ROOTS PICNIC VIDEO: Without An Arm He'll Spit; Freeway Hops Another Philadelphia Stage

You never know what might happen at a festival. Legendary MCs might show up. Fights between artists and journalists might ensue. And one-armed rappers might get a shot to rock, when other rappers don’t show up due to plane trouble.

That’s just some of what happened at last weekend’s Roots Picnic in Philadelphia. Flexibility was key – with things like flash thunderstorms and sound systems that didn’t want to cooperate.

But if you’re Freeway, the dexterous rapper from Philly’s State Property clique, you just might know the art of capitalizing on a moment. Before the weekend, when last we heard from Freeway, he was busy storming the stage in the middle of Mayor Michael Nutter and Jay-Z’s “Made In America” photo opp.

That little ditty landed him everywhere, including on the pages of Rolling Stone recently, and he’s been on a roll ever since.

So, when The Roots called on Freeway to help rock the show on a day that could have been a disaster, he obliged. Even with a cast on his arm and a sling to hold it down.

And the hometown crowd loved him for it.

But before that, he caught up with in the backstage artist village to fill us in on a few things. Namely:

1. Why his arm was in the huge and painful-looking cast

2. What The Legendary Roots Crew means to Philadelphia

3. What the heck was up with him barnstorming the event with Jay-Z

4. What’s next for him and State Property, especially Beanie Sigel and Peedi Crakk

Check out our interview with the always entertaining Philly Freezer:

Follow Freeway on Twitter and Instagram (@PhillyFreezer).

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  1. $18916246

    The realest cat in state prop…Free is never an envious cry baby. Free has his own lane. One of the most influential emcee’s of the last 10yrs in HIP-HOP and definitely underrated… many rappers bit that from Freeway (Young Jeezy cut the check)…Free brought the islamic beard look and fashion to HIP-HOP. Free has one of the most distinctive rap flows in the game. Free is an original dude.

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