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Hip-Hop Rumors: Man Shoots Up The Block For Meek Mill? Then Tweets?

People are losing their minds. I almost made this an epic fail, but it would seem that they already have that today in the form of “Trayvoning,” which I think is very sick.

[Click here: Signs The World Is Coming To And End: Trayvoning]

Anyway, there is another fail on deck with a slice of signs the world is coming to an end. So, there is a rumor that a man reportedly shot up the block as he listened to Dreamchasers 2 by Meek Mill. As the story is told, he is so amped up that he goes shoots up the block and then turns around and decides to see “who got hit.” So, dude got so amped up over listening to Meek, dude airs out the block, trying to kill somebody, and then also wants to see who got shot. Got it? Right.

Here is the real foolishness.

Dude tweets it and then, on top of that, he @’s Meek Mill. Meek proceeds to add it to his Instagram, which then leads to everybody calling him an idiot. I have not been able to determine if he was just poppin’ junk or actually did shoot up the block and tweet a crime to a rapper that then sent it to his network of 1.2 million followers on Twitter.


  • philly shit..niggaz be wildin

  • Frank

    With a body or two every night on the news…this is just Philly.

  • LOL and SMH

  • brotha_man

    stupid black people will never grow as a people type shit. Why do we love killing one another. sit down a read a book stupid azz negros

  • so the moral of the story is meek mill is a snitch

    • Hank Godwin

      If the idiot already put it out on Twitter, it’s not snitching to retweet it.  

      • thats dry snitching

  • Everyone happy Illseed AKA Sydney Lace is back?

    Or is Syndey Lace made up by AHH staff members to write worst then Illseed so the masses that once complained about him can yell bring him back? Hmmmm

    Welcome back Illseed!

  • That whole camp is full of stupid dicks….from him down to Masspike Miles 

  • bigdoe6

    Wack. Straight up WACK.

  • Dudes be on that “Buck , Buck Buck! ” , but when you say ” Let’s BUCK for the revolution!” , they stfu!

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    Chief Deputy William Roberts handled that situation, the shooter was taken into custody soon after the tweet.

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  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    Lost souls are the easiest ones to capture. 

  • johnblacksad

    Maybe it’s The El-Bark who did this… u never kno

    I be feelin like this when i listen to Freeway, Styles P, Sean P, Mac Boney, Lil Keke, Face… etc.

    Right fcukin now, if i had to ‘driveby’ somebody, .38 by Jeezy and Gibbs who be bumpin as i’m looking for the ninja

    • EL_BARK


      Mmg rumor # 5

      Negro please, me and robert rameek williams are two differernt caliber of breeds.
      Also what i look like shooting up a block, or because of any rapper???
      Or their music.

      2. Dont believe everything you read, also if meek did re-tweet this, its just shows what type of mind frame & mentality he has….
      Ever since running with ross, dude been trying hard to be something he not.

      Also i a grown ass man, if i bussing my gun ( not saying that i own one) disclaimer
      But if i had a gun, and let off, Its over family or For a good reason. not because i heard dreamchaser 2.

      i dont need feds running if my shet.

  • “I’m from north side, but south side where you find me at. In the trenches where 90% of em grimey at. And they dirty, clips hold 30”

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  • S. Long

    I liked the mixtape but only thoughts I had was to go get more money, some coochie, some loud, a new dirt bike and to continue too chase my dreams.