Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Electronica Busts Up An Illuminati Marriage?


What the hell is going on?

Its Sunday and I was trying to chill. The rest of the AHH crew is at Summer Jam. The Roots picnic or some where nicer than I am – my apartment! Now, I get this?

Rumor has it, Jay Electronica is at the center of the break up/ divorce of Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild. I need heard of these people until today, but come to find out they are what people deem “an Illuminati couple.” Talk about fighting the Illuminati! Jay Elec went in and snagged him an heiress. First things first. Kate Goldsmith is an heiress of the Rothschild banking family, who has had infamous links to the Illuminati. Apparently, Ben found that Jay and Kate were having these illicit and sexy text messages. She’s in love with the rap god who we cannot get an album out of. Now, I don’t think we’ll ever get that album. Jay-E and Kate have apparently retweeted each other and all that. Here is the family for a sec:

Anyway, there is more. When Ben found out about Jay-E, she slapped fire out of her face. She called the police to arrest him and they did. They later released him. The sad thing is Ben is all hurt over it. Here is what they are saying about it from the Daily Mail:

‘She is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him and out  with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.

‘Ben was paranoid about their friendship months ago, but when he confronted her about an affair earlier this year she denied it.

‘Then last week he found a series of texts and email messages. They were very intense messages planning sexual liaisons.’

Kate is RICH and inherited an £18 million after her father killed himself. Jay is is now in New Orleans because his grand mother died, but he’s expected to be back with Kate soon.

For more, hit up http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2153789/Rothschild-heiresss-marriage-Goldsmith-scion–falls-rapper-called-Jay-Electronica.html

Damn son!

Starting out: Ben and Kate at their 2003 wedding in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Hoping the Illuminati in-laws are not too p##### off.

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