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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Is Doing A Joint Album With Who?!

The love fest between 50 Cent and Soulja Boy is heating up fast. After revealing that 50 Cent was going to help bring his “Juice” movie remake to life, Soulja has now revealed that he and 50 Cent are going to work on a joint album together. Check out his tweet below:

Do you think 50 Cent and Soulja Boy’s “Father/Son” collaborative effort is going to compare to Lil’ Wayne and Birdman’s Like Father Like Son album? Do you even want to hear a 50 Cent and Soulja Boy joint album? Speak on it!

  • Nick Novotny

    please no!

  • StylesDc

    Just seems weird lol They might make a club banger or 2 tho lol

  • Eric Cartman

    There song “mean mug” is pretty good but 50 is dillisuonal thinking there’s any money to be made with this venture. Should have made the album w

    • Eric Cartman

      With eminem when he had the chance.

  • 50 is looking to extort Soulja Boy. Too bad the young dumb nigga can’t see it.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    50 Cent felt it was time to pick a protege like Eminem did with him, and Dre did with Em before that, and he picks… Soulja Boy.


    lol this is the biggest flop ever lol


    This will never happen but when you blackballed, ur clothing line goes bankrupt not the mention ur 1st energy drink goes bankrupt, can’t get people 2 download ur album 4 free, crew turning their backs on u, no1 buying ur headphones new energy drink or no1 given a f#$% how many kids in africa u wanna feed and ur money rapidly declining, i guess i’ll try anything too

    • King Cold

      smh u really think 50 aint successful? lmao. he just got a 200 million dollar deal with lionsgate, signed new artists to g-unit and has g-unit philly and g-unit south comin next, headphones sold out on live television, over a million downloads in an hour off a mixtape, 100 off vitamin water, over 30 million records sold off only 4 albums, clothing line and shoes and the list goes on. so stop hatin. 50 aint goin nowhere buddy

      • DLOUPO

        Lil homie, lol where u getting ur numbers from? 1st off I never said he wasn’t successful wat i’m sayn is it’s over, a million downloads in a hour lol homie you delusional show me where u saw that at. Go outside who is wearing 50 cent headphones all I see is dre beats, i’m glad u brought up that movie deal at least 50 aint gay cause i never seen so many movies go “straight” to dvd, the 200 mil was 4 him 2 make the movies wit not 4 him personally. g unit clothes comn back lol look at ur boy pic in this article, he’s wearn a black golf shirt lol wit a raider snapback to the side u wanna dress like that clown? look I promise you if u got on a g unit shit u not gettn in the club. Oh and hold up u said he just sign new artist? who u talkn bout kid kid? lol, paris p? lol yo dawg they never coming out lol i mean how they gonna drop a record when he can’t even drop a record, u a sad instrumental lol

      • King Cold

        stfu…bottom line is check the forbes list every year hes on it. where u at? exactly nowhere. so chill out and enjoy the music.

      • DLOUPO

        Na u check the forbes list he made 150 of vitamin water in 08 now he worth a 100 losing money. He made 8mil in 2010 6mill in 2011 according to forbes notice the theme low n lower, now that’s a lot of money to you but to him his bills r way more then that, what’s the quickest way to go broke? spend more then what u make Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      • you

        @DLOUPO, But how much did you make in 2010 and 2011??? And lets not forget about his book publishing company, and joint venture with Niki Turner on top of his boxing promotion company with “Money” Mayweather!!! You’re acting as if going straight to DVD is a bad thing, and it’s not!!! From my understanding, you make a lot more money when your movies go straight to DVD, especially when you are in charge of the entire creative process.

      • DLOUPO

        You have a lot of learning to do but what’s crazy u see what’s going on and u refuse to accept it but its cool 50 is ur man and u gonna ride to death but someday that delusion has to end oh and by the way it doesn’t matter what I made If I told u you wouldn’t believe me anyway Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      • immackulate

        lol right 50 reached his peek a few years back
        never could really rap – just had some witty shyt to say er’once n a while – but never has taken 9 (some say 5) shots got you this rich

    • nuradin

      are you that stupid ? where are your facts, im not even gonna insult you because you are that stupid
      why are you lying about his energy drink ? its very succesfull and 50 sold already 3 million of it , he provided already 5 million meals this and last year combined
      oh and released a free album “5” thats getting a lot of attention , typical brainless hater

      • DLOUPO

        I can’t keep arguing with fools cause people far away can’t tell who’s who, but keep playn blind one day you’ll see and its gonna be soon to Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

  • This is what happens when you burn all your bridges

  • kstaxx

    50 Cent should know better than this! doing anything of a collaborative effort with Soulja boy is taboo in Hip Hop and a complete waist of time, this must be a joint venture 50 really beleives in because its obvious hes not doing it for financial gain hes already filthy racked up. G Unit fell off so hard they was dominating the game in 2003 -2006 at one point. It seems like after Get Rich or Die Tryin, Beg For Mercy, and the The Massarce, 50 wasnt hungry anymore and the music started to show it more and more as the years passed up until this point in time now in 2012 you got 50 doing a collaborative album with one of the most hated and despised rappers in the game.

    • William Rake

      Wasnt hungry anymore???? Hahaha more like The Game tore that ass up!

      • kstaxx

        LMAO yeah that too!!

  • $18916246

    Desperate is 50.

  • Sydney Lace Rumor ***ignore***

  • Bumpy Johnson

    fu** and i just started like 50 again

  • water_ur_seeds

    this is not a good look for 50

  • Carlos

    you know that the rumors section is f’ed up when you already have seen the rumor posted in another site days before. smh

  • the worse

  • N-V

    um…wow…um…yeah…not really looking forward to this one

    • N-V

      but who knows, it could be a shocker

  • brotha_man

    he would be better making a G unit album, but….

  • you

    Come on “50”!!! It’s bullschitt like this that’s causing people to dislike you!!!

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