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Hip-Hop Rumors: A Little Of This, A Little Of That And A Jeezy/Rozay Rumor!

Maybach Music 4 Remix WITH JEEZY?

So,Young Jeezy was on the first two Rick Ross’s albums and the two dons represented very well. And you know the beef popped off with them a few years ago. Recently Ross said that he would do a joint album with Jeezy if they could work out the business. I thought that was a big deal. I’m hearing some rumors that Jeezy and Jay-Z may join Ross in a remix for the Maybach Music series! That would be cool. The next 48 Hours is on the way! Here’s is the trailer!

WATCH FLICKS: Recap of “The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross” (@Next48Hours With @RickyRozay)

Poor T-Boz

Man…I feel for this artists from time to time. The rise is fun, but the fall has got to suck worse that a Kim K. in a Ray-J skin flick. T-Boz is in a terrible place. One of the most selling-est females in the history of music and she finds herself broke. She had to sell a home worth $1.3 million for $680,000. She just took a huge loss. T-Boz was unable to maintain the payments on the mansion. I’m sure the maintenance was a beast as well. I really found the report on TMZ distasteful and disrespectful. They said in the headline “T-Boz Comes Out Looking Like a Scrub in Mansion Sale” and “Who’s the scrub now?” Did she pee in their Wheaties or something?

50 Cent makes more moves!

50 Cent is now a boxing promoter! YEP! The dude is rumored to be pulling Zab Judah in his TMT promotion company that is co-owned by Floyd Mayweather.

Remember when Floyd KO’d Zab? Or when Zab punched Money May in the sac? Good that they got past it.

Bow Wow strikes back at his father and family for dissing him….here you go!

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  • Richie_Ochoa

    Yolo b**ches I’m out that sh*t so gay

    • Lamonte Johnson

      Right then gone have the nerve to try and talk shit about tmz for the way they named their article after I done seen so many rumor titles on this site mis worded it’s not even funny

  • King Cold

    jeezy aint tryna work wit dick floss because he knows he’s fake. hate to say it but Bow Wow has a point. 50 signing some big names lately. intrested in hearing some new tracks too because that 5(murder by numbers) was nice….poor t-boz. i thought she was on Cash Money too???smh

    • digitallife

      You do realize if these dudes were actual gangsters they wouldn’t make it up to the executive offices regardless of how hot their record is?

      • immackulate

        thank you my man … er’body talm bout THIS NIGGAH FAKE but soon as a niggah face some time like BOOSIE than all the comments turn into “WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG”

      • King Cold

        yes i do realize that. but money is money to these cats

      • Big Meech made it to that level ????? 😉

    • scullyson

      Yeah saap Bow peeps swole because he wont break them off…smh…A fool and his money are soon parted. I commend that brotha for holdin his stance in the mist of the BS…

      • immackulate

        not for nothing but i would be inclined to give DISTANT RELATIVES some money – maybe even MY BABY MAMA before making it rain in the strip or leasing another high end vehicle that i dont need

      • scullyson

        North Im thinking he very well may have been blessin they a** with some ends and then @ some point he informed them he cant keep giving them everytime they ask then they went in on him something fierce. IDK…But I bet theres more to this story then we know…

      • immackulate

        i hope thats the case … but im guessing it’s not cuz BOW WOW’s
        narcissistic azz would have let that be known from the jump
        plus his pops was bout to do the REALITY show thang for a check
        so BOW wasn’t doing shyt but giving them some FACETIME over the iphone lol – either way BOW could turn this shyt all around just by being forgiving not foolish or forgetful just by being forgiving
        hate to see estranged family stay estranged all behind a lifestyle
        especially at the end of the day you cant take none with you
        and GOD dont give us points for the amount of money we made either

      • scullyson

        Real talk , Yeah both sides have to give a little and be somewhat creative @ finding a solution to burying the hatchet and moving on. This blow up may very well be a blessing in disquise. nah I mean?…One thing i do know is we dont choose our fam. I hear you tho..

