Freeway Ricky Ross

Freeway Ricky Ross Response To Rick Ross: Funk Flex Interview With Open Letter

Freeway Ricky Ross continues his battle against rapper Rick Ross, in regards to usage of the name “Rick Ross.” The pair have been at odd’s since Rick Ross released his debut album, Port of Miami, in 2006. 

The issue has gone through the legal system, with the rap star coming out the victor on two separate occasions. But Freeway Ricky received a lifeline in the case last week, when a judge ruled that he could pursue a lawsuit against Warner Music, the label that released the album. 

Rapper Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, hosted an interview with Funkmaster Flex last week, where he replied to a number of allegations surrounding the legal beef. This is Freeway Ricky’s full response, in the battle over his own name.

This is Freeway Rick Ross, I’m writing this to reply to William “Rozay” Robert’s interview with Funkmaster Flex addressing my lawsuit. In the streets a name is everything, in Hip Hop it is a career maker.  William claims that we are both street dudes and could’ve talked; he and his music label had that chance and thought they could ignore me because I had a life sentence. In prison when you have a federal life sentence you’re considered the walking dead, it is exactly for this reason that they dodged me when I sent multiple requests from prison to sit down about the use of my name and image. When I finally chased William down through my guys on the street, we talked via phone, he gave me a number, and said he would come down to the prison to “chop it up”. He never came, then changed the phone number.

On the street when you take someone’s name and image the first step is to properly approach them, then you can be the lil homie, if they accept. But because he thought I was the walking dead he just stole my name and image. I’m a street dude from LA, it’s documented. William is not a street dude. He is a guy from a good background that had to pass background tests to become an Officer. There’s nothing wrong with being an Officer, just don’t use my name if you were one to gain traction in rap, especially without asking me. I didn’t get treated well by police, they planted drugs and physically beat me, so to have an officer use my name to get into rap is disrespectful.

William said to Big Boy on Power 106 it’s something “sinister” about it regarding being a CO, there ain’t nothing sinister about a CO. It’s a stand up job for a straight guy. I told Gary Webb in interviews for Dark Alliance “Everyday I hustled” then the guy came out with his single “Hustlin.” Well before music labels profiteered on my name and image “RICK ROSS” it had reached everywhere from Time Magazine, CSPAN Congressional Hearings and Newspapers globally, causing global awareness of my image as “RICK ROSS.”  I believe the guy studied me, watched TV, read all the press, talked to people that were around me then tricked people when they searched the internet and thought he was me. I had a Louis Vuitton room in my hotel at the Freeway Inn, everybody knew that who were “street dudes.”  I turn around and all this guy talks about is Louis Vuitton. In the new “Three Kings” song with Dr. Dre & Jay Z he talks about Crips, the guy knew about me and Crips by his own admission, that’s who I was associated with because of where I grew up. Also everybody knew I took care of my guys like equals, and was known as the Boss. This guy walks around with my whole image, he has mimicked all of my persona as Rick Ross.

Check out the KDAY LA interview where William explains how he got the name Rick Ross. Under oath he claimed he came up with the name playing football as an All American out the air in 1996. In 1996 I was everywhere on every news channel, newspaper and Gary Webb even did a book “Dark Alliance” on me and the cocaine epidemic. There’s no way someone in love with gang lore like William graduating HS in 96 came up with my name out of thin air. Somewhere between all the lyrics of my image as RICK ROSS moving bricks of cocaine, causing violence/mayhem and being a boss kingpin lost is how my image and right to rehabilitate it has been stolen and licensed. Then I contact Carol City HS just to see if he was All American, and they have no record of a William Roberts playing football in the 90’s. C’mon Man!!!

To have a man tattoo my name on his hands, and then not acknowledge why he did it is a disrespect to me, all my cell mates in for unfairly long crack sentences and the black community that was affected by the cocaine epidemic and Iran Contra Scandal. To have music labels profiteer by pushing the image of the dangerous black criminal is irresponsible. My recent article on Loop 21 and Toure’ article on the Washington Post are a must read to understand. Also you can see the Emmy nominated VH1 Documentary Planet Rock “History of Crack and Hip Hop” to see why my name made William Robert’s career. Telling young people with no hope because of poverty that you can sell drugs and parlay it into a record career is selling false hope.


