EXCLUSIVE: Cash Out Hits Gold ; Working On New EP “Patience”

(AllHipHop News) On Thursday night (August 9th) AllHipHop.com spoke with L.A. Reid’s newest signee Cash Out, at the video shoot for his second single “Big Booty.”

In between scenes in Beverly Hills, the Bases Loaded/Epic Records artist spoke about his new-found success.

While some critics were blindsided by Cash Out’s somewhat meteoric rise to fame with his catchy “Keisha” marijuana references in “Cashin Out,” Cash Out believes he has the music to follow-up the first single, to prove his critics wrong and his fans right.

In fact, he says the track “Big Booty” is already picking up steam with no radio play.

“This is the second single, ‘Big Booty,’ you already know what it is, crazy downloads. I think it did like 40, 000 the first week with no radio play, ya feel me? So just imagine when the radio play get going. ‘Cashin’ Out’ went gold, its at like 700,000, I’m waiting on my plaque,” Cash Out told AllHipHop.com. “If it keeps going where its going, it might be platinum by the end of the year.”

To follow-up the singles “Cashin Out,” “Big Booty” and “Hold Up” featuring Wale, Cash Out is prepping an EP.

The release will serve as a precursor to his debut album, which will be released next year.

“I got the EP coming, it’s called Patience, cause all it took was patience man. Its crazy man, I’m gonna give 10-12 songs, the album before the album, just to give them an appetizer…It really don’t matter what it do because it’s all gonna be great music. The real thing gonna come at the top of next year man, but the EP is coming between October and November.”

Check out Cash Out’s remix to his hit song “Cashin Out” featuring Akon, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, and Yo Gotti.

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15 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Cash Out Hits Gold ; Working On New EP “Patience””

  1. dayleedumped

    how does someone go Gold with a single? I dont understand it. My guess was that the song was purchased over 500,000 times on Itunes? Can someone confirm this

    • Kevin Washington

      yeah u got it + any other valid outlets for digital downloads like rhapsody amazonmp3 and even youtube views cats is getting paid off all that … + im sure stores are still selling singles … thats why dudes aint even too worried about album sales these days if they got they business right and making sure those stores are paying the artist his/her cut they can make alot off a single …

      • Freshly_Snipes

        We don’t get paid off youtube. The label does. artist gets no cut and that does not reflect anything to do with sales other than publishing royalties.

  2. dominicancoke

    This dude is a soon to be one hit wonder no different than
    the racks on racks kid or mims every rapper who comes out of no where
    goes straight back to nowhere thats a fact for any music artist period.
    every multi platnum artist roses to fame weather we speaking bout
    snoop pac drake em weezy 50 nas luda jay z kanye
    ice cube akon jada ross they all paid dues and rose slowly one hit wonders come out of nowhere only one I remember to linger for a bit was soulja boy but hes dead now career finished

  3. Brick Soulja

    Wow, I thought that was Future this whole time. His label messed up with that marketing plan…….well, at least until now…lol

  4. Nemesis_Enforcer

    Let me get this right. You have a hit single, with a hit remix and you are about to start the FREE MUSIC campaign? By the time you get to the album, you’re buzz is going to be gone. Ask the dude that did that “racks on racks” song. Where is he now?

    These buzz rappers gotta learn how to at least have that album ready in case you do catch a hit. He must have signed a single deal.

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