Hip-Hop Rumors: Birdman Says He Has "No Respect" For The OKC Thunder Arena

Cash Money head honcho, Birdman, has spoken out against the OKC Thunder arena for treating Lil’ Wayne “like sh*t”. Baby feels that the OKC Thunder need to pay for the way they treated his son, Weezy. Check out what he told MTV News in a recent interview below:

“OKC gotta pay for their disrespect that they did with my son — that never would be honored,” he said.

Baby, who regularly attends Heat games, makes it clear that his issue isn’t with the people of Oklahoma City or the team’s individual players.

“The arena, just the arena because I love the people of OKC — it’s the arena and how they been disrespectful,” he said.

“F— them, I have no respect for them and the way they just disrespected another black man who tryin’ to come to their arena that happens to be my son. It’s Miami Heat all day every day anyway, but that’s just how I feel personally.”

We all know Baby is always going to ride for Lil’ Wayne, but how exactly does he expect the OKC Thunder “to pay” for not accommodating Weezy?

  • gayne is baby’s suga daddy

    • mademan3000

      Ur shit doesn’t even make sense. Gayne that sounds dumb as hell!

      • hernandez26

        u mad bro? lol

      • fagy keeps sayn he is gayne’s daddy but gayne pays for everything

      • wait u like wayne and baby? like for real doe?? u LIKE fake ish??? huh.. well that says alot about u.. jussayin..

  • when all u talk about is drugs & killn people wat do u expect? he is a serial murderer look at all those tattoo tears wtf is he talkn about?

    • Richie_Ochoa

      u a real life square

      • Antonio lasley

        @richie, shut ya nutt ass lil Wayne dick riddin bitch

    • we all know that rapping is entertainment. i bet they dont have problems with ‘actors’ who play killers and drug dealers in movies.
      come on in, sir!!

      • real killers move in silence

      • Ronlg1

        How many actors join a gang at 40? How many actors get time at Rikers? How many actors tag their faces? Being an actor or a rapper isn’t the problem. It’s your character. Also, if that arena doesn’t want you there, then either don’t go or buy the team and change the rules. These cats is just trying to get more mainstream face time. I saw Wayne’s fake blood @$$ at a Hawks game this year. Came in late, sat on the front row and act surprised when they call your name….c’mon son.

  • I don’t like how popular as Wayne and Baby playing the race care over floor seats for a NBA playoff game… Maybe they don’t like his murder/ drug filled lyrics.. Maybe its the fact he’s a self proclaimed blood gang member. Everything is not about the color of your skin.. 9 times out of 10, its about the content of your character.

    • baby & cash $ are not hot now, so he can kiss his privleges good bye !

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    No Baby, it’s “F— yall”. Evidently they could care less about accommodating coons who have no relevance to their team and their fans. You keep saying that you are for the Heat then dont expect the current rival team to treat you good. Why would they? They loose money letting yall in for free. Maybe if you were in support of THEIR team? It’s the finals. It’s serious right now.

    And don’t try to make this a color thing because I saw plenty of color’ed folk in there lol. You don’t speak for us. You are about that street TALK (key word is talk because they not real). You put out negative images of yourselves and expect to be respected in the real world? Thats not rap music. Thats real life. And in real life, we dont respect fake thugs and 40 + year old men acting like teenagers.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      U a real loser

    • i dont agree with baby, but the only blacks i saw in that arena were the players and security.

      • bassing

        Tickets aren’t sold based on color, jump on stubb hub homie, spread the word

      • Ronlg1

        The population in OKC is 62.7% white. 15.1% black. There are more Hispanics than blacks. 17.2%….you can google that info

  • umm when u run around saying you are a blood/fake slob gang member why da F should anyone respect.. that goes for real bloods and real gangmember in the street doing what they need to do. You co-sign them u look fake.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Why u had to say slob though, are u a real banger? If so get yo lame ass off the internet thuggin and do it in the streets square ass nigga

      • i sad slob cause they fake, fake blood = slob, thats ur knowledge lesson for the day

    • @Ill….. damn blood, i feel on that fake wop shit…………. u must be a e-rick-it

  • Man he better not eat the nachos at the OKC arena after this. Its going to have fresh grated from unda cheese.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    CONTENT OF CHARACTER. @yahoo-3BVWAW2YSWUUXJ5IRNTMZ22GWU:disqus you said it best.

  • HipHopStalker

    If they don’t have seats available………..WTF? you act like ya’ll some hollywood actors like Denzell Washington or Will Smith. Nobody cares who your are and you being there isn’t a plus for the arena or the team. The game will go on without you. Just because you might ave your ass kissed everywhere else doesn’t mean everybody has to do it. You gotta treated how anybody should get treated under the circumstance. Deal with it clowns

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  • bassing

    Nobody wants those bums around, their fans dont go NBA games. They all at the mall and at home playing video games

  • was this same guy in club with the mavs last year ? how is heats all day

  • Buy a ball team and then talk. Thats what the real ballas do pigeon man.