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  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    I found some interesting info on William using google
    William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976 better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper
    He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice
    Then trained passed and worked as a CO and had a clean record untill January 2008
    Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape
    These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples body I’m in the entertainment business
    I grew up in Carol City I went to the same Miami Carol City Senior High School as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida
    The perception which Ross has put forth is that Carol City is the hood full of projects liquor stores gangs Carol City has one little section of low income housing the Matchbox Projects But I say Carol City is not the hood

    • Everyone knows he was created ,only fools who are blind to the facts like public enemy said think this guy was a criminal.i would not be shocked if the government did this to destroy black men. that is believable.

      • Makes hellified sense actually…..the more he gets exposed and the more holes start showin in his story, the bigger he gets. Same with these other frauds bein shoved down our throats at every angle, there has to be a reason for it and it sure as HELL ain’t got shit to do with talent.

  • TruthHurtsDontIt

    No beat is required when dropping ether like that. However, Ross has overcome a boatload of what should’ve been career ending revelations and embarrassments previously and don’t see much changing now.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    “Correctional rozay”, is the most low life I have ever come across. True story. Freeway Ricky Ross moved weight…..William “correctional rozay 2” ate too much food and is now overweight. Freeway is the one and only, and correctional rozay is just a straight phony.

    • So you praise the Drug Dealer but mad at the Rapper who didnt destroy the community with guns and drugs….

      • Negro Peligro

        Yeah depends on perspective. Its like a pimp and a hoe. Ross is pimping out the hoe the mules image that did it in the streets. So you can be mad at both.

      • bossflossy

        you missed the point. the man is saying his name meant something negative and he wanted to rehab the name and make it into something good and someone else came took the name and image and guaranteed that it would forever stay tarnished. his point is simple, rick ross did those things, ot william roberts, rick ross wants to make a change so why should william roberts be allowed to run around and take the name in a different direction then the real person wanted

      • Would he have that if Ross wasnt making money off his name.

      • Would that whole image thing was a ploy to sue Rick Ross, because you can still change YOUR image know matter what someone does. I see he didnt sue Freeway.

      • actually he did

      • the real Ross has cleaned his image & is doing a lot of positive things.

      • What if that whole image thing was a ploy to sue Rick Ross, because you
        can still change YOUR image know matter what someone does. I see he
        didnt sue Freeway.

      • DAYUM ANotherrrr good point

      • brotha_man

        him a freeway sat down and talk its on thing to take someones nickname and another to take someones birth name. how can you change your image if someone is using your life in your raps. thats the thing the fake rick ross is not letting the world forget. how can he say he thought of the name rick ross out of the blue. lol

      • Bumpy Johnson

        rick ross is his name…freeway is a nick name

      • bossflossy

        yes, that name was legendary in los angeles and the west coast. there were people who actually thought it was dude rapping when it first dropped. if he would have got out the pen and did community work in los angeles it would have had a huge impact because wow this is rick ross back in the hood and doing positive things.

      • BulldogCG

        he destroying the community by selling falsehoods using another mans name. One isnt better than the other except that right now, in the present, the real Rick ROss is trying to do good, and its hard when a fake thug is ruining your name. The real Ross wants to give backbc he understandes he was a govt pawn in the drug game, he didnt know that then, the fake one is taking yall supporters of his to the bank and selling you an image that they do not even attain. At this moment Ross is the one who is trash and fake as hell and destroying the community.

      • BulldogCG

        the rapper Ross of course

      • My new name is David poochie roberts now and i am confiscating that picture of black jesus in your ….YOU JUST CANNOT STEAL PEOPLES REAL NAME AND THINK YOU ARE GOING TO BE SUCCESFUL!!!! ,WARNER BROTHERS IS BLEEDING MONEY F-IN WITH RICK ROSS AND I PREDICT HE WILL BE DROPPED IN 2 YEARS.

      • You can be me just pay my child support and we straight.

      • lol good 1

      • real men handle their own they don’t ask others to man up for them bro.

      • WOW…. VEEERRRYY Good Point…….!!! ima use that one… if you dont mind…lol

      • rozay is destroying it by glorifing it to a new generation. Yet he didnt live that life so hes a complete fraud on top of it.

