Funk Flex

Hip-Hop Rumors: Funk Master Flex To End Young Money's Career?


Funk Master Flex is known to get into a beef or two. But, is he ready to get in the mix with the whole Young Money on behalf of his Hot 97 family? It seems so. I am hearing that Hot 97 is going to blast them seriously like he did yesterday. I heard that Flex said he is going to end careers TONIGHT on his show. So listen up later. Not sure if Flex and end any of those guys careers, but I’d like to see him try.

I don’t know. What do you think?

Emo Jay says, “I dunno man. That’s a quandary.”

  • Kevin Joge

    Didn’t Flex disrespect Tupac? And then Layzie Bone and Outlaws dissed him?

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Mopreme Shakur sonned him on FuckMasterFlex diss to a bangin ass beat, shit is viral on the west coast

      • Mopreme responded but the song and the beat was trash.  He would have done better just talking.

  • Raphop71

    Fall back Flex, just spin your records and let them get their money. Their young, you’re old school, just stay out of their way and everybody will be all good.

  • Mos High

    I dont care what it is, but competitve battles are usually good for the industry when there in the proper contenxt of things. 

  • Casor_Greener

    Nobody listens to flex punk a$$, playas in the south don’t give a damn what he is playing or who he is rocking on his show.  That dude has been a chump since ’96.

    All he’s going to do is mess up his stations meal ticket from getting all that money from Baby to play their music.

  • immackulate

    Flex full of himself … dogshyt!
    Hot97 aint shyt anyway … Power 105 where its at in NY and i aint even from there
    HOT 97 phucked themselves for booking YMCMB – especially if you think they aint real hip hop – why in the phuck would you book;em?  Thats the biggest AZZ BACKWARDS shyt i ever heard of … now i look at it THE WHOLE DAMN LINE UP was SOUTHERN NIGGAHS anyway … and NY dont consider the south as REAL hip hop for the most part … so why the phuck would you book them niggahs … ??

    Rosenberg diss starships but the PD program director gonna make sure starships gets played at least 2x an hr … bottom line NY is phucked.  Cuz the people dont support THE SOUF but the POWERS THAT BE keep it in rotation … KARMA IS DEFINITELY A BIG BYTCH!

    • you buggin nigga.. iam from new york and hot 97 gets more burn than power 105

    • junj03

      Tranlsation PLEASE! 

      • immackulate

        translation = PHUCK TIM DAWG lol

      • junj03

        The best definition in three words ever 😀 lmao

  • I’m from NYC and I cant stand FunkMaster Flex and his homo crew!

  • hahahahahahahahaha You’re a nut!

  • hahahahahahahaha You’re a nut!

  • Richie_Ochoa

    Really nigga???   U suck

    • dominicancoke

      it was a joke you retard by the way i can really spit

  • lonn

    that was funny.  no…actually let me rephrase that….HELL NO.

  • lonn

    that was some stupid sh*t for hot 97 to do anyway.  why r u dissing one of ur headliners at the pre-show.  just dumb business. 

  • digitallife

    Wait..wait..I thought YM was a trend…didn’t know you could consider half spitting/half show boating a career…some folks on here don’t understand Flex’s reach..whether you like him or not..anyone who is anyone goes thru flex..he’s the last man standing in the NYC radio wars..keep in mind it was flex’s ratings that forced every urban radio station in NYC to play some extension of hip-hop. Can’t stand Flex but give the man credit..he’s made a lot of stars on his show..

    • Weedras

      Flexx’s influence hasn’t been as heavy as it was say 5 yrs ago hot97 has been slowly fading a bit… while i can say he may influence the NY crowd a bit he can’t end no one’s career…

      • digitallife

        Keep only looking at what flex does at hot 97…Flex isn’t some trend personality. The man has a successful 20 plus year resume, is the head of the largest core group of celebrity dj’s globally, serves as advisor to countless labels and mega brands including vehicle companies. Now you folks want to dismiss him, that’s stated i’m no fan of the man..but artists are expendable..people who make stars are not..and he’s on the non expendable side. I bet you if hot 97 fired flex right now..he’d have another gig in less than 5 minutes..if any artist from young money got dropped..not so much..remember the average shelf life for a rapper is two albums..also remember Hot 97 was a third tier station when flex got there..who made it #1? Flex…who create summer jam? Flex…who is on the board of trustee’s at emmis radio? Flex…Emmis is the single largest radio network in the U.S. if they black list you, your career is over!!

    •  Flex is not nearly as important as you make him.He had his time. Remember The breakfast club ethered him last year.

      • digitallife

        You guys go by what you read…keep doing disrespect fam but Flex has been wayyyyy bigger than just a radio dj but he’s not promoting himself like let’s say a diddy or a jay-z..but when it’s time to make decisions Flex’s name is on a ton of checks from a ton more powerful people that write the checks that go to the artists he plays..if you were in business and you had this choice which would you take..