    • Irvin Findlay


    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      or at least break bread with the real shot callers. I remember he was flapping his gums talking about getting into part ownership of a sports franchise, those dudes ain’t bringing him near they circle. he better off trying to start his own minor league team or something?

  • baby sounds like a hater

  • baby sounds like a hater

  • i love it when reality hits these divas!!!!

  • Barbare

    shut up faggot

  • Barbare

    okc all day everyday

  • Nobody gives a hot turd about what this mother goose is talking about. You motherfuckers are the biggest hypocrites. wayne saying women should be respected at all times, but nigga you rap about disrespecting em…secondly, this aint got nothing to do with yall being black, it has something to do with the fact that you fag dolls kiss each other in public….dont nobody wanna see that shit if the camera hit yall and yall kissing and hugging and shit.

  • World Wide

    Whatever last year both Wayne and Baby said that they were Heat fans and the moment they lost they both were partying with Dallas in Miami! Am I the only person who remembered that? What about that kind of disrespect to Miami?

  • I don’t respect pedophiles and that isn’t your son.  

  • first of all how can another man say dat another person is his biological son, second yall chumps aint no real bloods & third of all just bcuz u got money nobody has 2 respect u or ur cissyfied gay ass son, keep it real or move on loosers!

  • The Nation is waking up to this madness nowadays, with killuminati/the industry videos on Youtube yeah why you think Youtube doing advertisement deals & switching policies now…….but yeah nobody cares about Lil Wayne wardrobe consist of teddy bear shoes, jeggings, lip pierce, skate board clothing line but you a black man smh…..Yes I blame weezy for his actions with Trina or whomever but at the same damn time Black Wall Street was in Tulsa,OK so yeah racism definitely play a big part of it

  • scullyson

    Hey birdman dont nobody give uh ******  about what u talkin bout. Sit down clown..smh

  • Tony G.

    It amazes me how these dudes ride the nuts of winning teams…smh…anyway…yall arent special..if they aint want him in they aint want him..fuggit..

  • D_Ably

    aww bless they went a treated Wayne like a human being instead of a turdstar, such a shame.

  • Global_Mission

    A 40 year old man turn banga on here talking about respect…Nicca Plz! This F.U.C boy about as real as LiL Kims Implants. And quit kissin LiL Boys PHEDIFILE!!

  • The beef is on now!

    Birdman ain’t habbin’ it!  He’s gonna make a song about it!

    That’s how a real banga, who just turned banga at 40yrs old handles beef, when his SON is kissing him in the mouth, while wearing his daughters clothes!

    • Ronlg1

      Dude, if you didn’t just read my mind.

  • KevinWarren

    Birdman, like lil wayne, is just another race baiter.  He’s a racist. 

  • Vanessa Tipton

    some people just should’ve never had access to money.. but i blame all the people who put them on a pedestal for being in the spotlight..come on.. i applaud the arena.. hopefully, it catches on

  • immackulate

    Regular BLACK MEN get denied civil liberties all day – and this OLD MAN complaining about a
    phucking basketball game …

    quit crying pussie … cop floor seats to the 3 home games in MIAMI and wear
    PHUCK OKC shirts … but quit crying niggah we dont respect that. 

    • Southcidal

      He’s just trying to stay in the news. When the Finals are over he’ll do something else.

  • S

    I most be smoking too much Al Green but if I can remember wasn’t these fools riding Dallas Mavs  dicks last year because Wayne was crying that when he went to one of the Miami games Lebron & Wade didn’t say what’s up to him and he thought they were disrespecting him then.Now these fools is all on Miami dick now…COME ON SON! Nigga buy a ticket and sit yo ass down somewhere.(You and baby) And what the hell is baby gone do to OKC’s organization? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But sit there with that stupid ass star on the top of his big ass bold head and cry wolf. Trust me they(OKC organization) can give 2 shits if you come or go nigga. PS….Quit jumping from team to team because they are winning. You did it with NO Saints then you switched to Green Bay, now you go from the Mavs to the Heat. Where’s the fan loyalty at?

  • mel

    Miami Heat all day…..Didn’t this clown go partying with the Mavericks when they beat the Heat last year????  Sit your clown a$$ down..Tweetie..

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    miami all day huh….aint these niggas dallas mavs fan….dats who they were partying with last year when miami lost…..these niggas is proffesional dick riders….oh and big ups to okc for not kissing these bitch niggas asses….there are plenty of black celebs who go to there games and there is no issues……..(dave chappele voice)THEY SHOULD OF NEVER GAVE YOU NIGGAS MONEY

  • What is it the arena was supposed to do for him and Gangstalicious?  People are there to watch the game, not look at a 45 year old rappin pedophile and his sexually confused adopted son.  Damn.