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Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Criticism Of “O.N.I.F.C.” Cover Art; Delays “Live In Concert” With Curren$y

(AllHipHop News) The official release of the cover art for Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. yesterday (August 8) cause quite a stir among some onlookers, and Wiz took to Twitter last night to respond to some of the naysayers.

“To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected #BossUp Im Helpin Everyone Get In Touch With Their Inner Sleaze,” he tweeted. “If U Dnt Wanna Let It Out, Ill Express It For You I’ll Be Brave Enough.”

“Onifc Is Not For The Scary. Iss About Taking Risks So The People Who Believe What We Believe In Can Feel Free The Cover Art Should Give You Confidence And Let You Know You Can Fully Be Yourself In Front Of People No Matter What They Say Or Think You Dont Have To Hide That Shit. Let It Out!!!”

He continued,”Thass What The Artwork Really Represents And If Your Still Scared, I’ll Do It For You Lets All Grow Together!!!”

Additionally, today (August 9) was supposed to be the day that Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y released their highly-aniticpated new collaborative mixtape, Live In Concert; however, due to issues with clearing samples, both Wiz and Spitta have decided to hold off until all legal matters are resolved.

Curren$y tweeted, “We wldnt feel comfortable droppin #LiveInConcert until we get the samples cleared.with how these suits keep poppin up.. Mixtapes ain’t safe. Lots of law suits being handed out to folks for makin free mixtape jams..Wiz,Mac,myself even..We gotta play this one smart.

“Just As Spitta Said We Gotta Make Surr All The Samples Are Cleared Before We Drop The Tape To Respect The Artists And Publishers We Sampled,” Wiz confirmed. “Kush Castles Will Still Be Appearing From The Sky. Just Not Today :-(”

There is currently no new release date for Live In Concert.

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  • MadVillain

    the REAL reason for dat album cover is…* Riley voice* “N!gga, u gay.”

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  • He typed all that when he couldve just said. “Im gay”.

    • Willis McMurran

      just about to type that hahaha fool look like he wish he was able to get yeast infection.

    • lol!!!!!!

    • anthonyward1


    • 4-12

      hahaha right! or bisexual

    • suge380


    • True!

  • Not For The Scary

  • All I can think of during short time it took to read that was “Whatever you say, Cruella de Vil”

  • ONE

    Something tells me that the nigga who told him to wear that shit is the same nigga that told Gucci to get an ice cream cone tatted on his face. Sometimes it’s the people in your own camp hating on you by hyping you up to do stupid shit for your image.

    • Bumpy Johnson


    • The same n*gga who was on his way from Weezy’s house (after instructing Wayne and Baby to kiss on the mouth), when he bumped into Game… who he then persuaded to tattoo a butterfly on his face… Then this n*gga drove to Frank Ocean’s house to talk about his day!

      • 4-12

        haha yall fools

  • therealjjohnson

    Sound more like he pulling a Frank Ocean.



  • Bumpy Johnson

    omg its rap gay take over …holly crap everyday its happening more and more….who was it that warned us ,was it fat joe or something..f****ck…..is that a rapper or a gay pornstar??

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  • dayleedumped

    when your stupid rich, you rock stupid shit…

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  • i dunno…..could it be that Wiz is the one in this Frank Ocean letter? i mean im starting to really assume Wiz is another sellout lol….i mean…they are the same age!

    • MadVillain

      really? JUST NOW your assuming wiz is a sellout? check his timeline of music, back in 05-08 he was rapping sum gangsta sh!t. then 09 he met Curren$y and STOLE the whole fly music theme (you know all them chill luxury beats) from him, prior to that he was never really rapping about smoking nor was he claiming to be a big smoker. then in ’10 that sh!tty black&yellow song got a bit of air play it got him recognized by the mainstream public coz as far as i know pretty much NOBODY had ever heard of this n!gga. once he had been established he has done EVERYTHING it takes to stay relevant even if it means only making pop songs for f4ggots & bixches.

      • im sayin it because he had a warner bros deal….left it and went back to the real shit he was makin and actually made it an album title! THEN! He goes back and take the deal to Atlantic…which IS the same company umbrella wise…plus…JUST LOOK AT THE NIGGA WHOLE PERSONA! ARE YOU FUCKN BLIND…when i say sellout, i mean when you give up your “creative control” which means labels own you! LUPE DID IT RECENTLY! Lasers! get it? feel me?

