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The Top 5 People Rick Ross Should Forgive

The title of Rick Ross’s new album is very compelling. God Forgives, I Don’t. The statement in itself makes you never want to get on Rick’s bad side. Nevertheless, forgiveness really helps that one that has been done wrong. It rarely tortures the person that did wrong in the first place. This means forgiveness is true liberation.

With that, it is high time that Rick Ross make a few exceptions to his mantra and bury the hatchet.

1) Officer Ricky and Wicklow Entertainment

There is no way that Rick Ross has not seen Officer Ricky on YouTube. If he hasn’t, he should. A parody is one of the highest forms of comedic flattery. It’s right below the comedic roast. Ask Flavor Flav about that distinction. While he’s never acknowledged them, he’s got to forgive them for clowning, because their videos are gut-busting funny. With that, the first instinct would be to get upset. But, after it fades…forgive. Ross was never a la policia anyway!

Officer Ricky – “Donuts”

This is too funny. Undeniable.

2) 50 Cent

I know, unthinkable. How could Rick Ross possibly forgive his most formidable opponent? All the things 50 Cent did with Rick’s baby moms, his kids, and reputation? Boxers can fight for 12 rounds and hug even after all the pre-fight trash talk. Ross should let it go. Be friends with 50 Cent. Give him a ginormous hug. He’s still a monster in the game of entertainment and can help Rozay in a number of ways. If Nas and Jay can re-kill an already dead beef, so can these current titans. (On the low, surviving the 50 Cent beef made Ross way stronger.)

3) Young Jeezy

I’ll never forget when Rick Ross and Young Jeezy’s beef was at its height. AllHipHop was “chillin” with Ross in a backstreet parking lot in ATL. It was tense (Steve Raze as my witness). You could cut the tension with a set of clippers. Jeezy appeared to be on a rampage, and Ross was steadily rising. But, lo and behold, we discovered these awesome Southern rappers could co-exist and maintain their relevance. Now, Rick Ross recently suggested he’d be willing to record a joint album with Jeezy. “As far as I’m concerned, bring that money bag, let’s shake the world up, that’s what Double M-G is about,” Ross proclaimed! I think he should have said, “I’d like to be BFFs with Young Jeezy.” This would have tripled the impact of the inference that he was willing to forgive Jeezy and all those Crips.

4) Kreayshawn

This girl was on a roll, and then she went and dissed the Don. That Don is ROZZZZZZZZAAAAAY! Remember? A year or so ago, KreayKreay was that White girl mobbing the streets of Oaktown. After a beef with Rozay, she’s the rappin’ Cindy Lauper, all respect due of course.

Anyway, I think Rozay should bless her with a verse. At least say, “I like that b*tch, Kreayshawn. I’d smash that,” to the media so she can get people to forget her girl V-Nasty’s penchant for the N-word. Nevertheless, until Rick approves her, Kreay can’t really go back to the ‘hood if Ross is in the same ‘hood, and there’s no security to stop the raging BAWSE! Kreayshawn probably wishes she never uttered the rhyme, “You trying to play me like a boss/ But you faker than Rick Ross, b*tch.”

5) Freeway Ricky Ross

These two men have been in a legal beef for quite sometime. First of all, there needs to be some financial forgiveness, because Freeway Ricky Ross was ordered to pay $500,000 in legal fees to the rapper Rick Ross. Now, we know that that is not going to happen – let’s get to the next one. Freeway Rick is an OG in the drug trade game in a way that eclipses every single rapper that ever sold anything. Rick Ross holds the number one album, God Forgives, I Don’t, and is at the tippy top of the rap game in a way that few rappers can manage these days. A double co-sign would be epic. This is the rare instance where there needs to be mutual forgiveness. Rozay can let it slide now that the OG tried to infringe on his rap livelihood, and Freeway Rick can let it slide that his name got hijacked and refurbished when he was in jail. Let bygones be bygones.


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  • Slaughtr


    • johnblacksad

      Definitely agree… on one hand, i really don’t care, but on the other one, it really bothers me… yes the blasphemy part of it… too strong of a statement for me, and i am very serious about frogiveness… there’s something about this phrase as definitive statement that i really really don’t like… but hey…

    • toreal

      I don’t forgive either. If you believe everything in the Bible you have got to be one of the dumbest mothephuckers walking.

