Drake and 2 Chainz

AHH Stray News: Drake Surpasses Jay-Z; Skrillex On New Kanye Album; No Beastie Boys Music In Commercials

(AllHipHop News) Less than two months after seeing his Young Money boss Lil Wayne earn his 100th entry on the Billboard charts, Drake has achieved something of his own – surpassing Jay-Z for the most #1 hits on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

The Drake-assisted “No Lie” by 2 Chainz, which was recently certified gold, has given the Toronto native his 10th #1 hit which beats the 9 that Jay-Z has received since he was first listed on the charts in 1995.

Following Drake, who has had three solo records and seven collaborations reach #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, is Jay-Z with nine (four solo, five collaborations), Lil Wayne with eight (three solo, five collaborations) and Kanye West with six (three solo, three collaborations). With this accomplishment, Drake now holds the title for most #1 records on both the R&B/Hip-Hop chart (10) and the Rap chart (12).

In a recent interview with Daily Beats, EDM producer Skrillex has revealed that a product of what he and Kanye West worked on in a  studio several months back will end up on the rapper’s album. Although no clarification was made as to whether it will be heard on Cruel Summer or West’s solo album, Skrillex said, “I did some music with Kanye and from what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album.”

Skrillex, who is one of the most popular touring DJ’s in the world right now, told Rolling Stone back in March that he had flown out to Los Angeles to work on a few tracks with West. West’s next release will be in the form of G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer compilation, which is scheduled to be released on September 4.

As reported by Billboard, fans won’t be hearing any Beastie Boys music in commercials for a long time. The will left behind by Adam “MCA” Yauch, who passed away earlier this year after his battle with cancer, reads “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes.”

“The will, filled on Tuesday, leaves his $6.4 million estate to his wife, Dechen, and daughter, Tenzin Losel. His wife was named the executor of his estate, which places future decisions for his contributions to the Beastie Boys in her hands,” says Billboard.

Monster Energy was just sued for copyright infringement by the Beastie Boys for using a number of their songs in a promotional video that was released in May. MTV reports that the group “is seeking unspecified damages, alleging copyright infringement and a host of other intellectual property violations.”

  • Old coon as camel joe lookin nigga jigga no he can’t fuk wit drake or anybody from da empire known as YMCMB 4 dat matter we just stay n da headlines YMCMB ain’t nothin 2 fuk wit! Win after win check after check we gon go uptop and party 4 real 2nite

    • Choppaliss

      lol u just looking an argument …foh …. u a comedian lol

    • Adrian Barron


    • Robin Penn

      Another uneducated who!?1 NICCA! Jay-Z camel jokes been dead for like 20 years now, you need to ask YMCMB to invest in reading and grammar development courses. Clearly you’re still a young!

      • disqus_taZuovVOdJ

        robin he has no clue. he forget jay has the number 2 album spot. just passed elvis on the charts. beatles next. he forgot jay is the only black man and hip hop artist that can sign a 360 deal with live nation. lol. live nation would never invest in lil wayne. he forgot jay sold out all his shows in brooklyn in minutes. love. ymcmb is a joke.

    • Pierre Elliott

      yeah gay mo. everytime you say that crap. you just look stupider and more stupider everytime you say it. We get it, you support gay white rap music ok..!!

    • This lil wayne behind another name on the cool….to much backing…FOH Little gayne!!! Or this may be Gaby!!! Or Grake……(your busted)

    • Glasscut

      Lol really those kids can barely add and subtract birdman is illiterate game over..

    • disqus_taZuovVOdJ

      WHAT. LOL

  • With all due respect Jay-Z is no longer you’re average Rapper…Jay-z has accomplished so much more in his career……Drake has a VERY long way to go if he thinks that he can compete with J-HOVA.

    • SomeCallMeYuey

      thank you ! i finally found someone making sense. Jay-Z honestly isnt an “artist or rapper” anymore, he is a flatout musician.

    • anita wilkerson

      Where did it say Drake was tryin to ‘compete’ with Jay? He just happen to hit that milestone, he knows where his lane is. You can’t compare the two, a newbie to the game and a legend, I’m sure Drizzy is aware of this…

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    And what’s the GRAMMY count? I have no interest in RANK when talking about today’s music industry.

