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Breaking News: Nicki Minaj Talks To Funk Master Flex Over Summer Jam Debacle

(AllHipHop News) After bailing on Hot 97’s Summer Jam, Nicki Minaj called Hot 97 with Funk Master Flex and explained why she didn’t make an appearance.
“What happened was this, my fans didn’t appreciate his comments,” Nicki Minaj said live on the air. “Like I told you Flex, this was not about 2,000 people that he talking to. This was streamed to the world. that stream was posted on my website”

“This is being broadcast to the world,” Nicki said of the event was streamed across the internet.

“Flex, its not about his opinion, because I have opinions about DJS at Hot 97 and hot 97. I wouldnt dare come on your stage leading put o that concur. Everybody is grown enough to keep their opinions to their self. When you disrespect Nicki Minaj, your’e disrespecting my fans. Don’t make those three million people…that their inferior for their personal taste in music.”

Peter Rosenberg, a host on the morning show, said some disparaging comments towards Nicki Minaj in the name of “real Hip-Hop.”

Nicki responded: “When you invite somebody to your home, you treat somebody with respect.”

Nicki said that after Lil Wayne called off Summer Jam, she was forced to not to perform even though she wanted to continue on.

“Nobody would have even known I had a problem with this. I’m not a quitter and I don’t back down from anything.” “Wayne gave me a very good lesson on knowing my worth. Wayne has been my mentor, Wayne got me in this game. Lil Wayne gave me a lesson self worth.”

Nicki said that she promoted the annual Summer Jam concert, attended by about 60,000 people, on her website and other means.

“Know that Nicki Minaj sold a lot of tickets last night.” Nicki said and suggested it was an attack on woman. “I am the only woman not that stage holding it down for woman. I respect men that hold it downs for women.” Lauryn Hill did perform, but there weren’t a lot of women to grace the stage.

For a moment, Nicki took Funk Master Flex to task.

“Why you ain’t diss Wayne? Why you ain’t diss Wayne?” Nicki asked of Flex, suggesting that she was being singled out.

“I’m not scared of Wayne,” Flex eventually retorted.

After a while, the pair began to explain what happened. It seemed that communications were strained because cell and mobile receptions were not sufficient to to the sheer volume of traffic.

At press time, the pair were still conversing about the matter, but the nature of the talk had lightened significantly.

Earlier, Flex was rumored to “end careers,” but a talks became this public interview.

Nicki further called Flex to task later in the interview.

“Yesterday, you made a lot of disrespectful comments about me. You said something about my record sales and so I need you to pull up your roster from yesterday and I want you to listen to these statistics.” Nicki then proceeded to run down to Flex all the records that she sold. “Do the math,” she implored Flex.

Flex wanted to differentiate between album sales in the United States and international. Right now, Nicki’s album has yet to sell gold domestically.

Yesterday, Flex had much more to say.

“We ain’t fu**in’ with commercial rappers no more. If you lost the fu**in’ streets, it’s your fault. If you don’t go gold, it’s your fault,” he said yesterday as tensions were at their height. “I’m dedicated to tearing you down. If you not buying no more commercial albums, hit me on Twitter right now.”

“Everybody’s wrong here. For real, for real.” Flex said after ranting that “everybody’s egos” got in the way of what was best for fans at the Summer Jam show.


  • Rosenberg was out of line, but that song iz trash. 

  • Donald Willis

    nikki is garbage though…so he wasnt lying…

  • Flex is a cowardly, butt kissing twit! If that was 50, Jigga or Wayne he woulda kept his trap shut. I can’t stand bullies. Just be consistent.

    • Casor_Greener

      yeah dude is a chump, on the interview kissing a$$. what happened to destroying careers.  LMAO

  • lil wayne taught her a woman’s worth.  roflolzzzz.

    • TaffaHarrison

      thought i was the only one who caught that 

    • 2twelve

      not a womens worth as in her as a female but her as an artist in a business thats rule by men

  • He may be right be she still deserve his respect when she performing at a event sponsored by his job. The event I am sure helping him pay his bills.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    so flex backed out then ?