      • Eugene_Whatley

        So scientists say that Earth was created by dust & rocks
        pulled by gravity circulating the sun. So billions of years later we had a
        meteor shower in which each meteor contain molecules of water which created the
        oceans that cooled the Earth. Then Earth froze long before the Ice Age existed.
        From the Earth’s crust the volcanoes rose from the ice floors which created
        volcanic continents. Then the ice melts creating oxygen. After that the earth
        crust spilt causing the volcanic mountains to melt and combine which created
        land blah blah etc etc (We think we know everything smh)……….Now check this: According to the Bible, when the Lord
        made heavens & earth, there were no plants or grain growing on the earth,
        for the LORD GOD had not sent any rain and no one was there to cultivate the
        soil. But water came up out the ground and watered all the land. (Genesis 5-6).
        Do u see the correlations? We humans think we know everything smh! I’m not preaching to you but come to ur own opinion and not filled this site with ignorance. Give ppl an option to believe what they wanna and not call someone dumb b/c they believe in the Bible. Keep reading and educating yourself as the Bible really gives prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled and learn the world’s history and you will see how things repeat itself as also stated in the Bible. I read a lot and I think u should do the same and research before talking like that.

      • toreal

        Christianity is full of shit just like every other Religion. I don’t have time to go into all the bad things about the Bible.

    • thuglifefukdapolice


      • Slaughtr

        He’s the main one

    • phillip martin

      Yep the young should go back to worshiping the slave master’s good like good little idiots. Thank for yourself and stop worshiping God, Allah and Jesus. Till we break the last chains of slavery will never be free

      • Slaughtr

        I agree totally with that statement.

  • 7yoyo7


    • Negro Peligro

      DOG THAT DUDE KILLED IT WITH THAT DONUT SONG don’t let nobody lie to you. I was in tears everytime he was standing on his donut mountain.

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  • D_Ably

    i don’t think anyones actually sweatin ricky enough to give a sheet about him forgiving them

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Nobody takes this guy serious

  • hoeyuno

    Congratz to the canadian soccer girls for there great run and bronze medal…. And to the post those officer rickey skits were classic. Someone is buying his shit. Cause we keep hearing and talking about his cb4 ass.

    • Negro Peligro

      Fudge some candian soccer its US all day everyday. LOL(NO DISRESPECT) But I’d fudge some candians all day everyday.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man nobody cares about RICK ROSS when it comes to Kreayshawn. She just sounds annoying and off. Like that annoying pot head girl that’s always around the team like go do something with yourself. No one wants to run a train on you voice. Get away from the team type chick.



  • TheBigCheeFa

    i think Rick ross should let the Jeezy beef slide,50 cent beef and kreyshawn beef slide

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  • i agree with SLAUGHTR, this fool Ross is worthless, his music/persona/style is ALL FAKE, the youth today and this album by ross being #1, PROVES HOW PATHETIC THE STATE OF HIP-HOP/RAP IS…. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, “money in stacks to the roof” “maybach music” blah blah blah, UR WHOLE CREW IS AN EMBRAssment! fAKE ASS sUGE kNIGHT! lol

  • Emir Oded

    Is this really a topic? Who gives two fawks about this clown! Rick FALSE Is the fakest m’fer in hip hop! If you listen to this cop just blast yourself

  • People making him seem like a legend rapping about dope every song. I didn’t hear ONE conscious song on that album. Go download it, not worth buying.

  • Carlos

    everyone here complaining about the album being about drugs only, probably bumping it right now and probably don’t buy conscious albums. I am all for conscious rap, but you have to be in a mood for that, unfortunately i am mostly always in the mood for some hard music. Not because I think selling drugs is cool but i can relate coming from a similar background. You can’t blame rappers for the way kids are these days. These kids are crazy cuz their parents don’t do their job and neither are the teachers. Most teachers in the hood live in a nice place miles away so they cant relate to these kids.

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    Ross watched the Hoover Crip Gang Land and liked the Hoovers Motto, copied it and put it on his album cover…this dude fake as hell

  • Ross don’t have to forgive none of these niggaz. For what? He’s WAY more relevant than anybody on this list right now. And I notice that 95% of the niggaz who have a problem with Ross being a C.O. never lived a street life anyway. If you ain’t never been street how can you talk about another nigga being a real street nigga? It’s only entertainment people. Don’t get so emotionally attached to these rappers.

    • BlaqCeeza

      This is not a personal attack on you, but how can you can say that sincerely? There are many brother and sisters that have been falsely accused or have been convicted because of their beliefs; whether religious, political or what ever may be the circumstance. Then you have Rick Ross, a former correctional officer (who lies about being a C.O) who turns the keys to lock up some of these same alleged “criminals”, possibly mistreats them as some C.O’s have been known to do; and in turn does a complete 180 and turns into Tony Montana and promotes crime and tries to corrupt a whole new generation of youth who have no concept of spirituality, self worth, preservation (YOLO), and shall I even dare say “keepin’ it real”

  • Big Crimes

    the foss

  • Damn this man got a genius book of haters… One day I hope to achieve that!

  • V8time

    Nice article.

  • A rapper that has tattoos of the black oppressors on him and major corporation names tattooed on him, of course he is going to sell garbage ass music,

  • DC

    No to 50 Cent..the man not only had his kids at the house, but also, sent dudes to Khalid mamas job making an assumption as if he will harm his family..nah..let 50 drown in his irrelevance..

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