Ray J Signs West Coast Group The FiNaTTicZ

(AllHipHop News) Ray J’s Knockout Entertainment has inked a worldwide deal with eOne Music, to release a new album by West Coast group The FiNaTTicZ.

The Eastside, Los Angeles-based group is currently experiencing success with their single “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun.”

The FiNaTTicZ’s signing with Ray J’s Knockout Entertainment marks his return as an executive in the music business.

“I’m excited to get back to music by partnering with eOne on the FiNaTTicZ,” Ray J said. “I have enjoyed my greatest musical successes with this company and I look forward to the FiNaTTicZ having a big hit with their new single “Don’t Drop That…”

The FiNaTTicZ consists of members Killa F, Jayarah the Truth, EZ the Great and Nyce.

They are currently in the studio working on their debut album for Knockout Entertainment.

A release date was not available for their debut album as of press time.

“I will be there with the full support of the Knockout team to make sure they go the distance,” Ray J concluded.

  • deemoney2k12

    Child Please!

  • gotta make sure the next time he’s crap to somebody, he got a lil bit of muscle in his corner….

    in do pool… out do pool!!

  • WHO????

  • rep87

    Another Flop!  

  • Why would anyone sign to Ray J?  Just sayin…

  • HipHopStalker

    Ray-J’s own albums don’t sell,so why would you trust that guy ? He’s not a real exec he’s one of many niggas in the game who say they a boss and I got a lable blah,blah,blah. You gonna trust a guy who got two pieced by Fabolous LOL Enjoy the non-success.

  • Is this a joke……Ray J really thinks that because he is in the industry, that he is the industry….This boy need to do his homework and study the game before he invest Brandy’s money on stupid shit.


    Well as a independant artist Ray J has a Gold Plaq and hit singles so he does sell.