  • Phillip Fuller

    flex is a fag for that behind your back diss .

  • OaklandOxymoron

    I’m not  Nicki Minaj fan but Rosenburg and Flex was out of line. Flex is a coward and continues to do cowardly shyt..

  • If Rosenberg was such a problem, why did Young Money even agree to do Summer Jam in the first place? He was dissin’ Nicki Minaj months ago. Flex played himself, though.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       your right about that hes been riding down on that starhip song since it was released 😉

  • dominicancoke

    i still have never downloaded none of her shit  the day i do ima download katie perry and justin bieber

  • dominicancoke

    i heard the entire phone conversation @ 9pm flex was kissing her anus like it was made out of gold dude a coward for backing out on his word nikki stepped all over this dudes balls 

  • It seems like Nicki Minaj punked Funkmaster Flex. I don’t like her music, but she has a point. Plus, Flex needs to calm down in general.

  • ccwaterbound32

    he was just scared to lose that job of his… i mean to me they both corny and wack… all i can hear is flex talking all forceful and s*it just spitting all over the damn microphone, while nicki undergoes a f*cking exorcism doing 10 different personality changes… if anything wayne azz should be talking to dude working it out… see this is why Hip Hop is lame these days this is why i can’t take noone in the industry seriously… man all i know is Big K.R.I.T!!!! album drops tomorrow dude got dope lyrics makes his own beats and just be’s himself he doesnt get all caught up into that goofy homosexual s*it. i respect people like that who actually take the time to perfect their craft and MAKE an initiative to better themselves after every single project they put out…  if yall tired of these lame azz stories being printed my vote is to ignore it and mooooooove the f*ck on! see im fed up until i see something worth while to talk about ill just to step to the side and watch whichever dumbazz come along and play his/herself SUPPORT THE REAL! RIDE ON THE FAKE! ABOVE ALL ELSE PEEP THE GAME AND HOLD THESE IDIOTS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DUMB S*IT THEY DO!  WAKE UP MANE AND SMELL THE F*KIN FOLGERS ALREADY!!! 

    peace the f*ck out…..

  • Be free Mister Cee, be free.  Flex and Mister Cee are queers.

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  • H. U. S.

    Nicki just proved she more street than Wayne, on accident! She ain’t give 2 shyts about what they said…she was still bout to do her show, but Wayne wanted to pull out faster then Baby in his azz!

    I’m happy that people are finally seeing Wayne for what he really is, CM bout to die out real fast real soon!

  • I really don’t like Funk Flex…

    He is ALWAYS going hard on dead people and females…

    Sticking up for Mister Cee when he got caught with that tranney, hitting Steph Lover when she decided to make the power switch to 105.1fm and leaving hot 97, popping shit about Tupac whom is dead…. I saw him going hard on some other female artist but can’t remember who it was… I hate dudes that act tough with girls but not other grown men.

    I wish his b*tch ass would retire! Or someone would slam him on his head already….

    • Soulgasm

      Say word!

  • This is so bias i … i cant right now.

  • rep87

    Flex should join ymcmb they all fake and full of shit

  • timwest1000

    Instead of manipulating everything, Nicki just needs to make real music. I dont think she is capable. She is an entertainer, not a rapper. See how she invited the people we respect as her “guest” Nas and Lauryn. Her shit is out in the open now and she cant deal with it. Flex already did his job by putting it out there, theres no going back on that. You think he would have said she was whack if she was not whack? She is, always has been. I knew she should should have been killed as a puppy instead of a full grown bitch. This is the same girl who hollered ” I pay your welfare”. The same girl who claimed to have “shitted on em”. Now people are shitting on her, its universal law. For every action is a reaction.

    • 2twelve

      she didnt invite lauren hill she invited nas cause he was on that track with drake and jeezy nas invited lauren to perform what he seems to think is his only hit if i rule the world on some real i dont think nas know how to change his flow or adapt to beats that dont sound like pots and pans falling

      • spiderzerohero

        the point is, her guest would validate her. regardless of if you like nas or not, he is respected by african american real hip hop lovers, nicki is not. her fan base are gay kids who she tricked into thinking she was a dike and white people who are entertained by bullshit obviously.