      • Have you ever listen to Ice Cube, or Redman, or Keith Murray you really think Kieth Murray escaped to the moon to smoke weed with martians. Ice Cube never put his life on paper he one of the best story tellers in the history of HIPHOP, Redman say he chew streets, avenues and blocks, do you believe that too, man get over it. Did Biggie sit down with Frank Wright to discuss his name change hell no, people get over it. Ross is a pretty good rapper, I just goggle what really happen and Freeway Ross tried to tell Ross his career should go and Rick Ross stop taking his phone calls. Dude get mad dude sue. If you are a mental midget then I guess Ross is destroying by glorifing, but he does rap about more than drugs. I would say Freeway destroyed hoods, crackheads smoking their momma tv’s. Ross been rapping since at least 98 as Teflon Don he was taking about moving keys as Teflon, its a losing fight let it go. Rebuild your rep and you will be ok at the moment he sound like Eminem mother.

      • blah blah stfu all you doing is giving exxcuses for some b!tch move!!!! Sayinmg some things witch is clearly not real life is not the same as stealing a mans name and acting like him. did keith murray say he really IS from the moon??? Telling a story is diffrent then saying im AM this i DID this this is who i AM. dont you understand that homeboy???

      • Have you ever listen to Ice Cube, or Redman, or Keith Murray you really
        think Kieth Murray escaped to the moon to smoke weed with martians. Ice
        Cube never put his life on paper he one of the best story tellers in the
        history of HIPHOP, Redman say he chew streets, avenues and blocks, do
        you believe that too, man get over it. Did Biggie sit down with Frank
        Wright to discuss his name change hell no, people get over it. Ross is a
        pretty good rapper, I just google what really happen and Freeway Ross
        tried to tell Ross how his career should go and Rick Ross stop taking his
        phone calls. Dude get mad dude sue. If you are a mental midget then I
        guess Ross is destroying by glorifing, but he does rap about more than
        drugs. I would say Freeway destroyed hoods, crackheads smoking their
        momma tv’s. The 80’s was a mess. Ross been rapping since at least 98 as Teflon Don he was
        taking about moving keys as Teflon, its a losing fight let it go.
        Rebuild your rep and you will be ok at the moment he sound like Eminem

      • Bumpy Johnson

        weaaak ass nigga

      • tab58064

        That’s pretty-much the say all to end all with this discussion. Rapper Rick Ross is a huge fraud and he’s using a person’s name and much of the life’s story for financial gain while the person who actually did much of the things that rapper Ross talks about in every song did a good portion of his life in prison to pay for those things. All I’m saying is this, people in the hood, rap fans, etc are always talking about “keeping it real,” but how real is it for you to us a live dude’s name and life story for your benefit and then lie about what you did and not want to break bread with the that person? Ain’t nothin’ real about that where I’m from!!

      • Thats part of the problem most of yall stuck with this “Hood” mentality, at what point are you going to grow out of it, you want your kids to grow up in the “Hood, RIck Ross found a way out now it your turn.

      • tab58064

        I’m far from the hood, but if your going to sell the hood story, promote hood behavior, etc. all while using someone elses image to perpetrate your lie then you should be called out for it. Fake Ross is always talking about “keeping it 100” yet he can’t even keep it 100 when he’s dead-ass wrong. This what I teach my kids since your so interested in how I raise them…..DON’T TAKE SHIT THAT DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU AND WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG TO SOMEONE OWN UP TO IT, APOLOGIZE, AND TRY TO MAKE IT RIGHT!! That’s grown up shit, so stop trying to defend this fraud!!

      • I am 38 in Atlanta from Florida damn near every place I have stayed in as a kid has been torn down thats the projects, not the “hood” I could give two craps about Freeway them crackheads that roam my projects wouldnt gave a damn who Freeway Rick or Rick Ross was they just wanted to find their next HIT. We glorify stupidity if I was to ask the people what where their kids GPA last year more than half would have no clue. State Representative 90% would have no clue. We as a community focus on the wrong things. If this is your fight then you shadow boxing. All yall shadow boxing, I promise you if Ross wasnt famous Freeway wouldn’t give a crap.

      • tab58064

        Yeah I hear what your saying, but if we’re “shadow boxing” what is that your doing. The bottomline is this, you’re here speaking your opinion about this shit with the two Ross’ so who are you to make the rest of out to be silly for doing the same shit. None of us are at this site to save the world, we’re just here to give our 2 cents on some rap dude and an ex-drug dealer. The very rapper that you were defending in one breath is glorifying the very shit that you act like your an activist against in the next. So you, along with the rest of us “shadow boxers” ain’t doing shit but killing time here and there’s nothing wrong with that!! Just like you many of us can walk and chew gum at the same damn time!

