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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Electronica Busts Up An Illuminati Marriage?

What the hell is going on?

Its Sunday and I was trying to chill. The rest of the AHH crew is at Summer Jam. The Roots picnic or some where nicer than I am – my apartment! Now, I get this?

Rumor has it, Jay Electronica is at the center of the break up/ divorce of Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild. I need heard of these people until today, but come to find out they are what people deem “an Illuminati couple.” Talk about fighting the Illuminati! Jay Elec went in and snagged him an heiress. First things first. Kate Goldsmith is an heiress of the Rothschild banking family, who has had infamous links to the Illuminati. Apparently, Ben found that Jay and Kate were having these illicit and sexy text messages. She’s in love with the rap god who we cannot get an album out of. Now, I don’t think we’ll ever get that album. Jay-E and Kate have apparently retweeted each other and all that. Here is the family for a sec:

Anyway, there is more. When Ben found out about Jay-E, she slapped fire out of her face. She called the police to arrest him and they did. They later released him. The sad thing is Ben is all hurt over it. Here is what they are saying about it from the Daily Mail:

‘She is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him and out  with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.

‘Ben was paranoid about their friendship months ago, but when he confronted her about an affair earlier this year she denied it.

‘Then last week he found a series of texts and email messages. They were very intense messages planning sexual liaisons.’

Kate is RICH and inherited an £18 million after her father killed himself. Jay is is now in New Orleans because his grand mother died, but he’s expected to be back with Kate soon.

For more, hit up http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2153789/Rothschild-heiresss-marriage-Goldsmith-scion–falls-rapper-called-Jay-Electronica.html

Damn son!

Starting out: Ben and Kate at their 2003 wedding in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Hoping the Illuminati in-laws are not too pissed off.

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  • This story is very deep.I don’t what to think about this

    • Casor_Greener

      This garbage is not deep…

      • Tee

        Actually it is. Do you know how far back the Rothschilds go?? And how much shit they’ve been in concerning the balance of wealth and power. Step up your knowledge game before you just jump in with a comment simple nigga

      • brotha_man

        co-sign tee s anybody that dont think this is deep needs to get off the internet and run to the public library and starting checking out books.

      • churchboy2

        It… is… just… an… affair.

        The woman is not even involved in her family’s business.

        Some of you slow cats were probably aroused when you saw illuminati in the title.

        Honestly, just because her family may have been involved in “whatever”, does not mean that she did not sleep with Jay-E. Just because Illsed can’t keep the two issues separate, does not mean that the rest of us can’t.

      • Weedras

        so because a Rothschild offspring is involved in a breakup scandal it goes deep…oooohhh some countries are going to fall over this, politicians are quaking in their boots over this… please! this nothing more than some celeb drama… Nigga illseed tryna sell a story… believe this if these ppl really wanted to do some shit then illseed wouldn’t be having the Dailymail or the Telegraph as the source of his info, they reporting it as news and this nigga passing it off as a rumour… if it was really somethin deep the media wouldn’t be broadcasting it….THINK people

      • Casor_Greener

        What does that have to do with anything? 

      • SDS_Overfiend

        Your a Fool!!!

      • immackulate

        gutter – er’thang black and white huh?

      • really?

  • NYsun

    Peace to the God for hitting that lick! Hope he merck her bank account, then get back to the Queen Badu.

  • dominicancoke

    is simple big dick vs little dick big dick always wins

    • Mosdaze

      Get over ya self. Obsessing about another mans dick ain’t healthy buddy, the true story is prob more like that little fairy boy (see last picture) ain’t into women and married this girl to keep his mom happy and she got sick of taking care of her buissness herself..grab the nearest peon you can. You think if it was all about the D she’d pick this scrub?

      • dominicancoke

        me as a big dick man my self know the powers of big dick’s especially when i use it right u see not to brag i had chicks pay my phone bill and take me on carribbean trips so yes its all about the dick look at that white weirdo you know he got a small one and is weird probably into little kids or something

      • We all know you have a small dick dominic..  lol.. your fake e-life is hilarious and you continue to make black people look like dumb monkeys.  Congrats to your contribution to our race.  

        U-G-L-Y, you aint got no alibi You Ugly!

