Rick Ross God Forgives I Dont

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Detroit Thugs Run Up In Rick Ross’s Tour Bus?

YOOOO! Good thing Rick Ross is not the forgiving type! He’d have a lot of reconciling to do with his inner soul. I was JUST told that there was a home invasion on Rick Ross’s tour bus! Now, I don’t know a lot about Detroit THESE DAYS, because I have been informed that its changed a lot. But, from what I heard its very chaotic and desolate. They still crank out some of the dopest rappers so WHAT UP DOE? Nevertheless, the realness of Detroit caught up with Rick Ross first hand and his tour bus suffered. Peep what MediaTakeOut said.

July 22, 2012: Rapper Rick Ross was CAUGHT SLIPPING this weekend in Detroit. You see, he parked his TOUR BUS on the street . . . and as HUNGRY as the streets are in Detroit . . . they thought it was FOOD!!!
The streets say a group of ARMED MEN burst into the bus . . . expecting to take hostages and ROB EVERYONE. Luckily for Rozay and them, no one was on the bus. So the goons STOLE everything they could . . . and BROKE UP ISH when they were done.

No word on whether Rick and his peeps are planning to RETALIATE!!

 Also no word if God will forgive on Rozay’s behalf.

  • MadVillain

    if its true, good.

  • hoeyuno

    the bawse is lucky his over rated ass wasn’t in there.

  • damn

  • Barbare

    offcier ricky

  • nice. more people need to do this to fake rappers

  • King Cold

    damn officer ricky why u didnt radio for backup? smh. but seriously did u think Detroit forget about those words u said about EM? white or not the boy has some riders out there

    • Bumpy Johnson


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  • Bumpy Johnson

    difference with a real rapper and trash lame fakes is this…real niggas dont get they shit robbed….real niggas like 2pac can have niggas ran up on you 15 years after their death aint that right funk flex 🙂

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      real niccas like pac got shot b4 he actually got robbed they had 2 take it he wasnt tryna give up his jewels n real niccas can get robbed its all about wat u gonna do after u get robbed

      • Weedras

        thank you! cuz no one out here is invincible or can’t be caught slipping..

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Detroit is broke as hell and still Boss. Stop sleeping. Just get that insurance check and call it good. If Rick is that boss, then id expect him to money ready with a replacer bus. ‘Cause that’s what ballers do right?

  • Thats my city an i swear if u can make it in the D u can make it anywhere.. The dudes tht didi this shit are wrong, however these rap niggas have to realize niggas in the D are hungry. They are trying to survive with no money an no jobs an these rap niggas living large look like steak an lobster. They make these materialistic songs tellin everyone wht they have or pretend to have, stunt in the videos, an then come to the city trying show off.. These are the real niggas yall rappin about an pretending to be! They will kill you for ur rolex nigga, pawn it an feed their fam for the next few months.. This shit isnt a game, make ur music, come to the city an show respect an keep ur guard up at all times…

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      well u need 2 tell all the niccas in ur city put they minds together stick together n get some money and as long as niccas uneducated uts not much they can do cause knowledge is power i believe detroit could get out the crisis if niggas put they mind together its real grimey in the D

    • johnblacksad

      they ain’t finna feed no fam… you know how D n!ggaz get, they’ll prolly spent that sh!t on the black jack table at the ching-ching… smoke upgraded weed, hit fairlane or sommerset and it’s a wrap… right back to where they started… lol

      what up doe?!

    • Chemaco Caldwell

      that’s my city too, but
      RETALIATE , who is Ross going to get?? Detroit too hard for that, all Ross can do is cancel his concerts

  • WillVetterGoodin

    that fat mfker woulnd have done shit

  • BTV Global, LLC

    please Ross not doing jack. Detroit will pull him and his security off the stage. HE’s real lucky cause right now Detroit is hungry and don’t care about nothing.

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Pierre Elliott

    GOOD FORYA!!!!

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  • D_Ably

    ricky need to get that warrant for arrest out quick time

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  • BilderbergSuperstar

    Trick Trick strikes again..

  • immackulate

    how this niggah gonna say GOD FORGIVES, I DONT – when the whole damn industry turn a blind eye and FORGAVE all his lie’s and let’em make it thus far … this niggah’s a BIG DUMMY in my FRED “G” Sanford voice

  • hell yeah rozay and his goons, aka the Detroit police department, are goin to retaliate! somebody goin to jail! haaaa! oficer rickyyyyy!

  • A Million Haters On This Bitch <<< ((RIGHT BELOW THIS COMMENT))

  • Maaaan where the hell isk at, all the old regs know how he feels about Ross’s fake ass. LMAO