      • wait, you said we as a community focus on the wrong things, then defend what the fake rapper do? i’m confused.

      • the fake rapper is destroying he young minds who think what he glorifies is cool to do in their comminities. everyone here keeps saying how this was a huge disrespect yet youstill don’t get. maybe you need officer ross to tell you? lol

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  • So what let it go people, its entertainment, thats all, why do yall take it so personal, Freeway destroys lifes selling drugs within the Black community so I dont care for that dude at all. You praise the man the sold the drugs got your mother sucking dick for crack but get mad at a dude for rapping about it.fictitiously. Yall stupid and lame, if you dont like Rick Ross dont listen to him.

    • bossflossy

      you niggas inablity to read or to comprehend what you read is amazing. are you an english as a second language person? he admits he destroyed lives and now wants to rebuild lives. his name is powerful and can get people to listed but he needs the imposter to fall back

      • You do know, Freeway is only mad because he didn’t get a check right ??
        The whole facade about freeway trying to repair what he did in the past or trying to “Rebuild lives” as you put it, only an issue because HE DID NOT GET A CHECK…. If he didn’t get paid, he would have had no issues with it.

      • Lyve Wire

        thats what its all about. its cool if dude really want to ‘rebuild lives’, but is that really what this is about? its all about money. if william wouldve ‘chopped’ it up with him, it wouldve been cool….. so why cant you do that now? rebuild and let rozay get that clean money.

      • you can’t be serious. the real Ross should be compensated for every time the fraud makes songs & videos reminding younger people of his past mistakes, especially when he cleaned his life up. it’s just too bad the movie Scarface wasn’t “just entertainment.” SMH

    • in all fairness from what we know Freeway Rick was one of the first dudes to sell this stuff so chances are he didnt know the side affects of the drug … and if you hear from people Freeway Rick Ross wasnt a gangster or killer … he was just a hustler and actually did alot of the community …………………….. rick ross is perpectuating a sterotype in 2012 and freeway rick ross is trying to do work agains that image …….. it is what is ….

      • When he saw what the effects was, did he stop selling nope not until he got got.

      • when your riding high you dont see the affect … word to rick ross 😉 when you getting money on that level its a high that no drug can provide … and aint no substance or anything physical that got more fiends then that ole mighty dollar folks die every day trying to get @ a dollar … but it is what it is … i feel ya but looking @ Freeway Rick Ross today, he wants to get his name back so he can @least right his wrongs from the past and dedicate the rest of his life to more positive movements … but you got a guy who is blocking that and doing alot of WRONGS with the name and keeping that demon alive …………… but like i said it is what it is ….. Freeway Rick Ross aint the end all be all … just sucks for him cause hes trying to do right but the WORLD is blocking him ……. i dont even really blame Willam Roberts its just the ways of the WORLD today …………….

      • you talking about ross the rapper, or the real Ross?

    • good point

    • its deeper than that

    • Bumpy Johnson

      IF someone took your name and what you did that really affected your life and made money off it , you telling me you wont get mad??

    • I don’t listen to frauds & apparenty nobody else commenting here either. You’re the only lame here.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Show some respect!

  • Aaron Davis

    Playing Devil’s advocate: What ppl (Freeway Rick Ross included) need to understand is dat majority of hip-hop fans and rappers dnt care. Fans already know he stole his name but still support his music. Why? Because young teens/adults could give a careless about who the real Freeway Rick Ross is. They dnt care how much a real G the real Rick Ross was becuz he has no effect on them. These kids aren’t thinking, “Man the Real Freeway Rick Ross was a major druglord. I should support this rapper named Rick Ross becuz I liked and respected the real Rick Ross.” He isnt rapping about the life & times of the real Rick Ross. To his fans, his name means nothing but they like his music.(rather it be completely fake or not) Ross makes ordinary Gangsta rap music w/some good trap beats attached to it. He happened to just steal the name of a real life gangsta. Whether his name was Frank Lucas,Tookie Williams or Al Capone, would that effect his popularity and fan support? I dnt think it would

    • Don’t nobody buy rick ross records that guy will never see a million sales again.

    • you know whats funny thru the whole mafiosa era of hip hop i was always was thinking WHY NOT STEAL SOME BLACK GANGSTER NAMES lol i guess we found out what will happen if you do .. but then again if Freeway Rick Ross is telling the truth then maybe not …….. side note FREEWAY the rapper got appraoched by Freeway Rick Ross too supposely he did what Rozay aint doing sooooooooo………………..

