Former Cash Money Rapper BG Gets 14 Years On Gun Charges

(AllHipHop News) BG, a rapper that helped build Cash Money Records, was sentenced to 14 years for possessing a firearm, conspiring to obstruct justice and other charges.

BG, born Christopher Dorsey, was sentenced on Wednesday in New Orleans by U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan.

Judge Berrigan also gave BG three years of supervised release at the end of his jail term.

The 28-year-old rapper pleaded guilty in December to the charges, which stem from a 2009 arrest.

BG, a felon, was convicted on three other felonious charges from 1998 to 1998.

Jerod Fedison and Demounde Pollard were also sentenced to prison time for their role in the case.

BG was a marquee artist with Cash Money Records and coined the term “bling bling,” which represented excessive jewelry.

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  1. 7yoyo7

    *sigh* The same dude who said in an interview that he already has criminal convictions and would never incriminate himsel like the new generation does….

  2. Apollo Showtime

    Damn B.Gizzle, that’s not what’s up! Nigga’s that love rap is gonna hurt for you. I sure do. You can’t be doin’ dumb shit when you’re trying to do BIG things. YOU FUCKED UP THE HOTBOYS REUNION FOR SURE!!! TURK’S ON HIS WAY HOME.

  3. Sosa_Limone

    BG was by far the dopest rapper out of the hot boyz and he had the most charisma too… its a shame these are the niggas that built cashmoney from the ground up (with manny fresh) and bc Baby too greedy and wasnt feeding these niggas they all fell off and ahve been in and our of jail…. BG was signed to cahsmoney when he was like 16 youwould think that baby would have been lookin out for these dudes… without hot boyz there owuld be no young money right now..

  4. King Rickey

    B.G. was one of the realest in the Cash Money camp from Day 1, HE put Cash Money on the map, not Wayne(and Wayne would admit it) and put out classic Southern music in the 90s, so it’s disheartening to see him go. I can only hope when he gets out he’s a better man and he still got people that are willing to reach out to him and help in positive way. Stay up homie.

      • Richie_Ochoa

        no they didn’t they were the earlier artist but b.g and juvie made them world wide and nationally known name one national hit anyone of them artist has nobody outside of the south was checkin for cash money before bling bling and Ha

      • $18592567

        That’s like saying World Class Wreckin’ Cru made Dre a household name instead of Ruthless or Death Row…

      • digitallife

        Nah the eyeliner and the disco queen tops did lol

  5. EL_BARK

    Wait he only 28……….
    Damn he was really young back then. Thats why baby and slim were burning them niggaz.
    They were just kids, never knew he was that young. But now that i think of it.
    Wayne was only 16-17. And they used to rap together.
    Fuk up, new orleans/ louisana still on that jim crow law.
    They getting rappers out of here, fo-real.
    Boosie, c-murder, turk, now b-gizzle. And i sure it more.
    Oh forgot mystikal. And they not getting skid bids. They cats getting
    Some time… 14 got damn. And niggaz say Ti aint rap.?????
    Yeak okay….

    This is proof in the pudding. & fuk you to that troll in advance.

    • Louis M

      You say Louisiana on that Jim Crow stuff, well I beg to differ… I live in Louisiana and I’ll tell you everybody gets what they deserve.. I seen a white boy get 10 years on his first meth distribution charge, but aint nobody cryin about that? No reason to bring Al Sharpton in on this… Brah, if you live that “life”, don’t get all upset/bitchy when you have to face those consequences of your dumb-ass decisions.. Dude was ridin around with his boys and had some guns… Gee, why would they have those guns? For play? Cowboys and indians? No, they gonna use them on somebody, which is forbidden by law in the US.. Illegal guns at that, that TI shit… Here you are sayin these cats should be released from prison cuz they under the white mans law… Well last I checked, Charles Manson is under the “white mans” law too, and he’s guilty by law as well, so we should free him too right? You got life fucked up homie, on tha cool.. And to set the record straight, BG wasnt even that amazing of an artist.. Put his hood credentials aside and look at it from an artistic perspective, dude was not spittin fire… So all of yall get off his dick.. Boosie is 10x better than this dude, and Boosie aint even top 20 in the game.. IM FROM LOUISIANA BORN AND RAISED