      • i kind of hate when folks say that whole “you cant take it with you thing” …. chances are when we die our sons, daughters, wiifes, husbands, mothers, fathers etc…. wont go with us either but they will still be here … leave something for the next generation to give them a head start … ijs 😉

      • Slaughtr

        Reality is you can’t take it with you there’s no chances or guarantee’s on anything only death.

      • i know i cant take it with me but i also cant take my fam with me either … i dont just work for myself i got fam that could use that house when im gone i got fam that could use that car with im gone i got fam that could use some $$ when im gone etc… sorry thats just me i do things for self but i also think about others too especially fam …. thats something we gotta start thinking about … not getting rich but building “wealth” 😉

      • immackulate

        i hear what you saying but this niggah is HOARDING the money – he aint kicking in to make sure his family scraight and he gotta child that he aint physically or financially supporting (for now) so YEAH bow get off the gas share the wealth cuz you cant take it with you – this niggah be treating his mama like shyt at times – threatening to downgrade her lifestyle too – i definitely dig what you saying but this niggah playing HARDBALL

      • no doubt mane i gotcha we on the same page i can def dig it 😉

      • most likely this is what happened … sad but true even the brokest mofo experience this …. you lend and help a mofo until you cant no more but that person is still very needy and ask you for another favor that you cant do and they get mad like you didnt already help them like a millions times prior

      • scullyson

        right kev exactly what I was thinking. seen this play out plenty of times.

      • 😉

      • immackulate

        good to see you in GOOD CONIDTION “SKULL CAP”

      • scullyson

        North you know what it is pimp

      • King Cold

        yea true dat

    • def poor tboz altho its been known they got raped financially when they sold all of them records … for every level of money there is out there … there is a level of spending that can break the richest or most wealthy person out there …..

  • hoeyuno

    Bow wow and family need to pick a phukin phone up. I think we need to officially give rick ross the name mc gusto…

    • Lamonte Johnson

      Right yo dealing with ya family issues thru tweets and interviews that you can look up on youtube is ridiculous

      • Bumpy Johnson

        its the world these days man.

      • its also his life whatelse do you expect him to talk about ?? trials and tribulations of being a celebrity

  • Casor_Greener

    Bow Wow just murdered that punctuation exercise. Yeah I know it’s nitpicking, but I really wish some of these rappers would at least try to come off as intelligent. We all make errors on the net, but when you have a bunch of followers and try to make deep statements you should try and keep it tight.

    • why? so someone can think one is smart?? who gives a f*ck.

    • if it wasnt twitter i would agree with ya #characterlimits 😉

  • when it comes to rap and rapping jeezy is freaking horrible lol jussayin

    • johnblacksad

      you have got to be lyin… his delivery is definitely not that of Nas nor Rakim flow wise… but i love the sh!t he says, how he says it, and his sh!t is filled with emotion… if i had to ‘drive by’ somebody, i think it would be one of Jeezy’s songs playin in the car as i’m lookin for the ninja

      Jeezy is a very good rapper IMO…

      what ‘coast’ you from?

      • east coast. south jersey. Jeezy sucks my dude. sucks. delivery is not that of nas? dude dont even say their names in the same sentence its disrespectful lol.. his delivery isnt even that of gucci mane hahahaha gucci got better rhymes lol and he isnt really good either lol…

    • BulldogCG

      hes not the grestest, but he is one of the more creative, his albums have a cohesive message throughout that makes it work, he is witty with his rhymes too, just not too lyrical, but he can be deep. I cant help it i like the dude, and his adlibs, haha. Better than Ross to me, for sure.

