Hip-Hop Rumors: A Little Of This, A Little Of That And A Jeezy/Rozay Rumor!


Maybach Music 4 Remix WITH JEEZY?

So,Young Jeezy was on the first two Rick Ross’s albums and the two dons represented very well. And you know the beef popped off with them a few years ago. Recently Ross said that he would do a joint album with Jeezy if they could work out the business. I thought that was a big deal. I’m hearing some rumors that Jeezy and Jay-Z may join Ross in a remix for the Maybach Music series! That would be cool. The next 48 Hours is on the way! Here’s is the trailer!

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Poor T-Boz

Man…I feel for this artists from time to time. The rise is fun, but the fall has got to suck worse that a Kim K. in a Ray-J skin flick. T-Boz is in a terrible place. One of the most selling-est females in the history of music and she finds herself broke. She had to sell a home worth $1.3 million for $680,000. She just took a huge loss. T-Boz was unable to maintain the payments on the mansion. I’m sure the maintenance was a beast as well. I really found the report on TMZ distasteful and disrespectful. They said in the headline “T-Boz Comes Out Looking Like a Scrub in Mansion Sale” and “Who’s the scrub now?” Did she pee in their Wheaties or something?

50 Cent makes more moves!

50 Cent is now a boxing promoter! YEP! The dude is rumored to be pulling Zab Judah in his TMT promotion company that is co-owned by Floyd Mayweather.

Remember when Floyd KO’d Zab? Or when Zab punched Money May in the sac? Good that they got past it.

Bow Wow strikes back at his father and family for dissing him….here you go!

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