      • immackulate

        BUCK got 1 1/2 on gun possession – which aint bad cuz he was a convicted felon already – you know felons cant have firearms

      • immackulate

        sound like you just hate BG – especially if you saying BOOSIE was better
        you off yo rocker potna … straight up
        i bet you BOOSIE uh even tell you BG was that niggah
        dont believe me … look at that BOOSIE documentary before he had to
        turn himself in

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        boosie better than bg bg inspied lil boosie like boosie said cash money no limit had me real loose they inspired him boosie got songs wit bg fool i love boosie music but bg c murder soulja slim ma juve u cant compare boosie 2

      • ccwaterbound32

        what parish you from? cuz dude if there was no B.G there wouldn’t be no boosie….

    • immackulate

      BG aint T.I. fam … T.I. make money for these white folks – youtube that BLU DAVINCI interview when he was released from the FED’s – he said it himself that they was on a mission to find out if TIP snitched before he cam home – he give his explanation to why TIP checked out

  6. $18592567

    Baby Gangsta gotta give dem people dey time mang… I always hoped the HB’s would reunite eventually… 

  7. Amboseli Abroquah

    this is a damn shame and the amount of time they give is not uncommon in the south. shaking my head the fact he is rapper accusing him of profiting from violence and throwing that into sentence is something that to me violates his rights. george zimmerman wont do this much time for trayzon martin and gun in dangerous city to protect yourself is the same as murder.


    Damn. I guess that effectively ends his career and any hope of a Cash Money/Hot Boys reunion, although he would be the only one out. If you are a black entertainer – do not do crime and pay your taxes! In case you STILL do not get it – THEY are coming for you! If they are not killing you off, they are putting an end to you somehow. THey do not want blacks having outlets to wealth. This is like the calm before the storm (killing us all!)!

  9. WillVetterGoodin

    Acting like a gangster aint cool. Glorifying murder, selling drugs is not what hip hop is about. I hope when he gets out, he will have learned his lesson. “gangster rappers” are not above the law.

    • Louis M

      I agree. This Fool EL_BARK is a troll himself, bitchin about trollin… LOOK AT YOU! Man i swear , the hip hop community got a bunch of “attack of the clones” type of cats… Bunch of young, immature dumb ass fans overrating their favorite rappers (who suck) and bitch and whine when they go to jail because they broke the law and wanna blame it on other people… GROW UP AND SEEK WISDOM/INTELLIGENCE


    i dnt understand sh*t like this T.I. who is a “felon” so they say gets caught with a f*ck load of machine guns and only gets a year and a day, now B.G. gets 14yrs smh we got a f*cked up justice system……….. or may its the n*gga wit the most money calls the shot. sh*t is cray

    • sakiru oresanwo

      was T.I caught with a load of guns or caught “TRYING” to buy a load of guns?dont know much about the law but they both seem different to me and therefore should not really be compared. I’m sure someone who is more knowledgable will come along shortly to shed some light on this.


        either way we all have right to bear arms & protect ourselves regardless of anything else. its in the constitution… he shud get a better lawyer


        not if your a convicted felon which “they both are” …….. right?

      • Ace

        actually T.I. was worse. was trying to get automatic machine guns with silencers illegally plus to have silencers is a Major crime I heard. Then when they search his house he had way too many guns. I mean if niggas rush your crib I dont think u going to get to shot all them guns. my opinion tho. 1 year and a day. hmmm

      • Celz

        T.I. did a year in the pen, a year on house arrest, and about a years worth of community service. He got a slap on the wrist but T.I. bought the guns after his legal security failed to protect him and his staff. And he also did alot of community work before he got caught up. Judges take that type of stuff into consideration, plus Louisiana is known as being tough on crime.

  11. JDTruth

    Dang tough break nigga. Should have been smarter now you just better make sure you don’t drop the soap and fail when you get tested.