        1. Guy who makes your artists hot and keeps checks coming in for 20 years
        2. An artist whose own popularity is limited to when the next hot artist comes out..

        Clearly #1 takes it..20 years is a long time to be making people millions to not be important.

  • “Bring flex to iraq let him blow up sadam because you know he drops bombs” -fab


    TO ALL MY NEEE GGGGGAAA ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!111111111111


  • S. Long

    I see there are some ass backwards comments on here. If your not from NY then you don’t know nothing about Hot 97 or Power, unless you travel up here on the regular. First off Hot 97 is the #1 Big Dog in Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae in NYC. Ask them other dudes from Power that use to work at Hot 97… Now Peter Rosenberg been telling how the Hip Hop game is going and how he feels about that Starship song and Nicki and YMCMB been knew it from when Flex was going at Clue, so why all of a sudden they gettng there g-strings in a bunch and don’t want to perform. Radio jocks are paid to say how they feel, and the artist gotta take the good and the bad. Yall youngn’s are so soft these days, get tougher skin and loose the skinny jeans cause yall too emotional for the real world. 

  • illymac

    they should just admit that peter whats his name
    messed up by talking shit about the headliner of the show..

    if he dont feel the young money crew is real hiphop
    then he shouldve taken that up with his bosses behind closed doors..
    #thats bad business…

    and funk flex be giving his self too much credit..
    type dude think he more than what he is..

    remember bernie mack in players club..
    “U aint nothing all U do is spin records thats all U do..”

  • a slightly short-sighted view.  As much as we all can rightfully take shots at Flex, to say that he has NO influence and NO reach is out-of-pocket and uninformed.  Case in point, EVERYONE will be listening in to his show tonight to see what he’s gonna say/do.

    • immackulate

      yeah that means he just finger phucked the whole NY metropolis to tune into his show and UP his ratings … cuz come next week he gonna be back to spinning YMCMB

    • If ya’ll ain’t realize… New York doesn’t set the trends anymore. So, relatively speaking? Flex has NO influence.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Too many lil girls and emos listen and buy Wanyes records, and they havnt even heard of SpunkMasterFlex, so He wont even put A dent in Young Money, and if that dickhead Flex can influence who you like then your spineless fool… Fck Wayne and Flex

  • he not ending careers.  the people that buy Young Money don’t listen to 97. 

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      But what if people don’t really buy Young Money? What if Flex knows inside information about the label dealings i.e. buying their own records? What if he knows without a shadow of a doubt that Wayne has someone writing for him (again).  That COULD end their career.

      • girlOG2012

        hummmmmmm……what do u know???

      • immackulate

        man shut up … flex aint ending no careers you naive as hell if you think so

      • Obviously, you smoke too much marijuana, and didn’t make the most of your educational experiences. You sound like a damn fool.

  • junj03

    Flex has some dirt for sure. press tha bomb button on em

    • immackulate

      where’s flex dirt at ????

      • junj03

         it exploded before he could hit the studio 🙁 lol

  • girlOG2012

    At the spot last night…cold as I don’t know what! GGGGLLLLLAAAADDDDDD Nicki didn’t show up. My man loves her for her body and disgusting rhymes. I don’t like her irresponsible lyrics that are landing alot of young girls in the clinic…(“point me 2 the best…….eater”-WHAT!!!!!???????) shameful disregard for healthy living….. Anyway…this is the third time seeing Ricky Rose’ and I think he has no show.  The best thing about last night…Jeezy, Nas, Mase and the incomparable Miseducated Lauren Hill!

  • girlOG2012

    Oh… and it’s definitely mud on ya face to promote acts…have the working class and unemployed scrape together hundreds of $ to be there….only to find out later that you publicly screwed yourself.  Nothing was said during the concert except “Goodnight”.  I was tight. This was a disrespect by both Young Money and Hot 97 and I want to know how they plan to make it up to me. #REPARATIONS NOW 

    • immackulate

      reparations … made me laugh!!!

      • girlOG2012

        I’m serious… it was 25 bones to park….12 for the Lincoln tunnel…50 for the food and hot cocoa just to keep warm! I’m mad! I wanted to see Khalid w/T-Pain and Fat Joe.  Whwn you spend that kind of money, you SHOULD get what you want- at least you should get what you paid for. I held up my end of the deal and go 4 fingers for 5!

      • Mosdaze

        50 bones for some show food? Gdamn you eat.

      • girlOG2012

        hungry big bone……..and thirsty 2

      • immackulate

        you sure you aint mad cuz they ran out of hot dogs and cotton candy ?!?!?!? one minute you glad NICKI aint show up then the next minute you asking for your money back cuz YMCMB walked out … tell the truth, you was trying to keep yo man from looking at that BIG AZZ huh?

