Lil' Wayne and Dhea

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil’ Wayne Dump His Fiancé Because She Joined Twitter?

Now, please take this with a grain of salt, but MediaTakeOut is reporting that Lil’ Wayne has broke things off with his rumored fiancé, Dhea. According to their source inside the YMCMB camp, Dhea posed for a photo shoot for a popular men’s magazine and Weezy was having none of that. She also created a Twitter account much to the dismay of Lil’ Wayne. We looked through Weezy’s tweets and found the one below that solidifies that her alleged actions in his mind are cause for dismissal.

According to their source, Weezy felt like she was trying to capitalize off his name and get a little fame “Amber Rose style.”

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I think Weezy is right.  There’s no need to create a brand out of yourself.  You are dating a celeb. Let Wayne be the celeb.  

    But isn’t any female that dates a rapper like Weezy most likely trying to come up?

  • mike malarkey


  • She clearly wants his money, much like the rest of them…But if a guy is going to dig you out morning noon and night, let her live shit….She is the one tho has to smell that young money breath in the mornings….Let a bitch eat

  • immackulate

    damned if SHE do, damned if SHE dont! call amber rose wtf you want but make sure you put “w/ her hustling azz” at the end of error derogatory statement.  I dont even like the bytch but she aint laying on her back for free which i have to respect.  At the end of the day a relationship/marriage is an investment – just like no MAN should want some nothing azz unvirtuous woman – a WOMAN shouldnt want a nothing azz no aspirations/goals kind of man. 

    WEEZY trying to keep his foot on her neck cuz he’s still insecure about himself – and he prolly think in the back of his mind that baby gonna cut into some money somewhere and start feeling herself and leave that niggah … typical ugly niggah shyt! lol

    best thang to do is PRENUP that shyt – but allow her to invest in herself so in case that shyt dont work she can skate with the fortune and fame she amassed herself

    • Sexy_Sabe

      Took the words righ outta my mouth! SMh he is afraid if she does pop off amber rose, kim kardashian style because of her affliation wit him, tht she is gona be on the rise while he is on the decline. He dosent want her to outshine him, make some quarters of her own, no longer need him an then ultimately leave his ass. He want her barefoot an eventually pregnant (lmao) so he can keep her on a short leash an keep all the spotlight to himself.  Amber got famous off of kanye, an now tht chick got bread, an a new money nigga to keep her living the lifestyle. Thats why Ye was so salty for a minute. Wayne knws in this day an age, babygirl is only a couple tweets, an photoshoots, maybe a video away from being a “celebrity” in her own right. Once your in the money circle, networking an rubbing shoulders wit otha rich niggas, your in an he dosent want tht. HE needs her dependant on him solely.

      • immackulate

        failed to mention that he’s already taken losses in LOVE to Drake, Baby, Kenyon Martin, that R&B singing niggah that look like the black hamburglar so he’s definitely got a complex – UGLY NIGGAH SHYT!!!

  • Romia Blue

    Weezy stay in the spotlight and when it’s time to unwind, I would think he’d like to do so and be free with a regular chick; no cameras, no paparazzi…no social hype and pressure. I can see how that would piss him off. Dude making all the money; all she needs to do is take care of him so he can take care of her. I ain’t saying she shouldn’t put some of that to the side for a rainy day…but he with you for a reason. the minute you start showin ya a$$ to the world and connecting with these social buzzards, then I can see you losing yaself within the relationship.

    Sorry, but I see where Weezy is coming from on this one. Not saying that he should’ve dumped her, but I understand

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      so your saying SOMETIMES a woman should be subservent to a man…..damn my sister would disagree with you all da way….you ever hear of the feminist movement……the plight these women took so females such as yourself has somewhut and equal playing fields….your comment is in violation of that notion(flavor flav voice)wwwwwwoooooowwwwwww

      • Romia Blue

        I’m not going to be one of those chicks who says she doesn’t need a man. I’m sorry. I need his strength, support, I need his backbone…I’m not disagreeing with the feminist movement. I don’t know how you got that out of what I said but you’re in a completely different lane. I don’t want to be treated how my man treats his hard legged counterparts. We carry a little extra fluff for a reason. The bible said a man is supposed to cleave unto his wife and only her. You can’t seek comfort in ya woman’s back while she off making her paper. Everybody needs a place to compress.

        Now, in terms of Weezy and his situation…he ain’t a regular dude. You can’t compare his status and fame to a regular dude. So again, I don’t know wtf the feminist movement has to do with his situation…but this chick ain’t worrying about equal playing fields to take pictures for a male magazine. If she wants to empower females, do some charity work, mentor another young female. What about taking swimsuit shots in a sexy pose and tweeting about it have to do about been empowered as a woman?