  12. kstaxx

    Damn this is messed up first Mac gets 30 to life, then C.Murder gets Life without parole, Turk gets 10 years , Mystikal get hit with 6 years, Lil Boosie gets hit wih 8 years, and now BG gets hit with 14 years, I thought the damn Hip Hop police was only in LA and NY they aint playin they clampin down on gangsta rappers in the south. BG was the realest out of Cash Money bar none he is a true downsouth legend 14 independent and mainstream albums deep in the game, although hel’l only do between 8-10 years his presence in the rap game will be missed for a while.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        yea not the feds its not years its months but they have good time they got programs in there too but instead bg doing 14 he might do 11 or 12

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      boosir be home next year m bg be home in 7 remember u only do half the time if u got good behavior

      • immackulate

        niggah shut up … aint nobody doing 1/2 the time no more
        quit spreading falacies – niggas is doing 98% they tiem in the fed’s homey

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        feds maybe but u still can do 1/2 in the feds if u take progams depending on ur case n felony type on the inside n boosie be home in october nicca ima jail bird i kno out of 8 u do 4 out of 10 ummight do 7 to 8 depends if it a violent crime maybe not but u can get counselin on the inside n get a lil bit off

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i didnt kno he was doin fed time i didnt read that part im still mad he gettin locked up but they got programs in the feds 2 get a lil time off but iit depends on ur case n felony type

  13. Dior

    This will be Lil Wayne in 5 years…It seems like all Cash Money artists end up in prison after being replace by a new team of younger-cash money artists.

    • Louis M

      C-Murder was caught red-handed killing a youngin… here you are sayin free a guilty man, because you want his dick in yo mouth… So that means we should free the baby-rapers, the daycare bombers, the cannibals, and the serial killers too… C Murder’s lyrics were garbage, for the record… Man you young motha fuckas dont know shit about talent

  14. digitallife

    This dude has hard a hard life..I’ll say this…B.G. musically didn’t appeal to me until I heard his backstory. Then it all started making sense..this dude at 28 has lived through more adversity than a motherfker…3 felonies, heroin addiction, poor to rich, to poor, to ok financially..and on and on and on..I only wished that the same praise we showered on him in his “popular days” can have the same devotion to using his life as an example..too many fools running around screaming streets and i’m real..this dude here is as real as they come in the game and look even with success that shttt finally all caught up with him to the tune of double digit years.






  16. immackulate

    niggahs had to know years ago that BG was on his way OUT
    for as talented as he is – he’s always had an addictive personality
    cant say when keeping it real goes wrong cuz BG aint have long enough bread to stay out the hood – i commend him for cleaning himself up and kicking that RON-RON habit
    but BG was and always will be a HOOD FIXTURE – thats’ what made him BG
    just wish he would have SMARTENED UP NAS lol when it came to how he moved and the niggahs he surrounded himself moved as well – it’s common to hold guns in the south – for the most part the gun laws are a little less strict down here than up top – and if everybody got one you better have you one too – better caught with it than without it
    i just think that he got sloppy in taking that HEART OF THE STREETS to his head
    when niggahs been thru as much as BG you gotta move a certai nway to make sure you dont go back on some HUMBUG shyt –
    pay your taxes
    keep a clean driving record
    if you gone ride dirty let them LIL NIGGAHS ride dirty for you
    keep yo heat in THAT OTHER DUDE’s waste … etc
    or just let it go – cuz the niggahs you “keeping it real” for aint got 1/2 as much to lose
    and depend on you for they validation – but if you aint around to give validation
    than its a LOSE LOSE situation

  17. David Cadence Holifield

    no way in hell is Bg 28!! He would be about the same age as Wayne and Wayne was a baby when they started He got to be at least 30

  18. hoeyuno

    I agree with king rickey up there. On the other hand I think bg has always been the type of dude that trouble just follows and something like this was gonna happen eventually. I think when your constantly sitting on the almost famous fence your legit rap money ain’t stable enough to change your entire way of life.

  19. Rokka Shay

    Some ppl on here talking sht. We gotta a bunch of ppl up in jail for long terms on some bs. Hip hop? Why is everything now hip hop, not everyone grows up in a suburb, some grow up in the streets. BG ain’t hiphop, but he is going to do some real time now

  20. brotha_man

    i hope he put money away cause his rap career is over. this is way its better to invest and stash yo cash.

  21. newport40

    First off.. He’s NOT special. He should have grown up 10 years ago. WTF has he been doing all this time? Buying guns? I guess he should have been in the studio and on the phone with his lawyer. Now he’s in the compound on the phone with his mama.

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