  • aint nothing he keep do accept cry to the court they watching him like a hounds. so with all this barking he is doing he knows the only thing he can get from it is money and thats what he wants. he is broke

  • lol @ the real ” rick ross” becoming a detective doin detective work and running to courts for help

    • Ol smart dumb ninja you are! 1 day you will grow up & find out it’s too late

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I totally feel Freeway. The only thing that throws this all out is some law stating that you cant sue for rights for a nick name that was used that led to a criminal conviction. What about the fact dude was appealed and set free, what about the fact that it’s legal to use a name that the person who created it cant even sue over and not as illegal as the person wanting rights who was ultimately set free. I feel bad as shit for dude. Cuz Ross coulda drew up a contract or had a street agreement of how much compensation Freeway would receive for use of his name but he didnt. Know why? Cuz as much as I like Rick Ross dude each year just keeps getting richer. Back in 06 I gurantee dude ain’t have as much pull or finances to suppourt doing anything of the sort point black period

    • junioray

      IM sorry, but if rosay came out and would have been an irrrelevant rapper,Rick ross would not have cared about it. He is bringing this up now because rosay is making a killing in the game right now and he wants a piece. I didnt know who the real rick ross was until he reared his ugly head.
      What rosay should do is change his rap name to ROSAY and call it the day, just like notorious BIG did, but everyone still called him biggie. Problem solved and keep it moving. He is established in the game now and he has a huge following of fans and support from his peers.

      • Lamonte Johnson

        From what the joint say up there Freeway been trying get rights since Rick Ross stepped on the music scene back in 06

      • and if there was a rapper running with the name of Damon Mays and running with your persona that was documented and hood talk for years …. i bet you would be doing the same thing … if rick ross wasnt successfull Freeway Rick Ross prob wouldnt even know who he is …. the dude is on the west coast and Rick Ross resides in the southeast … i feel ya but thats really what folks like to call a MOOT POINT 😉

  • niggas lying about being shot! niggas lying about being in jail! shooting them selves to make a name , publicity stunts to sell a record, that was the state of hip hop when he got in! bunch of fake ass cats so what make you think this weak ass nigga rosay didnt still rick ross image?
    i never bought into that ‘rick ross” the rapper shit cuz im from same streets of the real rick ross! dude is a ghetto icon and for a sucker ass CO to take his image is just too much for me! i say ban he fat ass from cali until he kick in! SO.CENTRAL4LIFE

  • Guillaume Pilon

    the old freeway is right about everything

    but hes mad annoying crying every week about it

    get over it

    • Him and the rapper Freeway actually politicked on the matter like men years ago and came to a mutual understanding. If fat boy woulda done that too all this coulda been avoided.

  • I always wondered why he never approached “Freeway” of state property if he has been so concerned with the name. He was the first to use this name truthfully. This is a ploy to profit off of someone who has found current success. Good Luck.

  • Get over it…It’s just a name, and while you were corrupting our neighborhoods and killing people, you never once cared about reputation. Why care now?

  • that shit was ether..he pretty much said it all..Officer William is CB4 Gusto. Doesn’t matter though cuz fake shit is what sells these days..when these kids stop fuckin with Officer William the labels will move on to the next manufactured image to sell

  • water_ur_seeds

    man hes needs to stop going on about him stealing his name, unfortunately he lost the court case… he needs to move on

    • you gotta put yourself in that mans shoes its gotta be hard to move on especially when your fighting a main stream figure … everywhere he goes he probably either hears a rick ross song playing or some kind of promo on rick ross ……

      • water_ur_seeds

        i understand that… but hes starting to look salty, hes a legend, hes just needs to move on now, he should enjoy being a free man, not moaning about that other fraud… he was on crooked i’s latest mixtape, thought he was doing things again…

      • some things are just the way they are. in your opinion, he’s moaning & complaining. the truth is, he’s not giving up. if there’s anything that should move on, it’s the fraud. he had his 15 minutes of fame now he needs to go away because his music is trash.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer




  • Maybe The Real Rick Ross from Cali should just start doing the positive things he wants to do to change the image of the name. The rapper Rick Ross isn’t going anywhere soon, so instead of fighting against the odds, just focus on what you can do and stay positive.