        Not a dayum thing…so you can miss me with that

      • immackulate

        i feel you on that HE IN THE LIMELIGHT yada yada ya he might wont a chill female – thats completely understandable HOWEVER

        where did it say she was ABOUT HER PAPER … and everybodies addressing her PHOTOSHOOT (i thought women like posing 1/2 azz for their man) but nobodies addressing the fact

        shyt as simple as that is a RED FLAG that this niggah aint shyt

      • Romia Blue

        That’s his insecurities…again though, he ain’t a normal dude. I specificially said that for a dude who stay on the road…makes the bread his situation, he wants a regular chick. That’s the reason he got with her. Jamaicanbornbreed – he can’t “get my point” but not get my point…which is obviously what he’s done. keep the paparazzi buzzards out of your shyt! keep it simple…people doing too much on the social network nowadays but wonder why a bytch in ya bushes (no pun intended lol) watching you eat!

        keep the shyt simple…and in her case, she needs to sit her azz down and have a coke!

        But we know Weezy ain’t wrapped too tyte which is why I said, I don’t think he should’ve broke up with her…BUT if he did, I understand…simple shyt lol

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        look ms blue….i’m a 28 yr old black man….granted i have studied the feminist movement as well as the renny in college and because i’m agnostic i’m not weighed down by the bible who by the way paints ALL women in a dubios light….but if a man such as myself can see that ANY man trying to control his women goes directly against what the fem movement is all about then this convo is going nowhere…the feminists movement was about equality for woman…free of unfair of complete control from there husbands…free to run ones live as an individual sees fit dispite there sex…now wayne gave shorty an choice….do as i say when i say or else kick rocks….and you say you understand? as a women…fuk dat as a black women?…why because he’s rich and famous….so ur standard in society dictates if one should be a good husband or an deadbeat….i got a daughter…i’ll be damned if i allow her to be brainwashed like yourself……i’m gonna leave you with this sister…i dnt care if your husband to be is the ceo for mcdonalds or if he works part time at payless shoes….if he loves you he should treat you like the queen you are and an equal period…and if you feel u dnt deserve dat as a black queen then all i can say is SHAME….never tought in hundred years i would have to explain this to a grown educated women…i’m glad i got custody for my child…females today are on some other shit..SAD

  • typical like dude where are you goin to find someone who has no interest in you if you meetin them in the industry duhhhhhhh. 

  • real OG

    I understand his reasoning partially, but he obviously doesnt want a partner he wants a subservient. What do u expect from someone whos been rich since a teenager and probably never had to go through 1 real life adult experience.

  • johnblacksad

    wtf?! i’m prolly late on this one but how much is this diamond studded monster beatz weezy got round his neck?! ninjaz is spendin money fo’ real…

  • nicolas jimenez

    im wit weezy, if she trying to make a name for herself let her do it by herself, nobody should be famous for sucking some dick, and dont be mad when someone calls you a hoe, cause duh thats what ho’s do. i read some bitch said dont lay wit no man for free, you a hoe too, hoe

  • Negro Peligro

    I feel you that’s why you only mess with females with something to lose not diggas. 

  • Negro Peligro

    Man see he failed to me a lil. She don’t need to be totally into me. She need to be about her’s. Like Lauren London. She didn’t want nobody knowing her business he aired it.  

    • immackulate


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    son needs to get out the clouds and face reality……ALL YOU HAVE GOING FOR YOU IS YOUR FAME ALONE……EVERY CHICK DAT GETS WITH YOU IS GONNA CAPITALIZE…sorry price of fame…get over urself

  • NoGoBoi

    Co-Sign what Romia Blue stated. If you on that level, you would probably want a regular woman you can come home to and who’s down with doing regular shhh and living a regular life, almost a get-a-way for you from the industry bullshhh. Folks sayin it’s a fail on his part, how so? Shit any man with some sense and in his position knows where he is coming from, if the chic lookin for a few steps up, shhhh let her kno I ain’t cha’ ladder baby, find another one for that.

