Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of G. Dep Confessing To Murder Released

Back in 2010, former Bad Boy artist G. Dep walked into a New York police station and confessed to shooting a man in a botched robbery. The cops matched the description he gave them of the crime with a shooting that ended in a death and officially charged G. Dep with murder. Now the confession video has surfaced online. You can watch it below:

G. Dep has plead not guilty and says that they have matched him to the wrong crime. According to the police report, G. Dep confessed to shooting a clean-shaven blonde man in a green plaid jacket, while the person killed in this case had brown hair, a beard and was wearing a tan leather jacket.

“He’s not even sure if the person he said he shot actually got shot,” Dep’s lawyer told jurors. “All of you have to decide if the descriptions match up,” he said.

This is like a bad episode of “The First 48”.

  • therealest1

    Confused ass shit!

  • “All of you have to decide if the descriptions match up,”

    WRONG! All they have to decide is if G Dep is telling the truth. If so go to jail for THAT one in particular. Either way… you should go to jail for that tish. Call me Jonny Snitch! I get my snitch on. Eff a hip hop cop. You got me!!!

  • Man….this dude.  Whatever.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    daum he fired 3 times! thought he was claiming it was a struggle and accidental shooting

    • It was a struggle , the gun accidentally went off , 3x , jammed, he cleared it & it accidentally  went off 4 more times!

      • water_ur_seeds


  • scullyson

    Dep must be taking the rap for somebody else because I find it hard to believe a ***** would drop dimes on self like that.

    • EL_BARK


      Naw this dumbass told on himself.

      He a wet head, & he was in some 12 steps program shet.
      And he was taping or trying to make an reality show.

      And as part of the 12 steps i think they tell you
      You gotta confess or right some of your wrongs,
      That yiu did to people.

      So this fools walks into a station and drop a dime on himself for an

      • scullyson

        Oh shyt that kid a  recovering boathead? ..smh Didnt Know That EL. I guess Dep fell for the ole banana in the tail pipe huh? Damn shame  

      • immackulate

        sounds corny to some … BUT the most high put it on that man’s heart … to confess his guilt and thru his confession get repentance and forgiveness for what he’s done … me myself would have found priest to confess to BUT thats just ME


    Smh at this niggah.

    I see his lawyer trying to do a spin move,
    Like he in the low post. …. Lol

    Wrong description????????? Idk about that.
    Dep should say he was high off of wet when he gave this confession,
    Because to walk in a police station and confess to shooting anybody,
    Even if you think the person is alive. Is just not smart.

    Crooked cops will put a cold case body on you in a heartbeat.

    This shet a flip of a coin. No physical evidence.
    No witnesses,

    Just g-dep confession, that prolly wont get supressed.
    Because he confess at his own will.

    I say he should walk, if all they have is a confession

  • illymac

    tellin on yaself is a huge no no
    I dont care what type program he was in..

    if he was feeling emotional about
    shit hes’ done in the past,
    then he should confess to GOD,
    not no damn police or anybody else..


  • free the Deputy  

  • Well he shot the guy 3times and the guy still came after him? so he must missed him 3 times this ish sounds strange 

  • mike malarkey

    roxanne!!! put on the red light!!!

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  • johnblacksad

    somebody throw a beat on that video already! G-Dep nice… (even when confessin to murder)

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    wow son gave homo-cide a “special delivery”……sad to see a good mc fuk himself over though

    • immackulate

      the LORD works in mysterious ways B

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        some of us do end an sentence with b…..but dats mostly dem harlem flashy niggas…we brooklynites are more well-rounded in more of an earthly dimension….and yes we will rob u

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        if i was an religous man which i’m not i would say bezzelbub has more to do with dis than da lord..u knw the man he cooped out on those not match the description of the deceased…can you say lay-up for homo-cide……b?…i got family in harlem but my roots is in brooklyn…we dnt talk like dat brotha

  • immackulate

    this bruvah definitely cut from a different cloth … “he shouldah just told PRODIGY then let PRODIGY write about it in a book … than he can do like NORE make a song and sample PRODIGY on the hook” – mean bars lol

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      “queens get the money/queens get the money”