Hip-Hop Rumors: Sigh….The Tax Man Is After Yet Another Rapper

Another rapper may be getting locked up for not paying their taxes. TMZ is reporting that rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav is in the hole with the IRS for nearly $1 million, stemming from unpaid taxes from 2004-2006. The owed taxes corellate with Flav’s rise to reality show fame when he starred in VH1’s ” The Surreal Life”, “Strange Love”, and “Flavor of Love.”

According to documents filed recently by the Department of the Treasury, Flav owes $52, 243.47 for 2004, $303,035.93 for 2005 and $550,971.16 for 2006 … for a whopping total of $906,250.56. I hope Flav’s new chicken spots are pulling in some serious dough. He’s going to need it.

Good luck, Flav!

  • sakiru oresanwo

    how can this be in both the news and rumour sections?

    • Choppaliss

      lol same shit im saying ….. had to double check the news section

    • Restlesscali

      Thats what im saying!

  • Good luck my ass….Rappers need to stop flashing jewelry, expensive cars, and making it rain in the strip clubs, and stay on top of their finances…….We all watched this dude spend all his money on a bunch of white women, now you ask for us to pray for him? O hell no

    • brotha_man


    • Kimberly Whitehead

      I’m with you!!!!

  • scullyson

    Flav’s name was used on the Chicken spot in Iowa and that Joint has been out of business since april of last year. It only stayed open for about 3 months.

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  • Flav can’t manage his money? Shocker.

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  • Negro Peligro

    This dude said he’s serious about his music.

  • we need a new clock wearing rapper, urkel glasses, flat top, skinny jeans snap back a skateboard and a big gold clock swangin…

  • when you getting all yo money up front its hard to give the tax man his share lol 😉 imagin if us 9to5ers had to sit our tax to the side on our own we’d be in the same rut year after year lol f the tax man let me catch him on the street imma tax that ass lol pause lol 😉

  • what i want to know is do these folks manage thier own money or do they have accountants that do that for them ?? if they got accountants there should be no way ish like this happens …. and it happens so often i really want to know the answer to this one 😉