      • girlOG2012

        HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! yes…I didn’t want to hear
         about her…..and yes…..I want some money back!

      • girlOG2012

        Now…get off me immackulate

      • immackulate

        im’ma back back all the way off mama  … only cuz i like yo character and you aint get upset NOT once – you and yo reparations are AIGHT w. ME

      • girlOG2012

        After processing for a day, I realize that I’m not gonna be drawn in by the spin doctors and the BS. It really doesn’t matter about the back and forth between Nixxi and Hot97. At the end of the day, the paying ticketholders like me were callaterally damaged.  That’s all I’m saying.

      • girlOG2012

        You feel me?

      • immackulate

        baby you spent under $100 – that would have been my scmoke sack during the concert lol

      • girlOG2012

        I don’t smoke….I only painfully endure the second hand at these concerts

  • Micheal Daston

    I  don’t know Peter Rosenberg is Jewish soooo yeah, perhaps its possible !!!

  • divababy1999

    Real Talk Funk Master Flex & Peter Rosenberg needs to SHUT THE HELL UP. Lil Wayne was right to pull everyone from the show based on pure principle you don’t disrespect my artist before they go on stage!!! One radio station does not make or break a career. Maybe Flex needs some more TLC time with his homey Mr. Cee oh that’s right Mr. Cee likes trannies not down low brothas!! Flex & Rosenberg got what they wanted publicity now its on to the next one. Let’s see no more interviews, promos but your radio station will still be spinning the tunes putting money in their pocket. Drop a bomb on that!

    •  I don’t know. It seems like an emotional reaction. Dudes are so sensitive you’d swear they where all “clits”

      Don’t get in the music industry if you’re so sensitive.

  • What do ya’ll be thinkin’? NYC doesn’t set the trends anymore. Ya’ll dudes are 12 years late. LoL. FMF is like a gnat in the game. Yeah, we hear the buzzing loud and clear, but at the end of the day, where is the bug spray at? 

    • girlOG2012

      plz stop playin. The NYC will ALWAYS run this game.

      • Torrey Winston

        if nyc running the game why some many nyc niggaz running south? i love real hip hop…but lets be forreal…sit down

      • girlOG2012

        don’t hate on the NYC….Philly and DC. just sayin. stop hatin. We KNOW for a fact that Philly and DC are not trending. Now-let’s be friends

      • Torrey Winston

        no ones hatin…nyc will always get love..ya’ll created hip hop..but to say nyc is running hip hop is wrong. you have jay-z…what use to be 50’s career..fab…busta still doing his thing..but he wit who no…they all run down south to be relevant…after jay z finally retires…nyc gonna be hurtin for real cause no one cares about tight lyrics..i mean the kids dont. 

      • girlOG2012

        the beats moves me…but the lyrics are still my thing #Oldschooljunkie

      • All your major artists now hub between two places… And that’s Miami and Los Angeles. NYC is a city… California is a state… And the South is a region… So when you talk about influence, the physics of it are very simple. Smh.

      • wutangforever

        ny is a is a city is the main big city of ny state.

      • immackulate

        wutangforever lol them niggahs dont even get along

      • immackulate

        NYC aint running shyt but they mouth

      • girlOG2012

        …and you???? Tell me….you rep …where?

      • immackulate

        the earth my turf BABY

  • immackulate

    YOUNG MOOLAH bah-by!

  • I don’t know if you guys realize this but funk flex is the guy who breaks everyones records!! Hence when he start dropping bombs!!! he’s back by all the a list rappers such as Kanye Hov etc… He could give to shits about lil wayne bc he’s already loosing the hood!!

    • jejam36

      lil wayne gives a rats ass about the hood.the object of the game is to get out the hood. white folks buy his shit. funk flex cant make or break no rapper in the south. southern rappers are grinders.

  • brotha_man

    jay z stay in them white folks face…i guess the black rich community aint good enough.

    • Ok. So get better.

    • Donald Willis

       Sorry but its  not. Jay gets more support in the white community for not being “real” or whatever…Im tired of people clowning on dudes for not being hood…no one in the hood wants to be there sorry to tell you and anyone else who thinks its cool.

  • Finally, someone speaks thier mind.  The ‘rappers allways want somebody to kiss thier ass. YMCMB shit is garbage anyway.

  • Finally… Now I can go back to listening to Hot 97! #DeathOfTheWeirdo

  • Black Exodus

    only the fans…and the fans only can cut careers short. If we (the fans) not feeling them…their career is over. Underground artist stay working because of a loyal fan base…they are not even played on the commercial radio. Mixtapes, Independent releases keep the fans happy and shows keep the artist fed. You the fan has total power. Should you give a DJ, total power, then you have what we have today. A watered down version of hip hop with no diversity. One more thing…while I love New York and it’s movement, they alone do not dictate what people like and dislike. Hip Hop is now global, it is no longer regulated to a coast or region. I think the headline should be “Funk Flex will end YMCMB careers in New York”! At the end of the day…all the consumer wants to hear is good music…if the artist delivers that everything else will work itself out! 

