Hip-Hop Rumors: A Lot Of Talk From Illseed


L. Boogie gets the award for worse mug shot from a female rapper.
Dag on! This is crazy! I am not feeling the fact that Lauryn Hill should have gone to the stylist before her mug shot date. Anyway, she’s definitely still one of the greatest ever, but I really want her to reconsider her fashion choices. Not to call her ugly, but she is basically in need of consultation. This was the result of a conviction on tax evasion. She faces 3 years in the bing and will find her fate in November. I bet you she gets no time.

Bizzy Bone Needs To Join DeBarge!

This is what I do know, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs could very well be a lost member of DeBarge! Check out this video!

The Mobb Deep Saga Deepens….

Havoc released a video for the Prodigy diss song “Separated.” I don’t see any way this group can get back together. But, why isn’t P saying anything?

Big Meech Thinks Young Jeezy Should Ride For Him More!

Did you read the AHH Exclusive with Big Meech? I read the whole thing and in it, Meech reveals a lot. But, he talks extensively about Young Jeezy and his feelings on the rap star/ trap star. Check out the quotes below and links to both parts are below!

21 Questions with Big Meech: AllHipHop.com’s EXCLUSIVE Two-Part Interview

EXCLUSIVE – 21 Questions with Big Meech Part Two: Crack Laws, Obama, and the Jeezy Connection

AllHipHop.com: Do you still talk to Young Jeezy?
Big Meech: I haven’t been able to talk to anyone on the phone for the last five months. The last time I spoke to him was near the end of last year.

AllHipHop.com: How do you feel about his success?
Big Meech: Being the person largely responsible for his success, I’ve always and always will be proud of his success. I would never wish or hope or his downfall for any reasons. I just personally feel that he could do more abut helping me to regain my freedom in a timely fashion, with his success and the position he is in right now in life. For example, [he could say] ‘I could not rest knowing he has a 30-year sentence for a first-time, nonviolent offender. I’m meeting with every reputable attorney in America until I can find one that can at least get him a sentence reduction, if not bring him home…’
…but that’s me and the love I have for him and the majority of people in my B.M.F. family. To be honest, I get ask so many questions about him – from C.O.’s to convicts to random people in the mail – some of which I have no answers for, ’cause for me to have the answers to most of the questions, I would have to have an excuse which there is “NO EXCUSE.”

He speaks very favorably of Rick Ross, so hit that LANK!