    • immackulate

      they aint say baby was trying to get signed or was recording a demo LOL
      the bytch posed for a photoshoot (housewives do it for heir husbands birthdays, anniversaries all the damn time) AND HE DIDNT WANT HER TO HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT (prolly cuz he didnt want her following his tweets)

      if she trying to come up off that niggah than thats a fail on his part cuz he aint recognize GAME before putting the ring on her finger but that aint the case – the bytch looking for ATTENTION and tell me what woman, trick, slut, baby mama, wife, whore, mistress, fiance, widow AINT LOOKING FOR ATTENTION.

      i promise some of you niggahs is closet homo’s or insecure …

      • NoGoBoi

        U sound like one of dem fools who gets game ran on u by a broad and turn around a be mad about it cause u was too dumb to pay attention to her moves. Actually sound like da trickin type, puttin da chic on like she one of ya brothaz. Sucka @zz ninja

      • immackulate

        trick please … i aint never been gamed by nobody!
        but you sound like one of them niggahs that stay with a ugly chick on his arm so you useta holding a bytch back … TEAM WORK MAKE THE DREAM WORK i be dayum if i let a broad sit around on my dime and collect pension for opening up them legs … thats what TRICKS like you do … only a sucker azz niggah is gonna seek out a nothing azz broad that dont want nothing in life but to sit around and watch soap operas all day – phuck is you talm bout – i like strong independent GO GETTER type chicks that GOT HER OWN and willing to put in the pot for DADDY!

      • NoGoBoi

        oh oh, it seems like I hit a nerve, all that p*ssy you have bottled up in you just seeped out, so really u not immaculate u flawed youngin’. I think you need to follow along what was stated, he said he like his chic low key, how is that holdin her back u idiot? she wasn’t a model when they met but all of sudden she looking into it once she get with him, u need to learn how to peep game u lame. There’s plenty of other jobs where a woman can bring something to the table outside of being a model u fool lol. So yes, you are a trick and u r simple because you don’t know the difference nor can you peep when a chic is gaming you. Don’t be mad at me, typing in all those CAPS like a phucking child, shhh u prob are a kid. So this what you do, blame yo daddy, uncles or older bro, whatever older cats u got around you who ain’t put you on game and got you lying to yaself talkin bout, willing to put in the pot for daddy??? clown @zz sucka type ninja. Real men put themselves in a position to where their woman can have the choice to work, because bottom line, we’ll make sure our woman is happy, and good to go, as long as home is taking care of properly! Our main focus is not to have a woman who needs to work to put money in our pot, our pot is solid regardless of what she can possibly bring to the table, real men do what they want, lil boys do what they can. Shhh u prob still stay wit ya moms or granny, credit all phucked up and lookin for a handout. That’s a free lesson to you homeboi, imma-mack-u-late to the game @zz ninja.

      • immackulate

        weak azz niggah we dont wife up GINGER we leave that for you SAM ROTHSTEIN type clowns

  • I respect the perspective. If you want it to last, keep your woman off social networks. 

  • rep87

    Lil Wayne and that trailor trash ! Give us hiphop news forget all this Garbage !

  • he should be lucky anyone wanna fucc wit him at all.  havin money must be nice.

  • Guest

    Wait are u tellin me that latina groupie was just using wayne for his money and fame?!

    Nah, I dont believe it….

  • Guest


  • mrgibson

    Who actually believes this shit?  lol

  • dayleedumped

    cant hate on wayne for being a real ass nigga. i wouldnt want my bitch to try to do photoshoots and none of that, just be a regular chill ass chick man 

  • immackulate

    they aint say baby was trying to get signed or was recording a demo LOL
    the bytch posed for a photoshoot (housewives do it for heir husbands birthdays, anniversaries all the damn time) AND HE DIDNT WANT HER TO HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT (prolly cuz he didnt want her following his tweets) if she trying to come up off that niggah than thats a fail on his part cuz he aint recognize GAME before putting the ring on her finger but that aint the case – the bytch looking for ATTENTION and tell me what woman, trick, slut, baby mama, wife, whore, mistress, fiance, widow AINT LOOKING FOR ATTENTION.i promise some of you niggahs is closet homo’s or insecure …

  • S. Long

    I want a woman that can bring to the table also, forget all that just looking good on my arm. Even if I got all the money in the world, I don’t want no woman sitting on her ass all day. I don’t care how good she look, get you a hustle or a part time job.  

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  • Guest

    Well, I’m sorry this has happened. I thought he was ready to settle down with a wife. Dhea is a very beautiful girl, and she sincerely loves Lil Wayne. I’ve paid close attention to all of their photos together.  And I believe that Lil Wayne loves her just as much. I for one don’t believe that she was trying to capitalize off him. I would venture to say maybe she thought this would please him somehow, maybe make him proud knowing he has a beautiful woman. Also, what I would like to know is how do you fall out of love that quick and over something that foolish. Weezy, just listen to her side………real listening is undivided attention……keep quiet and let the other person talk. I know you know that but, I just wanted to throw it in.

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