    Black Exodus “We Diamonds”

  • ulostatlife

    Are we seriously defending Hot 97 now?I’m not a young money fan(that emo rap is for the birds) but why is it hip hop fans are the biggest Dik riders in the game.Everyone sh*ts on Hot 97 because all they do is play the same records over and over and promote one trend of music all the time and now they are righteous cause some whiteboy is all emo Nicki won’t give him the time of day? You used her to sell tickets then publicly sh*t on her..later for all that.I would have pulled her too.. They all clowns.FMF is the biggest one matter of fact.He aint built for any kind of beef.Y’all acting like he gonna play Lupe,Nas,Talib,Yaasin Bey,and any other underground or real hip hop artist out.No they not..They gonna start playin Ye Hov and any other clic that will give them the time of day…

  • jejam36


  • girlOG2012


  • jejam36

    lets be honest. hiphop is dead.

    • girlOG2012

      Over the years, I have enjoyed some of the switches in the movement..but this techno stuff doesn’t move me. i stiffen up when i hear it.

  • JimJames29

    He’s influential and I don’t doubt theres a lot more to his job than just being a DJ. But face it is he is A dj from A radiostation in A city. Popular DJ yes, big radiostation yes, huge market yes. That’s still not nearly enough to hurt the empire that cash money is. Not to mention you’re seriously hurting yourself by not playing records of some of the biggest stars, all over some petty beef, that YOU started. Rosenberg just messed up. Basically you get invited to a party and as you ring the doorbell you hear the guy who invited you talking shit about you inside the house. So what you do is say fck this and you go home. Wayne might be a punk but he didn’t get punked on this one. Hot97 played themselves.

  • jejam36

    funk flex is only relivant in ny. and cant kill nobody career but ny rappers.but then again most of them are not relivant anymore.

    • girlOG2012

      …funny…I read about this in the New York f… Times. Flex went viral….international. Check yo’self

  • wutangforever

    the whole ymcmb is trash.lets be for real if you were to put that group up against real hip hop mcs they wouldnt rosenberg said and i agree,i would respect nikki more if she did music with queens mcs like nas mob deep and others.rep where you from.ny could get this shit back if we had unity until then it is what it is

    • immackulate

      where was them QUEENS niggahs when she was grinding mixtapes with Mizay Ent.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        in queens

    • jejam36

      wu tang might be better mcs but i know for a fact that ymcmb would sell more albums. when will yall east coast hiphopers learn that country rap tunes out sells hiphop anyday.


    he need to worry bout his man Cut master C. FMF think its back in the day still

  • rep87

    He cant end nobody career when there time is up and trust its close they will be gone like anybody else who has come into this game

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  • Jester Edward

    jejem36 are you forgettin nicki is from queens

    • jejam36

      i know she is from queens. That let me know something is wrong because she rather do songs with gucci mane than nas.hmmm

  • immackulate

    just heard the interview … FLEX scraight punani

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      we all enjoy punani…dont u agree

      • immackulate

        lemme rephrase it then … FLEX is straight BOY PUSS-E

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        oh he’s ass…….vehmently agree

  • $18916246

    Flex need that payolla….spins ain’t free..he’s probably screaming for back pay..Flex bombs played in the the past..i.e. radio promo doe….and we know Baby’s an a** bettin bad bad check writa. Niki’s  dried up US sales is forcasting for the 3rd CD let down. International won’t mean anything when you learn the brand name Niki Minaj is controlled and owed by cmr. This is typical bad music industry business. Wayne is caught up in the common wannabe thug mc extortion game. Baby hands in one pocket, blood gang in the other…there goes your retirement plans. Wayne is stressed and can’t come down off his fake fabricated street thug persona.

    • black_messiah9000

      Damn, this is so true.

  • jsj23

    What Punk-Flex still djs?  I always hated his winey-sissy voice since I
    was a kid.  I am glad I moved out the city a loooong time ago.  Feel
    sorry for you Knickerbockers who work underpaid jobs and live in those
    highly overpriced tiny apartments and have to listen to Punk-Flex as
    your source of Hip-Hop there in NYC.  He can’t cut for diddly! I have
    seen colllege kids rock parties better than this guy.  His opinions were
    always lopsided and shady.  Seems like nothing has changed since I left


    flex need to sit he bitch ass down somewhere… niggas in ny dont even mess with this clown…he dont know what he wants to do. sale cars, work on cars,have a car show, be a dj, a party promoter, or club owner… and he not good at none…. he is like 50….