      • immackulate

        if you blame NICKI for the way the game goes then
        blame PETER ROSENBERG for playing that shyt
        than after you blame him blame his program director
        than after you blame the program director blame the
        major label and the distribution company for pimping
        rap music –

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        dont stop there

      • jamaicanbornanbreed


    • immackulate

       the bytch came in the game spitting rap bars …
      she chose to chase after the money and go POP – thats her choice
      shyt JAY tried it with In My Lifetime Vol1
      worked for Kelly Rowland
      eminem always does a POP single for his white fans
      truth be told, Lil Kim was actually going the direction Nicki was
      until Nicki took off with that shyt
      cant hate the broad for going with her BREAD AND BUTTER
      at the end of the day if she dont milk this game for what its worth
      than she’s the fool –

      • timwest1000

        You make my point. Money over Art and Integrity. You can have the money, but your image and history will be tainted. If the money is enough, why care? Why pull out of a show for the “bread and butter” fans and what not? The whole POP shit is bigger than Nicki, Its about Hip Hop maintaining some dignity and Roots, which does not matter to someone in the game JUST for money. Just a side note-The bitch did not come in the game spttin bars, she came in the game spouting verbal vomit in a british accent, fools like you fell for the whole thing. I hope you guys are females because I cant see how any man would defend this chck over Flex telling the truth. This shit is rigged, No One loves this hoe that much!!!!

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        hahaha word son….i cant believe you just questioned mack sexuality

      • immackulate

        go back to her 1st mixtapes my bruvah before you get emotional in response – the broad came in the game RAPPING and the very moment the opportunity presented itself she seen dollar signs in her eyes and conformed for the money … i aint saying it is or isnt justifiable – even JAY-Z said he “dumbed downed his AUDIENCE to double his dollars” so if you actually think that you are getting HIP HOP in its purest form than you are mistaken my bruvah.  Not one artists is better than the other morally because they ALL sell/sold out for pay-per!  Call me a fool if you’d likeand contrary to believe the last female’s CD i bought was Lil Kim Hardcore … you thought i was defender her but im only putting you on game that ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS aint SHYT EITHER
        so whats real hip hop to you aint shyt but a facade to me?
        aint none of these niggahs real … and the one’s that are … you will never support – but they too have a sellout price.  FLEX aint say shyt and at one point in the convo he tried to throw RESENBERG under the bus … im’ma call a SPADE A SPADE and stand on that … i dont follow niggahs and excuse they wrong doings just cuz er’body else says so … i leave that for niggahs like YOU

      • immackulate

        MONEY OVER ART … you dumb phuck
        these so called REAL NIGGAHS you following selling
        you dispair, death, and destruction on cd think they care about they place in history or where they gonna purchase they next luxury vehicle from … let me find out you buy into the dreams they selling you and you got nerve to call that ART – it aint nothing but a phucking rap song you damn SIMPLETON lol
        the days of ART died when Kurtis Blow signed his million dollar contract >>> after that it became a BUSINESS a lucrative one at that.  Aint no integrity in this business you got damn clown if you think so – aint no integrity at the church house so why in the phuck you would think A RAP SONG/RAPPER would have integrity … niggahs advertising fake dope prices, telling yo son and daughter that they aint real unless they drop out to sell dope … yeah thats ART right there

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        yea right mack….if dat whack ass bitch wanna milk something….i got something dat she can milk dat will produce some white milk like substance i could squirt at her….and those bars off beam me up scotty….was crazy whack….u smoking sum good shit huh mack….wash ur face brotha

      • immackulate

        nah on that one song with her jay, kanye and somebody else
        the broad held herself down with all them niggahs
        truth be told BABY aint 1/2 bad if she removed all the extras
        she puts on with (faces, sounds efx, outfits, costumes, 3rd person references, thinking her shyt dont stink) i promise if she stayed in that
        DA BRAT lane the bytch would get more respect

