Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent “Sells Out” On QVC

First Oprah, and now QVC?! 50 Cent is really, um, diversifying his media reach, isn’t he? The Hip-Hop mogul made an unexpected appearance on QVC last night, selling his SYNC and STREET headphones which retail for $250 and up.

50 was strategic with this appearance and made sure that his music was playing in the background, as he bragged about how durable his headphones are. Check out the video of 50 Cent’s appearance below:

The headphones ended up selling out, just like….oh, never mind!

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    […] Both Lionel Richie and the Beach Boys have similarly visited home shopping channels to boost sales of their new albums; 50 Cent’s long-delayed (though not in hip-hop terms) fifth record, which he just announced will be called Five (Murder By Numbers), is due conveniently soon, July 3. In the video below, Fiddy’s able to not only sell out QVC’s stock of his headphones, he also sneaks in a snippet of “21 Questions” and proclaims that he’s his own favorite rapper — basically a win-win-win, despite having to grit his teeth when the host suggests he’s going to be listening to country music on his pair (via AllHipHop). […]

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