Obamas race war… I can’t believe the double sided bs that comes out the editors minds on this page your obviously a bunch of small minded ignorant porch monkeys its 2015 grow up get a job stop being monkeys and live a life

  41. disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

    This site has become nothing more than a racist hate site who’s main goal is to spread hate for the white man while at the same time printing articles about kardashians allhiphop has become a joke

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