        HOWEVER she wasnt in the game a good yr before she switched up
        and she told niggahs she was gonna switch up from jump street
        said she’d rather act than rap – and when that opportunity presents itself she was gonna jump on it

        i didnt knock ICE-T for his COP KILLER cd, i aint gonna knock HEAVY D or LATIFAH for trying sing/reggatone theyselves into a different lane
        BY ALL MEANS DO THEM … but im saying EVEN lil kim said she was going the TECHNO dance, dance revolution sounding genre

        it’s up to us to NOT support the shyt if its wack however i cant knock the artists hustle either

  • Soulgasm

    I actually agree with Wayne for pulling her.  Like Nicki said, if you invite someone to your crib, then you should show respect.  This would be different if this was another artist dissing her on stage .  But this was a DJ employed by Hot97, at a Hot97 concert.  I can’t say I disagree with this move.  

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  • johnblacksad

    Funk Fukmaster Flex!… uh… i mean Fuk Funkmaster Flex! (Excuse my french but i’m really in France Watchin Da Throne! N!ggas in Paris in Paris was epic! 10 encores… 11 times total)

    anyways… and nobody disses Nicki & Ymcmb quicker than me!

    I don’t rock with Nicki’s music either but Rosenberg & flex are two way too foul & disrespectful ninjaz! Funk’em… uh… i mean Fuk’em

    Nicki i got you a pass on this one… you straight.

  • immackulate

    “why you aint diss WAYNE?”


  • immackulate

    i’d pay KAY SLAY to kick skin off FLEX forehead

  • kstaxx

    I dont even like Nicki Minaj or her music and yes Starships is a pop song that goes without saying,the fact of the matter is that Jew Peter Rosenberg was in the wrong yeah he has an opinion and hes entilted to it, but Im ridin with shawty on this its as simple as she says if you dont like her or her music dont book her to perform at your show shawty dont need Summerjam shes jus flew bak to America from touring overseas,

  • kstaxx

    (cont) she was doin Summerjam a favor by leaving her European tour jus to perform at Hot 97 annual venue. Peter Rosenberg shouldve known better females are the most sensitive creatures on this earth the slightest incident can get them in their feelings he jus needs to apologize to Nicki Minaj because he was being unprofessional no matter how true his opinion may have been. As far as Funk Master Flex he was punked and exposed on his own show, Nicki Minaj completely shut this nigga down.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      so your all for censorship….i’m not everyone has a right to voice there opinion and how they feel…i didnt have an issue with imus calling dem nappy headed hoes nappy nor dat redneck on mnf….the thing with censorship is its an pandora box…when it opens the consequenses is unturnable meaning today we can censor whut comes out ur a year we can censor whut u do,who u date,WHUT U THINK…..i dnt care ur creed,sex,religion,finacial status….we all have a right to speak our mind…similar to whut your doing….i think ur dillusional….but you have a right to ur opinion…..nonetheless one of the cons of fame is harsh critics….da fact dat she has a clit does not seperate her from da fact that other famous women before have dealt with worse….nicki is garbage…dats common knowledge….perter is not the only radio personality dat has herbed her for her overwhleming pop appeal

      • nino970

        i agree 100% with you man

  • i agree i hate commercial rappers too, wtf they forgot where they came from we need that hood shit not that pop shit

  • KingRell25

    Who cares

  • Rosenberg kept it REAL. That man has been bashing Nicki’s music, way before Summer Jam. When Jigga airs out Prodigy in his ballet pic, it’s cool. When a DJ airs out his opinion that he’s always openly had, theres a problem?…..Flex is wack though…No excuses for popping shit and then backing down.

  • digitallife

    She tried that typical woman shittttt let me yell over you, shove my facts…dictate the conversation as it benefits me…in fact i’ll say he made her look super dumb to the point he was laughing at her ducking is business if I book you for 60,000 people it’s your job to get on that stage…seriously..artists like nicky should be lucky to get an invite to summer jam..summer jam used to be a classic it’s 75% soft as pop rappers..