      • dominicancoke

        awww you hurt my feelings awww lol listen i’m not black im dominican some dominicans are black im just not one of them and the ugly thing haaaaaaaaaaaaa idiot i actually modeled before all jokes aside look at this cute face wheres your pic? probably nowhere since you resemble precious good bye and dont reply hey that sort of rhyme kick rocks

  • The_Councilman

    Jay just didn’t get himself a white girl, he got himself a super rich white girl

  • $18592567

    This ain’t nothin’ more than a dude and a chick that work together hookin’ up. 

    I’m tired of hearing about the illuminati everyday. If it’s real or fake no outsiders will know or prevent the next movements of this group. That’s almost as stupid as people talking about shadow government this and that. 

    • Casor_Greener


    • churchboy2

      ^^^the truth dot com.

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    At least she’s not fat, think shes black, and work at walmart…

    Even though she’s goofy looking. These euros isn’t…ahah

    • tbirdandkoolaid

       i meant pounds…all the same. paper.

    • immackulate

      boy you a cold piece … it is a lot of bruvahs running around with FAT WHITE GIRLS on they arm at Wally World

  • rep87

    smell like some shit and some devilish shit at that in The late Richard Pryor voice

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  • Talk about gettin to da money, she rich and part of the “illuminati”?! Jay Elec def read that Jay-Z handbook.  #exhibit$$$

  • CT

    probably for the better they look like Brother and sister….

    • Stephen Silva

      more like Sister and Sister

      • Tee


    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      yeah they do look like family….like they trying to keep the wealth in the bloodlines.

  • That’s what I always say, if u fukkin somebody, make sure you can get somethin out the deal.  Too many thirsty b#tches wit they hand out these days. Bring somethin to the table besides your appetite.  Just sayin….

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  • SDS_Overfiend

    If he did this… This is some Serious Shit. Damage control will be out and he will see some shit he can’t unsee. He will end up in the middle of some shit that death will be the only way out of…

  • Pretty smart on Jay-z’s part.  I was wondering how he would build up the hype around Jay Electronica without having him on tracks with Rihanna.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    She’s a “music executive”.  She’s also a decedent of one of the core families that are believed to make up the Illuminati.  

    She could probably tell you something about the origin of the negative messages in black music lol.  

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


  • slumlord_vinny

    homeboy is playing with death!

  • Traestar

    Now thats pimpin! ~Eddie Griffin

  • MscBlggr

    She looks weird. He looks gay. What’s really going on?

  • so i been sitting here like an idiot waiting and waiting for the Jay E project and instead he’s chatting and sexing a retarted looking white chick. WTF

  • Hmm, the Rotchilds control the Federal Reserve & the U.S.

    If this is true……whoah!

    • thaGOD83

      they still aint shit to me bro, once folks realize that the centralized banks, banks with no gold to back the over printed currency, are everywhere and that money means nothing, they will mean nothing..these families aint shit bro, and jay e aint shit if he messing with them, they wont be around too long…i guess this is blade and jay e is helping the vampires lol.  other than the media they are powerless..the failing system is all they have left, he should just stay with the GODDESS, Badu, thats what they want to be like anyways..shalom

  • JustAnotherKoolKid

     damn if this is true r.i.p. jay electronica lol

  • thaGOD83

    they great at getting folks attention like this hot 97 crap,,, but this is nothing more than a pub stunt, whether he is banging that boy/girl looking creature or not..whether he can rap or not, his career is not where jay z would want it to be, and this is a way to add spark under his career, why not tie dude to a so called important chick that has a hand is his careers, and she will have a diff kind of fame after this also, so it is for all parties including jay z, thats why he is in the pic…i can tell that the cloud over our blind eyes is going away because THEY are looking real silly/desparate lately with all of these media tactics, it is as apparent as the NBA being rigged that this is a stunt, as for this illumwhateva, once you realize they are insects, and we are the GODS, they will have no importance to youu, why care or even fear any1 that wont show they face, and is afraid to…as for JAY e, like pac said, peep what dudes say and do, dont just bob your head, and these folks will show they true colors, jay e showed his, not spiritual as he claimed messing with this “creature”…i guess he is a zombie now too lol

    • immackulate

      you a weirdo fam llamf

      • thaGOD83

        the weirdo is the boy/girl looking thing in that pic GOD.  im just stating an opinion off the “facts” provided.

