Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne And 50 Cent…Cool? Kanye & Kim! Illseed’s Quickes!



I’m not sure how true this is, but I am hearing that 50 Cent and Lil Wayne may have had a chance encounter in the time surrounding the Floyd Mayweather fight. But, the encounter wasn’t beef related at all. I was told it was amicable and casual. If you recall, a few years ago, 50 seemed to be fishing for beef with Weezy and it didn’t happen. Hmmm…wondering if this is the beginning of some sort of coolness between them.


Did you see freakin’ 90’s rapper Akinyele has a damn strip club that made $5 million in a single week? Read it here!

That singing Tocarra is named Tocarra Hamilton and there are rumors that she is dating Lil Scrappy!

Lauren London and Trey Songz reportedly stopped dating, because she wanted him to knock her up…and he refused! Well, I do declare! I’ll knock you up, Lauren!

Mike Vick and his fiancee have set a date to get married on June 30. Congrats to the Eagle!

Is Eddie Long still scooping up young men? I don’t know.


The unit known as KimYe hit London and were immediately besieged by the papz. Here are some of the pictures. For another doozie KimYe rumor, go over to illseed.com.

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Yesterday, I set off a bit of a firestorm when I compared this kid Logic to Drake.

Well, this is no retraction, but I want to make it clear, I wasn’t dissing the boy. I was simply expressing my opinion, which I think was very on-point. He sounds EXACTLY like Drake on this song with a twist of Diggy.

Now, since, I have listened to some more of Logic and I admit, he doesn’t sound like Drake on any other song I heard. Case in point:

I suppose he was inspired by AZ or Nas. I don’t know, but this is much better and actually on point.

So, in the interest of being fair, here is another dope some from Logic.

And another one:

From what I have been told, Logic has already been on AllHipHop.com several times and the site has been supportive of him. So, like I said, no diss, but that song “Numbers” ..he definitely sounds like Drake down to the ad libs. Other than that, he’s pretty talented.