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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne And 50 Cent…Cool? Kanye & Kim! Illseed’s Quickes!


I’m not sure how true this is, but I am hearing that 50 Cent and Lil Wayne may have had a chance encounter in the time surrounding the Floyd Mayweather fight. But, the encounter wasn’t beef related at all. I was told it was amicable and casual. If you recall, a few years ago, 50 seemed to be fishing for beef with Weezy and it didn’t happen. Hmmm…wondering if this is the beginning of some sort of coolness between them.


Did you see freakin’ 90’s rapper Akinyele has a damn strip club that made $5 million in a single week? Read it here!

That singing Tocarra is named Tocarra Hamilton and there are rumors that she is dating Lil Scrappy!

Lauren London and Trey Songz reportedly stopped dating, because she wanted him to knock her up…and he refused! Well, I do declare! I’ll knock you up, Lauren!

Mike Vick and his fiancee have set a date to get married on June 30. Congrats to the Eagle!

Is Eddie Long still scooping up young men? I don’t know.


The unit known as KimYe hit London and were immediately besieged by the papz. Here are some of the pictures. For another doozie KimYe rumor, go over to

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Yesterday, I set off a bit of a firestorm when I compared this kid Logic to Drake.

Well, this is no retraction, but I want to make it clear, I wasn’t dissing the boy. I was simply expressing my opinion, which I think was very on-point. He sounds EXACTLY like Drake on this song with a twist of Diggy.

Now, since, I have listened to some more of Logic and I admit, he doesn’t sound like Drake on any other song I heard. Case in point:

I suppose he was inspired by AZ or Nas. I don’t know, but this is much better and actually on point.

So, in the interest of being fair, here is another dope some from Logic.

And another one:

From what I have been told, Logic has already been on several times and the site has been supportive of him. So, like I said, no diss, but that song “Numbers” ..he definitely sounds like Drake down to the ad libs. Other than that, he’s pretty talented.

  • CaliTransplant

    I hate Kanye with that hoe…WTF is wrong with him these days?! Don’t wife that…Even though she’s on fire in the media, she’s USED goods, homes…Yuck..

  • illymac

    50 burned all his bridges..
    now he tryna make friends..

    the same people
    U see when U on ya way up,
    be the same people U see
    when U on ya way back down..

  • immackulate

    cool whyte WAS decent … but him and drake both belong on WKRP and not 97.9 The Beat

    wayne always gonna be cool with 50 cuz most BEEF is manufactured and not even well put together

    lauren london gonna turn into the octomom <<< somebody need to tell her niggahs demand she get back on her NEW-NEW shyt (atl) asap

    akinyele had 1 hit in the 90's … PUT IT IN YA MOUF in ya mf MOU-OU-OU-OUF … glad to see he on his hustle SMART

    i all of a sudden feel the need to schalp the dog shyt outta this niggah KANYE – but he aint my homey so why should i really give 2 shyts <<< just hate to see any niggah parading around town with that TRASH BAG


    How much logic pay yall for the promo???

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    He actually sounds better than Drake to me and a lot like Diggy who sounds like Drake lol.

    • 2twelve

      na drake more lyrical logic shit sounds like his just raping just to rap and his telling stories of how no one belives n him how he made it thats drake when drake was on the come up if he were better then drake he’d be touring off his mixtape by now

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        drake cant rap…..logic can….logic can switch up his style to rap like dem old queen niggas..son can rap fast…son can even sound like aubrey’s bitch ass…drake can only rap about mundane things and band-wagon high school shit..he can only sound like wayne….DATS RIGHT I SAID IT DARKE TRIES TO RAP LIKE WAYNE….dats why he has a philly flow(gillie)..and we all know wayne stole everyhing from gillie….i dnt knw whuts ur problem or if you listen to music on the same realm everyone else does but you saying drake is dope lyrically…sorry twelve i jus dnt hear it..conclusion:logic dope lyricists…..drake: whack ass unoriginal pop justin biber talentless pretty boy…..FYI: drake aint touring because his mixtape is dope…it’s because he relates to these dumb adolecent white girls dat dnt knw hip-hop but loves pop music

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  • he should change his name to Kid DRIGGY lol 

  • mike malarkey

     “Is Eddie Long still scooping up young men? I don’t know.”

    yes u do illseed. u know about all the faggot rumors

    • Got the foot back on his neck I see…LOL

    • immackulate

      marlo mike thas why i phuck wit you … you the same rather ILLSEED or SYDNEY writing

  • If he had good management or real homies they would have told him.  . “Son that shit sounds like Drake”

  • Guillaume Pilon

    laudon still on her hood rat bizz

  • Proper RUMOR!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    wow…logic is not bad….he does sound different on the other tracks….i like the az and nas samples too….i might even go as far as saying son is nicer than drake….it’s apparent son got more lyrical styles and he’s not rapping about mundane things..son seems to be a student of the golden era or hip-hop…respect white boy…akinyele is moving dem thangs out of dat strip club trust…WAY TOO MUCH PICS OF YE AND one really cares…50 been questioning waynes sexuality for years on wax…now they freinds?….oh well everybody has questions about wayne sexuality i guess….i would have pregnated lauren many moons ago…she wouldn’t have to ask….whuts wrong with trey is he gay or something….bigg ups to vick jumping dat broom…shorty is a rider….i knw your kids want a family pet but stay away from them k-9’s yo these crackers cant choose between to save there dogs or there infant….better get a goldfish or an hamster or an iguana or something else….eddie long is somewhere getting his ass bleached….proably gonna hit one of dem teens gay clubs with a catholic priests…phucking weirdo’s

  • Truthinthought

    Logic is str8 garbage. Even more proof today

  • King Jafee

    Logic raps well but he still sounds like drake

  • dam did u see logic hand movements in the video?? he study the #HowToBeDrakeForDummies handbook!!

  • Southcidal

    Damn logic is getting a lot of promo from yall. Its funny how he and diggy sound like drake, but nobody mentions how drake has been biting Mr. Kardashian’s style for quite a while.

  • Black Exodus

    Logic is doing what’s commercial now…a lil drake…a lil diggy…a lil self…I’m sure he will get it together. All he got is time. As long as he is grinding…wish him nothing but success! 

  • All these rappers be flexin like they’re beefin.  These fools be kickin it together.  Why doesn’t Lauren just ask Wayne to knock her up?  Betta yet ask me!  Akinyele is the real Dolla Bill from Chi Town!  Why Ye always be trying to look hard?  Won’t pop a balloon at a bithday party. 

  • DesignatedH8R

    “So f**k all them hookers who had beef with Akinyele.”  5 mil in a short week. Some hookers are making BANK.

  • Eng Mahamudu Jr Juma

    Fucc u @ yorkee, u sound like u are dumb azz gay.

  • Eng Mahamudu Jr Juma

    Fucc u @ Yorkee, u really sound like a dumb azz gay

  • Dudes like Yorkee make white guys like me so embarrassed for the white community.
    Why the hell would you even come on a site and enjoy the music and culture of hip hop if you have such racial hate towards a group of people that started and made this culture?

    on another note that first track really does sound like Drake but that kid has way more skills with the lyrics and with some help from better producers and being taken under the wing of a big name, could be huge one day 

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      dnt worry we know yorkee dosen’t speak for all white ppl…..just like how wacka dont speak for all us blacks….thank everything holy for dat…jus ignore yorkee….son wants attention…1 love brotha

  • $18916246


  • $20434212

    it’s logic, as long as it’s nobody that’s in mah click.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    he got drake jayz hand moves in my Sadat X voice lol 😉

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    props to the kid logic hes def dope tho