    • churchboy2

      …or maybe he actually had an affair with this woman?

      This article did not need a conspiracy theory. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, Stupid)

      • thaGOD83

         if you still go to church you are the conspiracy in every sense of the word, that is stupid, learn something b4 you label an opinion conspiracy, i give to shits about conspiracy GOD.

      • churchboy2

        …says the guy who calls himself “thaGOD”

        [Ice-T Voice] “You played yourself…” LOL!

    • Mos High

      Im not going to talk for Jay E. But maybe he is truly involved with the lady. European women are not my thing. But maybe he just getting some mega rich pu$$y.  No man is perfect, we all slip up somewhere. Doesnt make use less of spritual of a person.   

      • thaGOD83

        great point GOD, and i feel you,IM NOT INTO THEM EITHER, i was just listening pac footage, even though he 4sho wasnt perfect, and that part stuck out…dudes say one thing, and be about something totally diff…maybe he didnt bang her, but shit there are much finer, richer, more connected woman bro..she look like she straight from a compound lol, but to each his own..he went from badu to that, shit, way more finer white women than that homie…SHALOM

      • but she has the illusion of something….money?

        Are those needle tracks on her arm? I feel sympathy for this girl, simple minded fools are jealous, why? From day one they preach like having money solves all your problems. Her father committed suicide, her life is fcked up in ways many cant imagine.

        They treat their women like meat, hmmmm, so do most rappers….

  • crazymonster2

    HAAELL YEEEE NIQQQQAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he cleaner than me now! Gettin a HOUSE NOW.

    HIT EM UP – THEY WILL HELP U!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++\


  • If it looks like the Devil, smells like the Devil, and talks like the Devil, it’s the Devil….

  • immackulate

    “you know the name of the game yo BYTCH chose me”

  • Q.

    Even a screenwriter couldn’t make up a story this good. The IRONY of it is just…mind-blowing.

    I only wish her father was alive to see this. I wonder how he’d reac…Oops, never mind.
    LOL (sinister laughter)

    • churchboy2

      You’re cold-blooded (but yeah, I laughed too…)

    • Her father would have REALLY taken his own life if she cheated on her husband with a black dude that refers to himself as God lol

  • water_ur_seeds

    18mill aint that much considering who that fam is… Thought more like 18bill! 

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

       that some of the money that had to be split up from the fathers estate portion.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    if this is true, the Rothchilds are going to take care of this Jay Electronica cat he a rapper and he black that’s a no no. they gonna make jay drop him off the Roc with no rope. Literally

    • Shiiit! They may take care of that Rothschild chick since she’s the one that is making their family look stupid and messed up the “illuminati marriage”!

  • HOLD UP… How his grandma all of a sudden die after he get caught smashin Illuminati… j/s

    • She was probably old as hell! They would have killed someone else in his family if they really wanted to send a message. Not his grandmother! Maybe Erykah Badu and their kid lol

    • Who What Why When

       if he was close to her..it probably was a blood sacrifice

  • The core of Rothschild set a place at dinner for lucifer himself, and serve him like he’s bout to eat food every night at the head of the table… that family.. is serious.. Jay electronica is a DUMMMMMMY

    • and who the hell is Lucifer…an actual person who is gonna sit and eat with them? lol
      I heard that before though! That’s how you know they are some wacky characters smh

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  • They look like two women getting married in that picture! lol

    Who cares! Every Rothschild is not an “illuminati” member. Some are just relatives! SHE definately isnt a member even though they may have called on her alien-looking a$$ to do something since she is family (Rothschild) lol

  • zzzzz88

    He should of went for a Rockefeller instead, ha. Who’s richer, Rothschilds or Rockefeller dynasty?

    • yavnik

      the Rothschild family are the richest family on earth, literally. The actual Rockerfeller family is rich as hell too though. 

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i fucks with Jay-E but he loses major points for plotting on a married woman i now hold him in the same category as Alicia Keys … why does it seem like our quality most lyrically inclined artist do dumb ish like this that pretty contradict thier public image … smh @ jay for this one …………

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