  • brotha_man

    he is 100 percent correct on this issue I stand by the real rick ross on this. how can he mentor the youth and misguided if the fake rick ross is still glorifying a life that the real rick ross is trying to educate hoods across america of his mistakes and regrets

  • Dadon850

    He should keep the pressure on the fat phony Rick Rozay. Not only do he have that man name tattooed on him, but he cut his hair and grew a beard to look just like him. Then he makes a career about the life of the real Rick Ross and he a fake. So yes, Rick Ross should be due a substantial sum of money for the theft of his life and image.

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    the rapper AZ got sued by the real AZ n AZ was a snitch n he still chose his name but

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    i do like the pld music from AZ

  • What I’m really trippin off of is these fools on here talkin about “let it go”, and “it’s just a name”…LOL, y’all smart dumb-type niggas never cease to amaze me. So exactly WHAT name is the man supposed to use if he can’t use his own?! Tell me that since y’all know so much. He ain’t worried about the Freeway part of it, which is why he didn’t go at the rapper this hard (plus him and Free actually had that sit down and cleared everything up, which is all he asked Gusto for at the beginning)…..his concern is with the name on birth certificate his mama had to sign when she spit him out, the shit ain’t rocket science. By no means am I “praisin” the real Ross either but wrong is wrong and right is right, and ain’t a damn thing right about this situation no matter what spin niggas try and put on it. But of course I gotta remember we’re in the age where mufukkas will give ANYTHING a pass…..fuck lowerin the bar, niggas done got rid of the bar altogether….smfh

    • real talk 3rd eye blind brah

    • Lowering the bar is not know your kids teachers or principles names in which most of you on here I know dont know. Lowering the bar is respecting this Clown. Most of you week and for the destruction of the black community so you accept foolishness. I respect President Obama, my Father, and Condalisa Rice, who came from Jim Crow Alabama to become Secretary of State. Your bar accept this man is it because of the money because what is the positive of this dude. You love the drug game that much.

      • See, that’s that exact smart-dumb sit I was talkin about…..either that or selective readin, cuz I coulda swore I made it crystal clear that I wasn’t praisin the real Ross for shit. And I definitely don’t respect no man cuz of his money or street activities so go ahead and miss me with that one fam. Love the drug game? Nah homeboy that’s the fraud you keep defendin like you’re on his payroll, he loves the drug game so much he portrays the image of people who did it even though he never did it himself. Check him not me.

    • Casor_Greener

      Bump both of these clowns

  • NoGoBoi

    can’t front, ross makes some good music but if that letter ain’t real spit, I don’t kno what is.

  • really i look twice at all the west coast rappers who even fuk with that fake ass rick ross but most of these cats aint really from the streets any way! p.s @facebook-1582616292:disqus if your a REAL hustler from cali or anywhere in this county you would pay that man some respect G.O.A.T!

    • toreal

      Sounds like your bitter ass needs a dick to suck.

  • DAYUM!!!! Ross just looking like a clown. damn i just called him ross lol i mean william roberts the 2nd!!!!

  • im going to take the name james egan holmes and rap about mass killing people. But more then that im going to make people think im really him rappin from the cell from a labtop smuggled in my my CO. my COs name…. William Roberts II!!! Me and rick ross will do a joint album!!! smh

    • Bumpy Johnson


  • First and foremost, most of the people posting on this issue obviously don’t use spell check, or understand how to form a grammatically correct sentence. You can’t be articulate, if you don’t know how to construct a sentence properly.

  • Furthermore, these young cats don’t understand accountability. Regardless of people’s opinion, right is right and wrong is wrong. All of the other rappers who took real life gangstas’ names, those gangstas were dead and they only used the name! This “glock and a badge” dude took Ricky Ross’ name, identity, appearance, AND life story. That’s ridiculous. If I heard a old school racist redneck call the rapper Rick Ross a coon, I wouldn’t even get mad. I would just agree. Even actors portray characters on screen, but when they leave the set, they’re their real selves. This dude is the ultimate coon. Then he ducks my man, because he know he can’t face the Real Rick Ross. Dude is a coward. I’m from Newark, NJ and we don’t respect cowards in Da’ Bricks!

  • Tell Freeway to let it go! L.I.G. it!!!