      • immackulate

        creative … LOL … niggah did you just say JEEZY was one of the most creative … LOL … niggah rap about the same ole shyt ross rap about – aint neither one of them niggahs creative

      • Irvin Findlay

        nah young jeezy isnt lyrical but he doesnt suck. jeezy raps about real shit ppl can relate to unlike ross like on his last album like F.A.M.E. leave you alone talk to me to name a few

      • immackulate

        yeah ok sure whatever buddy

      • “creative” hahahahaha No. not too lyrical?? he gets a zero when it comes to be lyrical, lets be honest. u can like him but he isnt good at all. he might be able to buy a good beat and pay someone to do a good hook but the guy straight up sucks at rapping. lol

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i always found him off beat or just cant go on beat so he stops and pausing alot and says ..eyyyyyyyy to finish a bar

      • scullyson

        eyyyyyyy???? LMAO!!! You wildin on that one….LOL

      • exactly lol

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Jeezy knows he would loose a lot of respect from his peers and fans if he did that

    • immackulate

      man please – jeezy gonna hop on that rick ross / jay-z featured single cuz he knows he need it – think that niggah give 2 shyts about some fickle azz fans respect – that niggah trying to stay in rotation

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  • digitallife

    Hate ross or love ross..the dude is a smart cat. Whether his M.O. is fake or not isn’t up for debate, frankly 99.9% of the shit coming out of a rappers mouth since the 80’s has been someone else street life. You can either sit there and still keep harping on about dude being a c.o. being fake…i’ll say this much for the sake of least we can all be 100% certain he’s actually held a gun in his life..can’t say that about tons of dudes talking about them in music..but alas…This dude may have had some questionable choices moments in his career but he’s not a dummy. Man of color getting money and not hurting nobody else..hey get yours son i applaud you.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      f*** makavelli raised me and im old school….so f*** that fake and C.Os dont walk around with guns, no guns in prison, when u get locked up first thing the cops do is put their gun in some locker thing before opening that huge metal type door

      • immackulate

        makavelli raised you … i bet yo mama would say different get off PAC dyck and grow the phuck up

      • digitallife

        Immackulate…thank you! C.O.’s don’t walk around with guns but you better believe they know how to use them. Also here’s a bit of a lesson for you son, the police is the biggest gang on earth.

      • immackulate

        niggahs dont never say shyt about AKON and all his embelishments

      • ha ha akon covered up his ish like the cia lol 😉

    • daveofthematthews

      Who gives a crap about copycat Rick Ross’s past EVERYBODY already knows
      that he lied through his teeth about that, and i am well aware lots of
      others do too but that ain’t the main problem. The MAIN problem is
      that Ross is a rapper that really ain’t that good of a rapper! the Fact
      that the mainstream media would have you believe this dude is considered
      the hottest rapper out at the moment representing our music of choice
      just cheapens what it means to have actual talent at rapping, All these
      sites can keep promoting him and trying to convince me and everybody
      else this dude is the man but all that shows me and anybody that is not
      gullible enough to believe it is that money talks louder than true skill
      in today’s day and age, in other words the whole damn industry done
      sold out, and those of you who do support this flunky are condoning it!.

      • a couple of months ago i might have to dissagree but i actually do agree and this is why ………. funny story lol …… my cd got jammed in my deck of my car a couple months ago and i couldnt get it out for nothing …. so for the last couple of months ive been force to listen to nothing but the radio on my car rides to work and everywhere else ….. and when i say listening to the radio you would think rick ross is the hottest thang since sliced bread its def not an understatement …. if i here that bag of money song ONE MORE TIME !!!!!!!! which i used to like but ijs i got a good rotation of 3 stations that i listen to … and @ any given time of the day 2 out of those 3 statiosn are playing a ross record on the hour every hour … if it aint bag of money … its the songs he got with usher ….. if it aint that its the mary j joint …. now ive never been a big ross fan … but i can respect dudes ear for music …… however i dont own a rick ross cd …. and im very familar with dude …. and after all of that rozay music being forced on me ive actually considered buying his latest disc …. which ive kind of stop considering making the purchase since i fixed my cd deck and not being hypnotised by radio … plus I HAVE TO BUY THAT NEW NAS CD FIRST !!!!!! and as of right now i would only want the ross cd to bang that 3 kings records …… side note what kind of payola this Snap Back and tatoos dude got on the game i swear i heard his record more than all of rozay records combined including collabs … on all 3 stations i listen too smh … talk about wanting to just pull your radio out the dash and toss that ish out the window … .glad i got my deck back working LOL 😉

  • Bumpy Johnson

    i just wana f*** t boz, if you can read this, message me back we’ll have some good times.

