Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Detroit Thugs Run Up In Rick Ross’s Tour Bus?


YOOOO! Good thing Rick Ross is not the forgiving type! He’d have a lot of reconciling to do with his inner soul. I was JUST told that there was a home invasion on Rick Ross’s tour bus! Now, I don’t know a lot about Detroit THESE DAYS, because I have been informed that its changed a lot. But, from what I heard its very chaotic and desolate. They still crank out some of the dopest rappers so WHAT UP DOE? Nevertheless, the realness of Detroit caught up with Rick Ross first hand and his tour bus suffered. Peep what MediaTakeOut said.

July 22, 2012: Rapper Rick Ross was CAUGHT SLIPPING this weekend in Detroit. You see, he parked his TOUR BUS on the street . . . and as HUNGRY as the streets are in Detroit . . . they thought it was FOOD!!!
The streets say a group of ARMED MEN burst into the bus . . . expecting to take hostages and ROB EVERYONE. Luckily for Rozay and them, no one was on the bus. So the goons STOLE everything they could . . . and BROKE UP ISH when they were done.

No word on whether Rick and his peeps are planning to RETALIATE!!

 Also no word if God will forgive on Rozay’s behalf.