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DJ Khaled Sued Over Back Rent For Miami Apartment


(AllHipHop News)A lawsuit has been filed against popular Miami personality DJ Khaled, over back rent for his luxurious Miami apartment.

Misci LLC rented an apartment to DJ Khaled last September in Miami, according to documents filed in court.

According to the original agreement, DJ Khaled agreed to make two bulk payments of $66,000 for his rent.

The producer made the initial payment, but failed to make the second one.

Misci LLC’s lawsuit claims that the deal was re-worked, to allow DJ Khaled to pay $11,000 to Misci, with the remaining $55,000 balance due the following month.

But Misci LLC’s lawsuit claims that DJ Khaled has also reneged on the new deal, yet he is refusing to vacate the property.

DJ Khaled is being sued for the rent, plus attorney fees.

  • Eli Pinilla

    “do you really wanna win or just look good losing” phonte

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I just saw this guy on the site here showing off his luxury tour bus that exploded. How do you have a luxury tour bus, but didnt pay your rent.. not even mortgage but rent.

    • therealest1

      Fake baller status.

    • tab58064

      Yeah, the driver was talking shit about him how he bought the bus used and it was a piece of shit! The driver said he spent money making it look good, but mechanically the bus was a piece of shit! This dude is living Ghetto Fabulous! Frontin’ ass!

  • hoeyuno

    I wouldn’t rent to this fool. Your gonna have the officer hanging out and bringing down the property value.

    • 122K? He can rent until he can’t afford to pay anymore, on some VH1 / Where are they now, eating out of garbage cans type ‘ISH!

      • NEWSKULL

        LMFAOOOoOOOooooo… Yes We THE TRAAAAAASH!!!!

  • therealest1

    LISTEN! (annoying DJ Khaled voice), pay your rent you undercover terrorist trying to act black. Instead of trying to act black so hard,this ass clown should focus on paying his rent.


      Hum! Hum!!!…Sir!… What is acting Black?

  • King Cold

    Betta have officer Ross lend u some cash

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  • kiss the ring on the pinky lol

  • first its we the best then its we depressed after this shit flop its like damn we stressed


      LOLOCAUST!!!!… Yo Man them WYCMB Niggas are bunch of actors… The only licking his Lips is that MOFO BIRDMAN!!!! ….

    • Hahaha u wild yo

  • NoGoBoi

    stop buying n!99az watches (birdman) and pay dat rent ol’ sand n!99a

  • “Kiss the Ring” uh….? Dj Khaled is a fraud.

  • therealest1


  • digitallife

    What kind of moron spends $112k on rent in this economy..he could’ve stayed at the finest hotels in miami for less than that lol.

  • This niggg@ looks like Hip Hop Harry

  • Slaughtr

    But this is who you all love so much the return of the fakens, then talking bout the so called new crop of artist apparently his roof is about to collapse but hey go live in your leased maybach. An example of keepin up with the jones’s off cereal money.

  • It’s surprising how people like DJ Khaled would pretend to blow $100,000 in the strip club and is currently behind on rent…And on top of it all, still renting? Wow

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  • tab58064

    Question….Why is he renting an apartment in Miami when he to claims own a house Miami??

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