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Hip-Hop Rumors: A Lot Of Talk From Illseed

L. Boogie gets the award for worse mug shot from a female rapper.
Dag on! This is crazy! I am not feeling the fact that Lauryn Hill should have gone to the stylist before her mug shot date. Anyway, she’s definitely still one of the greatest ever, but I really want her to reconsider her fashion choices. Not to call her ugly, but she is basically in need of consultation. This was the result of a conviction on tax evasion. She faces 3 years in the bing and will find her fate in November. I bet you she gets no time.

Bizzy Bone Needs To Join DeBarge!

This is what I do know, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs could very well be a lost member of DeBarge! Check out this video!

The Mobb Deep Saga Deepens….

Havoc released a video for the Prodigy diss song “Separated.” I don’t see any way this group can get back together. But, why isn’t P saying anything?

Big Meech Thinks Young Jeezy Should Ride For Him More!

Did you read the AHH Exclusive with Big Meech? I read the whole thing and in it, Meech reveals a lot. But, he talks extensively about Young Jeezy and his feelings on the rap star/ trap star. Check out the quotes below and links to both parts are below!

21 Questions with Big Meech:’s EXCLUSIVE Two-Part Interview

EXCLUSIVE – 21 Questions with Big Meech Part Two: Crack Laws, Obama, and the Jeezy Connection Do you still talk to Young Jeezy?
Big Meech: I haven’t been able to talk to anyone on the phone for the last five months. The last time I spoke to him was near the end of last year. How do you feel about his success?
Big Meech: Being the person largely responsible for his success, I’ve always and always will be proud of his success. I would never wish or hope or his downfall for any reasons. I just personally feel that he could do more abut helping me to regain my freedom in a timely fashion, with his success and the position he is in right now in life. For example, [he could say] ‘I could not rest knowing he has a 30-year sentence for a first-time, nonviolent offender. I’m meeting with every reputable attorney in America until I can find one that can at least get him a sentence reduction, if not bring him home…’
…but that’s me and the love I have for him and the majority of people in my B.M.F. family. To be honest, I get ask so many questions about him – from C.O.’s to convicts to random people in the mail – some of which I have no answers for, ’cause for me to have the answers to most of the questions, I would have to have an excuse which there is “NO EXCUSE.”

He speaks very favorably of Rick Ross, so hit that LANK!

  • therealest1

    Not important shits.

  • Alf Capone

    lauren hill looks like a guy

  • scullyson

    Some serious inner turmoil went down/going on with Hav and Prodigy…Some ish we probably wont hear about for a minute. That ish is bananas because Ive always dug they sh*t from the start. Like alot of section round the country Queens gots some gifted munf*** that have graced the Mic known and unknown. Sad a** day. Hope them brothas can smooth out the wrinkles so to speak. smh

    • Vid wasn’t even shot in the ‘Bridge, but the track & flow was dope! Would have been nice to have them both rip the track! Had they stayed on that ‘chet, they wouldn’t be broke & angry!

      • scullyson

        Yeah, that joint definitely got that infamous Mobb Deep feel to it without a shadow of a doubt and it’s f’ed that they aint seeing eye to eye because both them brothas would’ve killed a collab track .

      • Never again though, with that beef, Havoc either’d him, but Havoc should have just shut up. He looking grimey & poor! What happened to the Lambo’s in France, popping Cristal till they pissed the ‘chet & beating up Jesus etc.? That line finished them for me. Disrespect Isa? Them cats been blessed enough to have been stuck up 2x for over 100 racks, they should have been giving thanx…IMHO.

      • scullyson

        Right E. Oh well >> “All good things Must come to An End” smh

      • Speaking of which…Lauryn Hill?

        Nah’ Mean?

        Looking busted down!

      • scullyson

        Yup Lauryn took a left turn years ago and never bounced back unfortunately. F up tho..

      • johnblacksad

        Isa’s like the Wu-Tang Clan… nothin ta be f*cked with… (no blasphemy)

      • Ya’ heard! That was like the last time I fugged with MOBB, and they have fallen off so hard, ‘chet is like unbelievable.

  • scullyson

    Bizzy Bones and his soprano a** voice… His nickname needs to be squeaky bones …

  • both them dudes is broke ( havoc and P) and they mad at each other for it. Not broke as in broke internet blog posters broke but broke in terms of they should have nas money, or snoop money, shit at least raekwon money,…but they got lloyd banks money..they on like the 7th album, all that loud money gone, jive money, sh*t even that gunit money and each one of them got a reason why it’s the other person fault.

  • Lauryn looking bad, Havoc ( >>>GASPS!<<<) sounding good! WOW!

    ILLseed's RUMORS are back on point!

  • I think Bizzy was tampered with when he was kidnapped!

    • shayleshay

      He was. Read the story.

  • BulldogCG

    What should Lauren do, straighten her hair and wear makeup? did you actually ever listen to her music? tragic just tragic, hating on the natural beauty of a sister, some of yall hate yall selves.

  • KLewis

    Gone Till November