  • atlantahiphopshop


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    before i say anything i would like to say PHUCK FLEX….i’ve felt this way since i met duke back in 99 and he tried to herb my nigga roach over a bum bitch…..however….i feel son on everything he said…nicki might be hot with these dumb young white bitches…and with the droids who watch viacom’s 106th and pu$$y…i mean park…but worldwide…nobody gives a phuck about this talentless slore….the bitch cant rap period….and yea flex herbed her and made her look stupid but dat aint saying too much…..the homeless rhino at the liquor store got more sense than her…neways i dnt see the big deal….i didnt care dat young money wasn’t there(dnt know why tyga was there)…they been lost da street….summer jam is for da street…so personally i didnt even notice…peter has always spoke da truth bout manaj..why it an issue now…i do respect flex stand granted i see him pu$$ying out of it…i still think he’s an asshole…in short i will end this with:PHUCK YOUNG MONEY

  • Finally The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost. I Have Been Calling Her Music Gimmicky And Lame For Years. I Would Be Called A Hater. Then At Some Point Nicki Really Really Made It A Concerted Effort To Have Those Pop, Breathy, Sing Songy, Radio Crossover Songs, But When I Would Go On Youtube. I Would See This Broad In A Hallway Hoodie Up Gutter As Hell All New Yorked Out!!!  It Was Obvious To Me That She Sold Her Soul In Order To Get A Record Deal.

    I Listened To The Funk Flex Interview And Let Me Also Say Flex Is A Hanger On, He Is A Penis Rider, And A Media Whore. He Does It On The Down Low Though Or At Least Tries To Be On The Down Low, That Nigga Aint Real. I Remember How He Used To Talk Shit On The West Coast Artists Then When They Would Be In The Physical Form He Would Be All Sucking Them Off Praising Them, Hyping Them Up Like He Wasn’t Salting Their Names Up On Air And In The Source And Vibe Magazines.

    However Flex Did Bring Up Many Great Points In This Interview. He Actually Painted Nicki Minaj Into A Corner A Few Times. What Does She Do? Start Talking That “I’m The Only Female On YMCMB.” “My Fans, My Fans Shit.” THEN She Through Foxzy Brown Under The Bus, Because Nicki Minaj Started Name Dropping And  Made Her Look Like A Hanger On, (Foxzy Brown Really Does Just Needs To Sit Her Washed Up Ass Down Some Where And Be Quiet) Name Dropped Beanie, Baby, Drake Etc…. Talking About How Many Records She Has Sold Worldwide Trying To Compare Herself To Eminem NAME DROPPING SMH!!!! Avoiding Flex’s Questions.

    Finally People Are Waking Up To How Garbage This Broad Is. Her Voice Is Annoying, She Is A Gimmick Who Wears Makeup Like She Is A Circus Mime, She Claims She Has Multiple Personalities, She Recently At An Awards Show Did An Exorcism On Live Tv, Speaks In A British Accent Sometimes, Her Lyrics Are Garbage, But The Bright Point Is That She Has A Phat Ass And Big Lips. AND People Were Critical Of MC Hammer????

    I Also Do Not Agree With Lil Wayne Pulling All Of His Artists That Was Some Weak Shit. I Though He Was A Boss? If He Is This Big Boss Then He Was Supposed To Rectify The Situation, Not By Cheating The Fans And Creating This Media Circus For His Label, His Artists As Well As Himself. This Is A Huge Event. I Feel Wayne Acted Like A Diva And Made Nicki Look Weak And Even More Ignorant Than She Already Does Look. AND That’s Not Easy To Do……………

  • nino970

    wow she made it sound like she was reprsents woman movement it aint that damn real wow

    • jsj23

       If you are a woman, try to get your foot in the door.  If you make it that far, see how many other women are around you and how long you will last.

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  • jsj23

    What Punk-Flex still djs?  I always hated his winey-sissy voice since I was a kid.  I am glad I moved out the city a loooong time ago.  Feel sorry for you Knickerbockers who work underpaid jobs and live in those highly overpriced tiny apartments and have to listen to Punk-Flex as your source of Hip-Hop there in NYC.  He can’t cut for diddly! I have seen colllege kids rock parties better than this guy.  His opinions were always lopsided and shady.  Seems like nothing has changed since I left NYC.

  • jsj23

    Homegirl in the video above at about 0:15 look aight!