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  • D_Ably

    ‘i’m a victim cuz i’m famous’ please little bow you started it, stop crying

  • Bow Wow needs to stay of the internet and stop acting like we are the ones with the problem…….You are the one who had a child by a golddigger, you are the one who chose to speak on family affairs in your music and via twitter….Bow Wow is really becoming a star on everyone’s shit list….Keep thinking that YMCMB is your real family, you are in for a surprise.

    • YMCMB is the family he makes money with lol so yeah they are his family and probably looking more like family cause they are keeping him a float and not trying to tear him down

      • Slaughtr

        Just because you make money with folk don’t mean they are your fam in that case tell them to front B Wowzy some cash on that child support………Exactly.

      • tru i can dig it not really feeling my comment now that i go back and read it lol 😉 but there is some truth in that … the folks you work with day to day do sort of become your fam … i know it feels like that @ my job been on it for 10yrs especially when you put that amount time in

      • Slaughtr

        its all good fam you have your opinion and it’s not a crime and on the real we as brothers we need to think before making that baby because sure as hell follows haha definitely.

  • 50 is doing the same thing in Boxing as he did with Rap, which is signing every artists/boxer under the sun…That idea was the downfall of G-unit, and to do the same exact thing in boxing might not be such a good move being that boxing and hip-hop are very different.

    • Which is why it might work in boxing. G Unit was subjective, boxing is objective. Win or Lose.

  • Zab, Zab Judah is as a natural fit for TMT boxing. Brooklyn / Fif. All in all, a good look.


    Should have invested better, she went bankrupt when #1, so you know after the crowd fades, what it was hitting for.

    She’s still ok.

    • immackulate

      invest better huh .. it’s that simple

  • Negro Peligro

    Why a someone ESPECIALLY IN BOXING. Would work with the RAP DON KING is beyond me. LETS LOOK AT YOUNG BUCK.

  • deionmy

    HAAELL YEEEE NIQQQQAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he cleaner than me now! Gettin a condo.
    HIT EM UP – THEY WILL HELP U!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++\

  • who cares ?

    opinionguy2011 com

  • mrgibson

    50 is about his business so that boxing thing may go well for him *shrug*.

    There’s always 3 sides to every story, and the truth is somewhere in between all of that. Bow Wow has always been a lame with a bunch of money who is perpetrating a fabricated image, but it seems like the people in his life are trying to leech off of him as well. Who really knows in the age of fronting and lying for the camera/internet

    I believe that that beef between Jeezy and Ross was fabricated by the label anyways, they’ll make music together again some time in the future. Both of them are embellishing their thug lifestyles anyways, so there’s not much to hear/see.

    There’s gottabe something else to this T-Boz story, I find it hard to believe that this female STILL has money issues after all these years.

  • AK

    50 signed zab after all those L’s he taken the last decade?? whats he gonna do with him

  • immackulate

    50 and mayweather signing all those boxers but they need to be signing these MMA FIGHTERS cuz boxing aint shyt in comparison

  • T-Boz needs to get with Chilli and Dallas Austin and come with some new TLC shiit. Maybe these kids won’t be on it as much, but her fans back then are just entering their 30s and still checking for the artists they like. Always loved her distinctive voice. What happened to her? Did she encounter a D.O.C. situation with the voice? Take your time and make dope shiit, people will buy it.

  • ha ha im about to move to LA and in about 10 years men will be added to that list … WE ARE UNDER THE RADAR FOLKS GET IT WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD … guys arent the only rich folks out there LMAO 😉