Drake Announces "Summer Jam Reloaded" For Young Money Fans After Nicki Minaj and Hot 97 Beef

(AllHipHop News)  While the rumor mill continues to churn out stories on Drake’s fiasco with Chris Brown, Meek Mill and countless innocent bystanders, including the San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker, Drake has his own announcement to make.

Drake will be hosting his own Summer Jam Reloaded at Jones Beach Theater on June 17th in New York, because they “f**ked it up,” according to Drake’s recent vlog post that can be seen below.

Drake will be bringing a host of guest artists to perform alongside his Young Money family in response to the Nicki Minaj situation that occurred after Peter Rosenberg dissed Nicki’s song “Starships.”

In the video post its stated that Drake told DJ Scoob Doo and Bread Over Bed That Summer Jam 2012 will be “brought back to life at his upcoming tour date at Jones Beach NY, to compensate for Young Money fans not seeing their favorite artists after a business feud with Hot 97 FM.”

More news as details emerge.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    You don’t feel corny after saying all of that, Drake?

  • drake look like a flounder yo.. if his eyes were any farther apart he wouldnt be able to tell whos standing in front of him

    • jboat123




  • When is the U.S. going to Deport this lame????

  • 2twelve

    he wavy doe ion knoe if its an act but he wavy he dont need to wedar over size shirts with dirty shoes saying nigga every other sentence to be considered real nigga cool dude  

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  • kstaxx

    WOW for the sake of argument lets jus say YMCMB consisting of Birdman, Lil Wayne, Drake, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Bow Wow, DJ Khaled and Ace Hood goes ahead with this so called ”Summer Jam Reloaded” and it actually is received well by their fans and attendance is at an all time high not more than the real Summerjam but close enough. If it is deemed a success does that mean from now on YMCMB will not be attending anymore Hot 97 Summer Jam annual venues instead they will be hosting their own, if that is the case thats a swift move that might pay off for YMCMB but I doubt if it hurts Hot 97’s event although at the least they might loose out on major ticket sales but onething for sure is such a move would set a precedent in the rap game beleive it or not.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    i wish i was f***in famous…id punch this nigga right in his mouth,…let me see him bring them gay ass crew he run with, my BK niggas will shut shit down, in the spot and the parkin lot…call a nigga ignorant but we keep it 90s style all day erryday…to punks like this…n show love to niggas with respect.

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  • wronginfomate

    By recent you mean one year ago? Check the date the video was posted on youtube.