      • Reggie Johnson

        Atlantic distributes his albums. Thats it. Everything else is done by wiz and rostrum. He hashis own imprint with rostrum (so does mac) the only difference is rostrum distributes his albums instead of a major label. Wiz has full control over his music. Get your facts straight before you call someone a sellout.

      • if he did…why cant he work with Johnny Juliano? oh i know why…he doesnt have any clearance because he cant copyright music through Wiz inprint and Atlantic/Warner Bros….TRUST ME I KNOW MANY OF THESE CONTRACTS! We learned that Lupe had it the 1st two and the 3rd he had to do whatever Atlantic SAID DO! now you get it?

      • Silence

        Get outta here swearin you know what you’re talkin about. People knew who Wiz was, just not everybody. The guy has been one of the best mixtape rappers the last few years, rapping with some of the other good mixtape artists ( Big Sean, Curren$y ). He’s friends with both of them, they both still rap together as of now and they have been since they jumped on tracks together. Wiz and Curren$y are bro’s, they both rap about the same sh!t and that statement is completely untrue because Wiz started making fly music (flight school, some of Prince of the City 2 and Grow Season) before even rapping with Curren$y on How Fly. Wiz has stayed true to who he has been for a long time. I’ll admit he is nothing like he was when he first started rapping (Prince of the City, Show and Prove) but, since Prince of the City 2, he’s been pretty much the same dude, just now with way more money. You can say that for the better or worst, but the n!gga’s music is still best for one thing and what he intended it for, bomb ass shit to listen to when you’re blazing up and gettin high with your n!gga’s or your female.

  • breen marien

    rick james is back son

    • KLewis

      You mean the guy had a crippling cocaine addiction that severely limited his creative output at the peak of his career, and said addiction would eventually lead to his untimely death? As far as talent, Wiz can’t be mentioned with Rick, but I guess they can mentioned in the same breath if you mean addiction.

  • hey good explanation and damn dudes is on the mixtapes grustle now huh …. now they bout to kill the free creativity that makes the mixtape world so exclusive and great 🙁

  • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

    Ok so ‘gay’ is the key word, or the one that pops out in these comments. I’m all for expressing ones self, but ‘You Aint Rick James Bitch’…..smfh….

  • $17637591

    Ni99a look lika a gay delmation suckin a cany cane. I will be so glad when this wierdo trend is over. Hip hop is supposed to set trends not follow them.


    • Now that you mentioned it…..

  • suge380

    At first, I thought it was Prince. WTF was Wiz thinkin bout. SMH

  • This nigga looks like Jimmy Hendrix is his pops 0_o

  • Mos High

    To me I dont think he is gay, but I dont know the dude like that. Just my opinion, I dont get this creative image stuff. To me it just really wack, the Album could be good (never bought a Wiz album) but Im not buying no album with a cover like that in this day in age.

    Honestly he must a ton of yes men around him like most artist, but a real friend would say “yo Wiz man that ish looks F’d up and is crazy wack” then again maybe they did.
    Im sure he will regret wearing that ish in a couples or max 1 yr from now.

  • Mos High

    Glad someone also mentioned Lil Wayne, he may be a great artist for all the work he puts in but will never be mentioned as one of the top hip hop artist’s…Why you say because at 30 yrs old or nearly there he is still wearing tight tiger pants martian boots etc. Im sorry but I could never take that guy serious, THat is some 15-18yr stuff, Gone to damn far, but then again we have a generation of brothers who wear there pants under there bum and show there brief to the world everyday wtf!!

  • that cover is pimp, yall lames dont understand

  • kstaxx

    I dont care too much about the Wiz album cover but it do look mad suspect but w/e Wiz is the one who got to live with that cover, I do care that the ”Live From the Concert” mixtape being puhed back jus so long as it comes out soon like sometime later this month, any longer of a wait then I’ll be disappointed. Im really interested to hear what this collabo mixtape with Wiz Khalifa & Currensy gonna sound like, the two of them have came along ways from 3 years ago, its gonna be nice to see the growth. Besides Currensy jus dropped his ”Stoned Immaculate” album, and Wiz Khalifa is set to drop his sophmore album ”O.N.I.F.C” in a few weeks. That should hold the fans over for a while until everything is cleared up.

  • Angry Man

    who he supposed to be Prince? shit look mad gay

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  • In The Air

    mos high you can eat a d*ck with yo hating *ss. lil wayne has a reason for wearing the style of clothes he do. It’s different. You don’t see anybody in the industry rocking his style he is being his own person he dont want to be counted as the same. and you say he not notice as one of the top artist in hip hop dude you freaking sick. Get a life and hop off.