  • Drake seems to have mastered the art of making hits. Battle Rappers, take notes.

    • digitallife

      There are plenty of untalented mofo’s who’ve had #1 records throughout history..look at solja boy for example.

      • Of course. But Drake is actually talented.

      • Kevin Farley

        or his ghost writers are

      • Richie_Ochoa


      • Kevin Farley

        drake fans who arent female under the age of 15=fail

    • Glasscut

      Making hits really.. So you will be listening to this next year and keep it on rewind ??.. knock it off this is for high school kids and girls exclusively.. put drake in my car.. I am never ride you or whomever ever again.. GTFO

      • Drake knows how to communicate effectively and appeal to the masses. Beyond that though, artistically, he is actually dope. I still bump tracks off So Far Gone and that came out years ago.

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  • digitallife

    How many of those #1 hits will people still be listening to in ten years? Zilch….

    • Bumpy Johnson

      how many remixes to his songs will be made in 10 years…dead presidents, ni$$as made and still make remixes to that song and references to it.

      • digitallife

        You confused the hell out of me with your post..i’m referring to drake. Dead Presidents can be traced back to Nas tho..whose not in this topic of discussion. Jay has a few that’ll play for the next whatever, hell I was listening to Rakims catalogue today..some artists do some don’t.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i mean not alot of people will wanna remix Drakes song…yea i know wachu saying bout dead presidents n Nas but people made remixes to the beat becoz of how Jay killed it. and ya i still listen to Rakim, Kool G rap, ill Al Skratch like they joints came out yesterday

  • Pierre Elliott




    • I feel you. I’m not saying Drake is a battle rapper. Drake is the OPPOSITE of a battle rapper. He’s a HIT MAKER. That’s coming from a man who got plenty of bitches in high school and who is getting even more now, who is neither gay nor white. He just says a lot of basic yet real shit. It’s not for everybody though, but the numbers are showing that he is reaching the masses.

      • Casor_Greener

        “That’s coming from a man who got plenty of bitches in high school and who is getting even more now, who is neither gay nor white.”

        In high school you was the man homey… WTF happened to you?!?!?!

      • mademan3000


      • I got even better lil nigga.

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  • kstaxx

    At the end of the day who really cares about Drake dethroning Jay Z for that #1 spot?, if Im not mistaken Lil Wayne been did that in 2007 and Kanye West in 2005.

    • disqus_taZuovVOdJ

      jay still holds the number 2 spot for number one albums behind the beatles and he just passed elvis. that fact above means nothing. smh

      • kstaxx

        What is your point Jay Z been in the game for like 17 years if you been around for that long you better have that many Number #1 albums It still doesnt mean nothin, Drake still dethroned him from #1. Either way it goes I dont like neither of them. Drake is an R&B singer who trys to rap, while Jay Z is the biggest biter in Hip Hop history and is extremly overrated.

      • disqus_taZuovVOdJ

        u make it seem soooo simple. name any other rapper who has done what jay has done. and there is a ton of mc’s who have been rapping 20 years or better and still rapping now that havent even accomplished what he has done. if you can name me a artist that has done what he has done then you got it. drake is wack we got it. overrated by millions? okay to say your overrated by millions, thats a bit pretentious. he has sold over 50 million albums how much overrating can you do. cmon man. biting my ass. every hip hop artist or artist for that fact has bitten and payed respect to the artist borrowed form. stop it. you sound like the hating ass people who really dont have a real strong argument. drake dethroned him on a status that doesnt matter. you make it sound so simple to dethrone elvis and be right behind the beatles. wow. Nas is a great emcee and still hasnt got there. i could go down the list of rappers who have been rapping and still rapping now and still havent reached the status and legacy of hov. so come with a factual argument and stop making it personal. cause 50 million people cant be overrating one person. lets use common sense.

  • disqus_taZuovVOdJ

    let the facts be clear jay has the number 2 spot for number one albums. just passed elvis. only the beatles is left. so cut the nonsense. drake is garbage.

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