  • tab58064

    OOOOOOOOO!!! Keep the pressure on his fake-ass REAL RICK ROSS!! Eventually people will get it and so will he. I like Rick Ross’ music, but dude is about as fraudulent as they come and for him to totally disrespect the REAL RICK ROSS when he knows why he chose that name and how that name has helped his career in some ways. He owes this man money and apologies, but as long as he’s able to sell his lies to young and dumb people he’ll continue to do that. This kind of shit is just more proof as to how shady rap has become over the last 20 years. After all the lies that FAKE ROSS has been caught in he has still managed to climb to the top because people in the industry and on the streets let it go like that. He would’ve been shamed out of the game years ago for stealing this man’s name and lieing about damn-near everything that’s related to the image he promotes.

  • tab58064

    People should actually be more angry at the rappers in the industry who don’t have any balls anymore than rapper Rick Ross, because if they had any balls they would be pushing this guy to do right by a REAL STREET DUDE or force him out of the game. Rappers now-a-days are just as bad as the groupies are. Who ever’s hot they’ll do anything to be down with them. Even allow them to do a lot of shit that they totally disagree with!! There are a lot of rappers out there right now who know rapper Ross is full of shit and doing the REAL RICK ROSS dirty, but they just don’t have the balls to come out and support the man because they fear retaliation from the powers that be in the industry!

  • Look up Teflon da don before Ross change his name he was rapping about drugs then and that was 98. No matter what you say about the dude love him or hate dude is front row Rich.

    • timwest1000

      Teflon Don is John Gotti–Whats the point. He was just stealing from an Italian then.He also thinks hes Big Meech and Larry Hoover, and Tupacs back …everyone except himself. LMAO SMH!!!!

    • And cuz he’s “front row rich”, that just makes it all good huh? Gtfoh… -_-

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Somewhere meek mills is sayin “f*** please dont mess up my first record deal, ain tryna go back to philly to sell sour diesel” …….

    Even Meek know that officer Ricky is F***up for doin what he do and is a compleeete fraud…

    the worse thing is when Fake ass cop rick ross loses his popularity everybody going be saying i never F***ed wit dude.

    EVery rapper that ever made a song with him should have their street cred revoked.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Or they going to be sayin ” i did it for the money wouldnt you ”

      Well this game is like a drug to me, i grew up in it, threw up in it, lost homies in it, and nearly lost my self in it, LOYALTY AND HONOR is everything and i would NEVER EVER sell any of those for even a trillion dollars…go head laugh but thats how i look at it

  • toreal

    I don’t have a problem with Ross being a CO. I think he tried to do right but got caught up in the streets. I know a lot of people in Miami that said Ross was really selling dope.

    • 2Cee’s

      It’s only one Rick Ross. And that’s the real Rick Ross from Los Angeles. So for all that shit u talking about he sold dope get the f!@k out of here. and I know dam well he was not in the slum part of Miami sell s@!t. becuzz he would’ve got laid down, so miss me with th@ bulls!@t!!

  • No school system told this man that William never played for the system, you think they just gave out that information over the phone, or was it more like nope no record of him sir thanks for calling. They wouldnt have gave out a kids information like that.

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  • If he wanted to reclaim his name and really start over he could. If you look at the whitepages its over 200 people name Rick Ross, shave off the beard and do what you say you want to do reform the hood.

  • timwest1000

    Fifty tried to stop him…But Noooooo-Half of you lames was defending Trick Floss 2 yrs. ago. SMH!

    • Def Jam told 50 to call off the dogs so their fat meal ticket could make them money. So far dude hasn’t put out a platinum album with all the money they put into dude.

  • hoeyuno

    Cb4… Ha ha

  • fukked

    machine gun kelly changed his hip hop name to mgk..just sayin…rozay needs to change his..for future importance

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  • people still buy that garbage from that rapper , all he raps to his fan is how he is a big boss or a big as drug lord, that aint music thats bullthit, he drops music blind people say well he makes good music how is that when the clown raps the same shit over and over, you people are blind, he can have the same voice and same flow and rap about studying and learning criminal justice and all that and these labels whould have not sold his music on these majors, but since he feeds u blind fools about fake shit they promote him, he studied criminal justice but you didnt see him rap about it the good that kids need to hear, not make it seem like selling drugs is a good thing, the thing about him he glorifies the shit thats the problem he is not rapping about how it affects people or the ups and downs he makes it seem like u can just be a big boss like its all good and nothing bad behind it

  • steveakers

    The last comment was ignorant and offensive, you go to jail with a life sentence over the game and a life lived then have someone say they are you, then you can talk. Calling blacks Nigga as you so easily did is ignorant.

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  • Djblackceza


    • Djblackceza